Live blogging the convention

 Arizona Republican State Convention

The story from the convention is that there is no story. The official party slate ruled the day and the delegates were all well behaved and congenial. The conservatives scored a few delegates in the CD 4 voting. The state party did a good job on organizing the event. Most people were busy visting with good friends, talking to a candidate, etc to get too worked up.

1:10 Lunch is over and main meeting is back in session. The party/McCain slate won in most of the CD voting. Dean Martin is speaking to the audience now. Voting for at large delegates coming up.

10:05 Shadegg is now speaking. He is good but not quite as good as Kyl.

9:50 Kyl’s speach was very well received. Credentials reports 850 delegates. Re open for 15 minutes.

9:39 Long opening prayer included a sermon. Great rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Kyl is now speaking for the “unable to make it” McCain. Kyl as usually is very eloquent. Kyl said there was some technichal difficulty with McCain video feed. Not sure in McCain will even speak by remote.


  1. The entire concept of an official party slate is *-backwards. The party’s job is to get official candidates elected to office. Otherwise the party belongs to the Registered Republicans and PC’s. The State Party does not belong to one Republican candidate over another Republican candidate. LD-7 Delegates. What is with you sheep? Do you have a bone in your body that favors conservative principles. I guess when RINOs Chairman Pietkewiks and Senator Waring are barking at you telling you who to vote for, you just feel overpowered and vote as told. There’s a bigger better world of Republicanism out there and it’s called conservative.

    Until today, I had never seen a polling place where the highest election official stood at the podium and made strong and repeated recommendations for some candidates over other candidates. Disgusting not only on the face of it, but disgusting too for the prospects of our conservative Republican platform. What’s it going to look like when the mccain robots are done with it?

    * – please watch the language.

  2. Wolf, nobody voted against their own wishes. You don’t like the outcome so you whine, but everybody got to vote their own ballot. That the majority of folks agreed with the slate and its purpose and voted for it might make you mad, but it doesn’t change the fact that they wanted it and voted for it.

    Keep in mind that there were at least four slates there today and the “conservatives”, “consensus”, “Ron Paul” and “AZGOP” slates were broadly distributed to everyone. Folks could have voted for whoever they wanted, AND THEY DID.

    You lost fair and square. No more whining.

  3. Fair and square? Okay, next time make all the candidates register with me and I’ll refuse you the candidate information while I’m busy working it myself. And I’ll use the microphone to tout it in the polling place. Wanna spot me that one? This wasn’t an election. This was a controlled fix freak show. Only one speaker had the cahunas not to lick mccain’s boot. I was so glad to see a man finally talk to US instead of dribble over the mccain slate. I almost felt like a Delegate for a minute.

  4. I don’t want the government picking winners and losers. But, it’s just fine for the administration of my state party to do it?

  5. This is the most retarded argument ever. There was a vote. If I remember correctly they called it the Arizona Republican Party’s “Presidential Preference Primary”. As I recall the preference that the real voters made was for John McCain. Now we have the supporters of some crazy doctor in Texas trying to take over and usurp the will of the registered Republicans of Arizona by offering their own slate. Are you saying that even though Ron Paul was crushed in the election his supporters should be able to take over the party convention like they did in Nevada? Message to Rob Haney and pro-abort libertarians: you can’t take over our party.

  6. In each CD there was time for anyone to hand out their own info. In my CD the slate was not a sweep. It was not an anti-McCain vote, but support for a delegate that apparently impressed the members.

    It was a huge ballot. The convention center was filled with informed and seriously committed adults with full understanding of their rights and responsibilities.

    The slate won because a majority of the delegates accepted the process and the purpose. No one held my hand, my little #2 pencil and forced me to vote for anyone. I didn’t vote straight slate in either my CD or At-Large voting. I didn’t agree with some of the names, on and off, the slate list. However, I absolutely understand the why’s and how’s and agree with the need.

    The assumption that the delegates could not, or would not, think for themselves is more of an insult to the delegates than an indictment against the party or the campaign.

