Local Democrats Take Nationalized Health Care Show to Marana

Local Democrats have decided to try a new tactic to sell the federal healthcare takeover to citizens in Arizona. The national party has enrolled the help of THE most liberal state legislator in Arizona to lead the charge, Kyrsten Sinema.

Next Thursday, Krysten Sinema (D-15) along with Nancy Young Wright (D-26) and Pat Fleming (D-25) will appear at a special town hall forum in Marana. The event will be held at the Heritage Highland’s Clubhouse in the Dove Mountain Ballroom in Marana from 10 AM to noon.

If this sounds familiar, it is. It certainly is to me and that’s because I have been organizing town hall forums across the state on behalf of Americans for Prosperity since April. Apparently, the Democrats figured out that our model of town hall’ing is popular and working with Arizonans. However, I do think they’re going to be in for a shock when the discover that they may not attract a friendly crowd – that is, unless they bus “their” people in and utilize local media to stage the event. Something tells me it may not go exactly as they plan.

A little more background information on who’s participating. Kyrsten Sinema was selected by the Obama Administration to serve on the White House Health Reform Task Force. She was the only legislator from Arizona to be chosen and that’s because the Obama Administration wanted the most “progressive” lawmaker from the State of Arizona. Kyrsten is their gal.

In the press release issued by House Democrats, Young Wright is quoted:

I know the retirees and seniors I represent struggle with the rising costs of health care every day. I want to make sure I hear their ideas about options for the best quality and affordable health care, especially in tough economic times like these.

This is your opportunity to let Representatives Sinema, Young Wright and Fleming know how you feel.

One final note that definitely irritates me. As I have put the Americans for Prosperity town halls together, I have invited BOTH Republicans AND Democrats to participate. I doubt that Representatives Vic Williams David Stevens or Senator Al Melvin were invited to these events.

Here is a link to the map of the event if you care to attend. 

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  1. “One final note that definitely irritates me.”

    Irritation seems to be the primary emotion in your fringe movement.

    The irritated people we see on the videos (all white, mostly older – like the irritated old white people on Sonoran Alliance) look irrational.

    “Irritated” and “irrational” are etymologically related.

  2. Be of good cheer, mellow out (as we said at Woodstock 40 years ago), and be grateful you live in the USA – no matter how much you hate it, it’s a great country!

  3. I.P. Freely says

    Would Obama’s health plan have covered Kyrsten’s implants?

  4. Tucson Vice says

    What a stupid question.

    Are these the kind of 9 year old questions that idiots ask when they no longer feel relevant?

    Hats off to sonoran alliance. A tabloid blog dedicted to helping democrats by validating stereotypes.

  5. Tucson Vice,

    I hear you. Yes, was a stupid juvenile question. Next comment please!

  6. Wow.

    The language of this post seems to imply that we should show up to add to the “unfriendly” crowd so we can disrupt the meeting?

    I’m sorry, but you guys have lost the plot. A Townhall gives citizens a chance to exchange information and LISTEN to what representatives have to say. I have attended plenty of political meetings where I completely disagreed with the speaker, but it never occurred to me to shout someone down or interrupt them when they responded to a question.

    Why not?? Above all — it isn’t productive. You aren’t going to change people’s minds (the politicians or the other people in the audience) by being disrespectful, rude or obnoxious. You are also preventing other citizens from being heard.

    I have to agree with Tucson Vice on this one. You are just validating a bad stereotype here and are chipping away at your credibility by sounding like the class bully.

  7. It cracks me up that people say it’s only extremists or it’s the “fringe.” Last I checked, Arizona’s state legislators picked up more Republicans who want less government. If anybody’s the minority in this state, it’s those that favor the current health care reform bill. Shall we compare the showing of protesters outside Ms. Gifford’s office?

    The fact that you even dismiss people as “fringe” is what pisses more people off. Your doing so shows you’re not at all interested in debate or discussion. People have genuine questions that are going unanswered. Jesse Kelly, hopefully Gifford’s future opponent in 2010, held a forum with Democrats and Republicans in attendance. Everybody’s questions were answered and there was no screaming. Why’s that?

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