Lynn Stanley – A Sad and Terrible Loss

Yesterday, the pro-family movement lost a great hero. Lynn Stanley died in an auto accident while returning from a visit with her sisters in Las Vegas. About 6:30 in the morning, Lynn lost control of her vehicle and died in a rollover on highway 40 between Kingman and Flagstaff. She was returning home to lead the final effort in submitting over 300,000 signatures to place the Protect Marriage Amendment on the ballot.

Lynn’s death is a tremendous loss.

When I read the Arizona Republic this morning, I was shocked that they would headline her death with the following words: “Anti-gay marriage leader dies.”

Shame on the Arizona Republic! Shame on Matthew Benson and shame on the editor who wrote the headline! What kind of evil statement is this by the people at the Republic?

Lynn’s work was not anti-gay. The Protect Marriage Amendment is not about outlawing homosexuality. The work she was so dedicated to in the last days of her life was about clarifying the definition of marriage – the most fundamental and most stable building block of our society. To say that Lynn was focusing on discriminating against homosexuals is a huge slander and lie. When I read the Republic, my blood boils. Is it no wonder that they continue to lose readers?

Let’s not let the Republic have the last word on the truth about Lynn Stanley’s work and life. As we proceed on without her, let’s dedicate our efforts even more toward protecting the institution that remains true to a strong and healthy society.

Thank you Lynn Stanley for your work and your dedication to the greatest of causes – protecting the family.


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