    That there were intentional acts to misidentify, effectively lying, by other interests was an affront to legitimacy on a very personal level. The multiple handouts with headings claiming to be “the slate”, listing people who had no part in the effort and in fact were angry to be included should cause outrage. A Ron Paul list with people who are not and have never been Paul supporters distributed among the crowd. Names of delegates on lists without their permission or even knowledge, as part of a duplicitous action to confuse the vote is far more disturbing to me than party and campaign leaders working together to offer a slate of delegates from which the voter could choose to accept or not.

    Those actions were attempts to corrupt the process and use the names of unknowing individuals to do it. That should be a point of concern.

  7. Sonoran Alliance says

    One of our contributors was allowed to enter the convention with a briefcase full of printed non-Unity slates and distribute them at will. We were also allowed to live blog from the floor of the convention and walk in and out of the delegate area at any time. From that perspective it certainly was a fair process. The Unity Slate was promoted from the podium but maybe that is what happens when the presidential nominee is from the home state.

  8. nightcrawler says

    Let me start by saying I do support John McCain for President and will work to get him elected as our Republican nominee.

    Having said that, I am profoundly disappointed in the whole slate process I witnessed yesterday. This was no election, it was a confirmation of a pre-determined conclusion. I was dumbfounded by some of the very deserving Republicans who were left off the list and more puzzled by the scores of people who at the last minute asked to be dropped from the ballot. Therein lies a story that needs to be told. Like Ann, I voted for many people on the slate, but certainly not all. In fact, I kept the slate in my bag during the vote. To have it out seemed like taking a math test with an answer sheet next to me. It just felt wrong. Perhaps I am naive.

  9. Jake, The readers here are a little more independent thinking than you give them credit for. You can’t paint everybody outside of the Unity Slate universe as Ron Paul workers.

    The State Party openly worked with District Chairmen to elect only known McCain fans at the District elections. And openly worked hard at electing some 5/10 candidates over other 5/10 candidates. Wolf’s got it right. State openly conspired with District Chairs to control ballot choices and shamefully promoted specific candidates. I don’t get it either. I wanted to see a more conservative contingent represent me at the National Convention. Since nobody is arguing that McCain is the nominee, how about a little balance for the right? NYET! There shall be no opportunity for one peep of dissent in regards to comrade mccain. Vote for McCain they say, reassuring us that he may move a little bit to the right and actually secure our borders. Not while he’s got State parties running interference for him across the country. Maybe it’s not so bad in other states. Jake, you sure carry a lot of water for AZ GOP? And I recognize you by your foul use of the word…retarted.

  10. Jake, “message to Rob Haney…” Here’s mine.

    You are a hero to independently thinking and conservative Arizona Republicans. Thank you for involving yourself every bit as much as you have a right to. Thanks too, for not buckling under while our elected State Party workers literally and openly conspire against every effort you stand for. You stand up against the machine. You are the real Most Valuable Republican in Arizona. We don’t have to agree with your ideas. But, THANK YOU for exercising American Freedom against all odds. You are an inspiration and you are appreciated. The State Party may not agree with what you have to say, and they disallow you the opportunity to say it at every opportunity. You persevere. Unbelievably heroic. You told me long ago that you got involved to right what you saw as the wrongs at AZ GOP. Unfortunately, like the Minutemen who would like nothing better than to be done with the mission, you cannot yet stand down. Simply stated, you da man!

  11. Honest Abe says

    First, Condradulations to all the elected delegates,indeed, deserving of the honor to represent Arizona in Minnesota.

    Secondly, I want to express my personal condolences to Rob Haney. This was not a loss, make no mistake, this was a devastating blow to his organizational apparatus set up to disrupt this process. He worked in unison with the Ron Paul people for months, stayed on the phone with them througout the day yesterday, then, by days end, whimpered, ” I have failed you your majesty”. Too bad Rob , tryouts for COURT JESTER are next Tuesday!!

    I truely believe everyone had the opportunity to vote however they saw fit. Slate, no slate, it simply doesn’t matter. There were hundreds of names to choose from including, last minute write in’s. You could motion from the floor. No one, I mean no one, was denied the opportunity to have a name written in or a voice denied.

    The votes are over, the delegation is elected, Rob Haney failed, will continued on a downward spiral and John McCain is going to be the next President.

