Location of Nappy’s speed cameras amidst construction is a deadly lawsuit waiting to happen

The folks at azspeedcameraslocations are ticked off over Nappy’s movable speed cameras on the 101, and rightly so. No one knows what the speed limit is along that stretch of the 101 around the 51 interchange, because it’s constantly changing from mile to mile during the stretch under construction. So someone slamming on their brakes to dip down to 45mph to avoid a ticket is going to cause a nasty accident. Looks like an expensive lawsuit waiting to happen. There’s a bit of irony there – Nappy’s use of your money to fund her spending addiction is going to result in even more of your money being spent when the state has to settle the first fatality from a recklessly placed speed camera. The price of greed. Considering the state has already admitted the speed cameras all over state highways have nothing to do with public safety but are only a revenue generator, with virtually all of the revenue going to the private company running the cameras, not state coffers, we agree with azspeedcameraslocations that they should be eliminated and replaced with real police officers. The real danger on our highways is drunk drivers, and with fewer police officers on the highways, drunk drivers aren’t going to be stopped; even if they’re speeding by the time the speeding ticket catches up with them in the mail, it’s too late for their victims.


  1. Ken Jacobs says

    “Nappy?” Devil’s horns? Pat you are one classy pseudonym!

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    I personally prefer “El Napo”

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