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Both Politico Mafioso and Espresso Pundit have now confirmed that Lisa James will indeed run for Arizona Republican State Party Chairman next year.

She is scheduled to announce her candidacy at the Yavapai Republican Organizational meeting this morning in Prescott.

Here is her bio as it appears on the Gordon C. James Public Relations website:

Lisa James began her career in politics working in the Illinois Legislature for State Representatives and Senators, as well as the Assistant Clerk of the House. She managed and worked on several campaigns in Illinois before moving to Washington, DC where she joined the Republican National Committee in the political department serving state and local governments. She has worked as an advance representative for President George H.W. Bush and worked on the 1992 Bush/Quayle campaign.

In 2000, Lisa was a member of the Arizona George W. Bush for President Advisory Board. She served as the director of Arizona Victory 2000 where she was directly responsible for the management of all Victory 2000 efforts in Arizona.

In 2004, Lisa was chairman of the No Taxpayer Dollars for Politicians Ballot Initiative before she served as the Arizona executive director for Bush-Cheney ‘04. As executive director, she was responsible for all campaign efforts in Arizona. Lisa also served as the director of coalitions for Senator Kyl’s 2006 re-election effort before serving as the director for the Arizona Republican Party Victory 2006 campaign.

Lisa has been involved in many community activities including serving as the chair of the Teaming Up for Kids Luncheon benefiting Florence Crittenton, the corporate board of directors of the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, Crisis Pregnancy Center Gala committee member, Maggie’s Place Baby Shower Committee Member and other charitable events. She co-chaired the successful Arizona Winning Women Fundraiser for the Arizona Republican Party featuring Mary Matalin and RNC co-chair Ann Wagner. She was a member of the 2003 Presidential Rank Awards Program Meritorious Executive Review Board. Lisa received her bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University.

Lisa is married to Gordon James. They have four children and reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.

James announcement sets up the likely rematch between herself and Randy Pullen.


  1. Lisa James spent the last two years over estimating the number of liberal Republican voters. Chairman Pullen, on the other hand was achieving concrete results for conservative Republican voters. I’ll go with Randy’s track record.

  2. Lisa might have had a shot at this had she spent the last two years unifying the party by bringing her friends and donors into the fold, and if Randy had lost a number of key races in the state. Instead, Lisa joined with the fractious few in withholding candidate support and spend her time co-chairing events to honor Janet Napolitano while Pullen cleaned up the prior administration’s mess, trained candidates, and added Republicans to state offices.

    It appears that when Sproul and his trainers went looking for a challenger, the trough was empty, and they ended up asking Lisa to be a token representative for their cause. This can only be embarrassing to Lisa and her handlers under the circumstances, and weaken her influence in the future.

  3. been there done that says


    You are wrong on all accounts. Pullen sullied his own name and proved himself a failure. Sproul is irrelevant, he only pops up when he pushes his own idea or imposes himself into the situation, invited or not….. welcome or not. He is not even in the picture when it comes to this race. Lisa’s decision to run was hers. Anything else is nothing more than a red herring thrown out in hopes of taking the attention off just how bad Pullen has been and the real opportunity the GOP has under James’ leadership.

    He had his shot and blew it. He is an embarrassment and let down everyone down, from those who voted for him to the legislators who had to fight and scratch to keep their seats with no help from the AZGOP.

  4. You might have BEEN THERE, but you clearly didn’t DO THAT. Simply repeating lies about Pullen’s record over and over again will only convince the most simple-minded, and they’re already Lisa James’ base.

    What is it they say, facts are stubborn things? Pullen won races, raised an impressive sum of money when you consider that our congressional delegation and the White House were actively working to dry up the money, and brought organization and Republican values back to the party. It is no coincidence that those backing Lisa are the same people who worked against Pullen and the Arizona Republican Party for the last two years.

    They are not good or loyal Republicans. They are in it only for themselves. That’s why they started Randy with no money and worked against him for two years. They want control, nothing more. I, and many many others like me, will work very hard to ensure that they fail in their takeover attempts.

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