  12. No one held a gun to my head and told me how to vote. I simply bucked the prescribed slate and voted the “DSW slate.”

  13. If Arizona Republican politics was represented by the movie Braveheart, Rob Haney would be William Wallace and John McCain, King Edward I aka. Longshanks.

  14. Bitter fools, nothing more.

    People voted as they wanted. They chose sides (its called an election), they built coalitions (its called an election), they debated and discussed (its called an election), and at the end of the day, the side with the most votes won (its called an election).

    This is a more conservative slate than Arizona usually sends, which makes sense since conservatives hold greater sway than before and the Party’s Chairman is a conservative. Is the slate 100%? Of course not, and anyone can cherry pick folks who aren’t movement conservatives. But there are plenty of folks on the list who are.

    Rather than claim victory, conservatives on this side are crying that they didn’t get 100% and whining about how it was all “rigged”, since there is no way in their own minds that they could ever get less than 100% in a “fair” election.

    Whatever. Crybabies the lot of them. They will go home and sulk like they do every four years and the rest of us will have to go on and battle the Democrats without them, like we do every four years.

    Frankly, there were 1,500 plus folks there and this site has less than 15 whiners. That’s less than 1% crying in their soup, and that’s pretty darn good for politics.

  15. I’m a Haney fan, but there really wasn’t an effort by Rob to pass a full slate. He had a list of RINOs he didn’t want to go, and he recommended some replacements, but as this blog reported on earlier, he couldn’t build a coalition with the only other group that wanted to oppose the AZGOP slate (the Ron Paul folks). Without each other, they weren’t anywhere close on the votes.

    John is right on two points. It was a political election, the same kind that Haney and his folks usually win. The rules were the same, but enough conservatives were satisfied with the AZGOP slate that Haney couldn’t peel them away.

    Second, its a pretty conservative group of folks who are going. That means that progress is being made and conservatives remain no the ascent within the AZGOP. It would be a shame if a few folks who don’t get it managed to obscure that fact.

  16. Just Win Baby says

    Wierd thread and wierd posts. I’ve been to two elections in the last while in LD11. One was for the district elections, the other was for electing delegates to the state convention. In each case, Haney had a slate, and his opponents had a slate. Both sides made phone calls before the meetings to whip their votes. Haney was in charge of the meetings and he made it clear which slate he wanted passed. He had the votes, and his slates passed. Does this all sound familiar?

    I don’t remember any complaints in the comments section back then.

  17. That’s my point Just Win. Nothing unusual occurred yesterday, yet to read some of these posts, you would think something brand new and rotten had happened. Its just bitterness, and at some point in time, these folks are going to have to put it behind them.

    Do you imagine that these folks will work as hard against the Democrats as they have their fellow Republicans?

    Neither do I. These posts usually contain their “excuse” for why we won’t be seeing them for the rest of the year.

  18. Delegate says

    Look Ladies Here is the point each side got some of their picks…Funny to me is that the state party was able to get names on there that were people who were NOT McCain people. They were Romney and Juliani people. No matter that they were always Pullen people.
    The slate was a compromise…McCainiacs and Pullen Loyalists.. Guess sleeping with the enemy is a natural phenom when you need to get things done….

  19. Delegate, “sleeping with the enemy” might be your way of being ugly and negative, but politics is invariably about compromising to advance the cause. We have a more conservative delegation than usual because conservatives are winning. If you define victory as 100% and nothing less, then you’ll get to lose your entire life. On the other hand, if you define victory as advancing the cause to the right, then we’re winning right now and you’re missing it.

  20. Good work, John! We will continue to work toward victory, doing what is needed to avoid our country from what Trent Franks referred to as “literally the pit of Hell” if Obama is elected.

    Get on board or get out of the way. At this point, you are either for McCain or for the other side. It is a two party race and someone will win. Hmmm…..

    No spinning this to be about what LD was unfair in their delegate selection or how Pullen is now the devil for conspiring with the enemy. As far as I’m concerned, Randy Pullen did it well yesterday and I can only hope he will continue to do so. I’m still not a fan, but that doesn’t preclude me from knowing when to put it behind me and consider the greater issue.

