Lisa James’ Attack Piece Hits Mailboxes (UPDATED)

UPDATE:  As several of the comments have mentioned, a closer review of James’ letter reveals accounting that James herself might find reminiscent of a certain large energy company that no longer exists.  James claims that “fundraising was down 275%” twice in the letter, and several of her supporters have been repeating that claim.  After conferring with several highly qualified mathematicians, we have confirmed what our own high-school mathematics ability suspected, which is that nothing can decrease more than 100% without reaching zero.  In other words, had fundraising decreased by 100%, the State Party would have raised zero dollars.  One mathematician did insist that James’ claim could be mathematically possible, but for that to be the case, Pullen would have had to give away $9,395,652.50 of party money without raising a single penny.  This “negative revenue” could, in theory, justify James’ claim.  GILA COURIER has numerous other errors from the letter here.


The latest letter to GOP State Committeemen from Lisa James’ campaign started arriving in mailboxes today.  In it, James attacks State GOP Chairman Randy Pullen on the issue of fundraising, accusing him of “spin” and “using accounting that would make Enron executives blush…”

As you may remember, many Enron executives are now serving lengthy prison terms for their role in the accounting scandal that brought down that company and destroyed the livelihoods and savings of thousands of its employees.

The letter is unclear in its purported parallels between the accounting of the State GOP and that of Enron, but several state GOP officers are fuming at the accusation.  In light of the accounting mess they were handed by the previous administration that had to be cleaned up, the accusations are likely to be very unpopular with State GOP Treasurer Timothy Lee, Assistant GOP Treasurer Larry Pickard, Finance Director Amilyn Gordon and the rest of the finance staff.


  1. Casual Observer says

    So, are you saying it isn’t true?

  2. Please, let’s have a scan of it so we can see what a pure as the driven snow discussion of the issues that is not an 11th commandment violation looks like.

  3. Results Matter says

    Dang. And just two posts down, we’ve got Lisa’s folks talking about what a clean race she has run? Awkward!

  4. Goodyear GOP says

    These are the same folks who ran the ugly stuff against Russell Pearce. James is running from behind and running out of time. This is only the beginning folks. Count on it!

  5. I think she asked a fair question “If you were a business owner and your general manager lost 65,244 customers over 2 years and company revenues were down 275%, would he keep his job?” For me, no tough answer here, I’d be looking for someone else. That someone for this job is Lisa.

  6. Home Town Girl says

    When the truth is ugly, there’s no way to avoid that reality. When the truth is as important as this information, then putting it out in the open may be uncomfortable or downright painful to those who let it happen or knew it and didn’t speak up and support him still or to those who want to hold on to blind loyalty, but it doesn’t make the messenger bad.

    He has tried to spin his 2 years as successful. They were worse than bad. The Dems DID gain 65,000 new voters over the GOP. The revenues ARE down 275%. The lists of endorsements goes on and on, but the plain truth is, those folks who have seen what it takes to advance our party know, they get it. They are supporting Lisa. These numbers just tell the story as to why.

    Who is the team we are working for here? Pullen or our state party and our platform? He is not the answer if it is the state party and our platform. How do you do that with a shrinking voter majority and a severe funding disadvantage, year after year…that catches up and we become the minority. What is there to indicate anything will be any different? It won’t! It will get worse!

    It is not a dirty campaign when you make factual and data driven arguments for the very immediate need for change. If the truth hurts, well that is unfortunate but unavoidable.

    The way I see it, a vote for Randy Pullen is a vote for Terry Goddard, Jim Pederson, Kyrsten Sinema and all the other pro-choice, higher taxes, liberal, anti-2nd amendment candidates they can shove down our throats…and will. And we won’t have a chance.

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    To post #5 above:
    How much of those losses were due to Duba’s policies and had nothing to do with what was happening here in Arizona? Given the ratings of the Republicans in Congress and the President’s ratings for that period of time, it is highly doubtful Lisa James could have overcome that public opinion tide.

    Home Town girl…
    IF Lisa HAD been supporting the state party since 2006 with ALL of her reported talents, would the performance of the AzGOP been what it was? An honest answer is; no.

