Local lefty blogs discussing their popularity rankings

Amusing reading what the local lefty blogs – including the commenters – are saying about their blognetnews.com rankings and alexa rankings. Sustainability, Equity & Development (that name screams dull, which proves that doing so is not an oxymoron, although I’ll admit the site isn’t as boring as you’d think) is pleased that his blog is ranked #1 on blognetnews this week. As us conservatives who pay attention to history know, the way blognetnews’s schizophrenic rankings go, he’ll be back down to #15 next week. Stick to alexa, it’s been around and is much more established as a credible source.


  1. Oh, Ted. No fair!

    You neglect my criticism and skepticism expressed at the post, as well as my statement, “This is not the most influential political blog in Arizona.”

    The other right wing blog upset with the ranking did the exact same thing, trashing Thinkright and Mafiaso at the same time.

    BNN does not define what they mean. Influence whom? I don’t claim to influence anyone, whether I am #1 at BNN or not even ranked. I thought my post was clear.

  2. By the way, popularity and influence are not synonymous.

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