Lobbyist-Attorney attacks Brewer’s transition team for including – lobbyists

Democrat Party chairman and lobbyist/lawyer Don Bivens is attacking Jan Brewer’s transition team for including lobbyists. Someone from BOTH the lowest-rated professions is criticizing someone else for their connections to one of those professions. Of course Bivens’ lobbyist background wasn’t reported in the so-called mainstream media. If this is the best the Dems can come up with to criticize Brewer, please, please retain Bivens as chair.


  1. Whatever THEY do, is for purposes above and beyond anything WE could possible understand and when we are merely ACCUSED of the same behavior, it proves what low lifes we are. Owning the media is a wonderful thing.

    Oh, for a complete factual analysis of economics in the 50 states comparing Democrat control to Republican control, say over the last 10 years for a good sampling.

  2. Do you ever wonder why “No Party Preference” continues to be the largest growth registration group for voters in Arizona?

  3. Weak point. The AZ Secretary of State’s website indicates that Don Bivens hasn’t been a registered lobbyist since 1999, and he was a registered lobbyist for just two years for the AZ State Bar.

    There isn’t a problem with receiving information from lobbyists as long as you receive information from lobbyists representing diverse interests/views and have staff loyal to you who have enough knowledge/experience to evaluate the information.

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