Listen to Jon Justice 6-9 am.

     The increasingly popular Jon Justice Show is on 104.1 FM from 6-9 am in Tucson. The host is not a afraid to take on the tough issues of the day, including but not limited to illegal immigration. The show is very good about having an adult discussion on the topic and does not demagogue the matter.

     No matter how sincere the show is about covering the important topics of the day someone is bound to be offended. Nevertheless we were a bit surprised that the Arizona Daily Star editorial page was so upset with Jon Justice that they have urged local groups to boycott the show.

     The Star editorial page has suddenly become concerned with the accuracy of studies done on the impact of illegal immigration. They claim Lou Dobbs makes “outlandish and erroneous claims.” Yet the largest paper in Tucson was silent after we exposed the truly erroneous claims in a local study authored by Judith Gans of the Udall Center.

     The Arizona Daily Star has engaged in the worst kind of political correctness, trying to silence another voice in the media. It is very sad what has become of this once fine paper.


  1. GOP Boomer Gal says

    The Star quotes an article from “Media Matters” calling it a Media Watchdog organization.

    Media Matters consists of a bunch of far left loonies funded by America hater billionaire George Soros.

  2. The Arizona Daily Star’s call on a boycott of the Jon Justice Show was a quite the gift. Justice is already running sweepers saying “The Only Show Boycotted by the Arizona Daily Star” “The Arizona Daily Star’s favorite show…to boycott”.

    He is getting so much mileage out of this, it’s hilarious. Ann Brown and Martin Rosales stepped on their collective wang big time here. First they made an uncalled for personal attack on someone (saw someone made a call to change the name to “Arizona Daily Slur”) leaning on “reasoning” provided by George Soros AND conveniently omitting the word “illegal” from the phrase “illegal immigrant”. Second, they gave Justice acres of high ground: he’s running promos based on being the official boycotted radio show of the Daily Star, he invited Ann Brown to come on his show and talk about why they called for a boycot and, ever the coward, she refused to. Can you imagine the print ads that Justice and KQTH can run from this? Could you see a billboard with Justice’s Mug in the vicinity of Park and Irvington, maybe facing the ADS building? What a field day they could have. He’ll get so much mileage out of this, they may make him the star of Tucson talk because of their stupid act.

    The Star has quite the history of demonstrating good judgement:

    They recently attacked Ray Carroll when Steve Leal, by their own criteria, was the offender.

    They enlightened us by publishing a guest opinion from none other than Harold Jarvis Atwood on the subject of why the death penalty is unfair and what a bummer it is to be on death row.

    They published the manifesto of the UA Nursing School mass murderer nut ball (just like he wanted them to).

    I could go on and on here but the important thing is that during yet another lapse in judgement, they served up a giant slice of dessert on a silver platter.

  3. PS, note to readers: “good” judgement by the Star comment was sarcasm.

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