    Bottom line, the Paul/Haney/Whoever contingents are no longer relevant. Unless they join in for positive good, all else is working for the benefit of the Dems pure and simple.

  21. Wolf should get a life says

    Senator Waring is a RINO?

    Let’s see…perfect record from Center for Arizona Policy, 100% pro life, perfect record from the NRA, sponsored some of the biggest tax cuts in Arizona history, and sponsored bills supporting educational choice. I know I’m leaving something out.

    You are a charlatan and a fraud, and your words are very clearly lies by any measure of what it means to be a conservative, much less a Republican.

    I should add that he has won overwhelmingly among Republicans in his three bids for office, something which you have not, and simply could not do.

    If somebody that conservative is not even a Republican, you do understand that the party is now made up of like 2% of the country?

    Maybe none of those issues I listed make you a good Republican; maybe it’s your ability to be as big of a crank as humanly possible.

  22. Sonoran Alliance says

    Waring has a 60 from Arizona Federation of Taxpayers for 2007. Not too bad, one point behind Democrat Ken Cheuvront. Certainly much worse than Senator Gould at 97. The Goldwater Institute gave Waring a 43 in 2007. He beat Cheuvront by one point on that score. These numbers do not qualify him as a RINO but he is certainly not as conservative as you present him to be.

  23. Gould got a 97? Hmm, I guess that means Delegate and Wolf think he is a RINO too? After all, you’re either 100% Republican, or you’re not! Right kids?


  24. Honest Abe sounds pretty drunk*.

    * A little too nasty. Keep it nice please. 

  25. Honest Abe says


    No, I don’t drink and I wear clothes! Another Haney supporter I guess..*

    * Let’s back off of the name calling a bit. Thanks. 

  26. Mrs. Alfond says

    Waring has a 60 from the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers. A 43 from the Goldwater Institute and a 56 from the Pachyderm Coalition. This puts him a mere 24 away from being the greatest democrat going.
    I give him a 1 for participating in the maniputlation mess that was the crooked elections at the District meetings and State Convention. For a great lesson controlling election results, such as withholding candidate information from the voters and repeatedly touting your preference from the microphone at the polling place be sure to check in with State GOP. Where freedom ought to shine brightest is where I saw it’s darkest moments that I have ever witnessed.

    McCain gets around Arizona real well. Sedona BBQ’s. Baseball game. I wonder why he just could not manage to attend his own home state Republican convention? Oh yeah, there may have been a peep of dissention. Can’t have that.

  27. Observer says

    Some of the posters here have a 98 from the Crybaby Coalition, an 83 from the Federation of Sore Losers, a 92 from the Whiner Institute, and a 100% rating from the Haney Center for Political Marginalization.

  28. Rudy the RINO says

    Honest Abe is so right! Haney and the conservatives are done. We rule Abe! The McCain liberals have won. We now are in control of the Party. We could not have done it without you. Thanks for all you do Abe. I am willing to pay much more for gas & inflation to stop hurting our environment. Senator McCain was right to repeatedly vote against drilling for our own oil. See you on the Global warming Tour. Rush & Chaos have nothing on us.

  29. mccain't says

    Observer, Rudy,
    That McAmnesty doesn’t dare show his face at his home state convention and the fact that az gop has to manipulate and alienate Republicans statewide all speak louder about the “great” mccane than you ever can.

  30. GOP Boomer Gal says

    If you cna’t be a positive force for our Party instead of whining, better you don’t get involved.

    The state party has alienated no one. Our district had several Ron Paul supporters who attended; they’re on board with McCain, but that’s because, although they are young, they have more sense than some of you geezers who want everything your way or the highway.

    McCain is not perfect; but he’s our candidate and he’s far better than the alternative.

    Grow up!!!

  31. Boomer Gal has nothing between the ears. McCain’s Cap and Trade plan alone proves that he is a Loony Toon who will destroy this country. Not Perfect? He is a nut case. I won’t tell you to grow up Boomer Gal. There is no hope!

  32. Roll Call says

    ok all of those that are so happy/unhappy with the delegate process admit if you were selected or not before we take your comments seriously

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