    Here’s one for Ms James:
    How much net profit has GCJPR received from clients associated with the Bush Administration, Jon Kyl, John McCain and other members in the Az Delegation since 2000??

    Anyone who did their homework this election cycle should know that voters registering Independent made the most gains.

    As for Democrat registrations? Lisa James could never have kept up with the massive funding from the Left that poured into voter registration drives on ASU and UofA and NAU campuses this election cycle. This was a full court press by the Left. has an excellent database of just how much money the Left has to work with and their sources – AND also how much and who supports the Right.

    Here’s a newsflash peeps: The opposition has at least 8x the resources that we do nationally.

    Your last paragraph is a complete non-sequitur and is not supported by any facts.

    As long as the Az Delegation supporters continue to eschew the party grassroot conservatives – AND, as long as the grassroot conservatives continue to distain our senior elected delegation we will be a house divided.

    One group views themselves as being pragmatic and accomodating while the other group is seen as exclusionary and ideologically driven.

    This bi-polar dynamic strongly suggests that what’s needed is a clearly defined answer to the question: What is a Republican?

    Until we can all share that vision, we will never be able to communicate what we are to the voters. All we can therefore hope for is to attempt a “Make-Over” of our image and hope the voter/consumer will buy our brand.

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    Here’s a challenge to everyone engaged in this dialog:

    Study how Obama built a national organization that led him to the White House. The political machine folded neatly into and around the grassroots and moved in one direction.

    The Obama campaign structure and management will be a case study for political science majors for years to come.

  9. Conservative Guy says

    Fact: Lisa James registered zero voters in 2 years.

    Fact: Lisa James call for unity, but uses voter registration as an attack.

    Fact: Lisa James’ “unity” means only behind her otherwise total destructions of the party.

    Therefore: Lisa James is dishonest.

  10. The Democrat liberal grassroots put aside their differences with Obama in the general election on things like his vote for warrentless wiretapping, flip flopping on campaign finance reform, and support for tax cuts. They got over their bitterness of the Democratic primary. They all came together at the end to elect Obama because they saw him, warts and all, as their best hope.

    Republican, self-proclaimed, grassroots here in Arizona disagree with our hard-working delegation on one or two issues out of 100, and they take their ball and go home. They spend all their time attacking Kyl, who is one of the best Senators this state has ever had, and virtually none going after Democrats. As a result, Democrats get closer to turning Arizona blue.

    That is the difference.

  11. Home Town Girl says

    While I am not a political scientist, I will offer my respectful and honest perspective to your question.

    In part, it was because they were very inclusive rather than exclusive. The ideological differences, personal agendas, were not as important as the end result. His election, his agenda. There were no “bad” supporters, only different thinkers who all had the same goal. You are absolutely right, one direction. The necessary predisposition of trust in the leader must exist in order for that sort of outcome to be had.

  12. Hey Conservative Guy,

    You know this how?

    You were with her every day and knew her every move?

    The numbers don’t lie. Not to say some people don’t try, however.

    I may not be the youngest or smartest guy on the block but I sure as heck know a big winded nut job with a personal ax to grind when I see it.

  13. How could any number, including campaign contributions, go down more than 100% without going negative? Mathematically, that’s impossible, and the contributions never went negative.

    Someone who can’t do basic arithmetic has no credibility making claims that someone else is using Enron like accounting tactics.

    The other accounting missing revolves around results. In 2006 we lost enough seats in the legislature to go from almost having a veto proof majority to barely hanging onto to nominal control without a real, working majority. In 2008, we gained seats in the legislature, and our legislators are more conservative, which give us a real conservative working majority. Even accepting Lisa James’ financial numbers, the message should be read that Lisa James made a mess of things with a lot of money while Randy Pullen improved our situation with less money.

  14. Just The Facts says

    Has Anyone else seen this. It seems 100% authentic to me. If true, do we really want a Chairman who threatens Republicans running for office?

    Here is the better question. Does anyone who knows Lisa James believe that she would leave a voice mail like this? To me, there is a startling contrast in the election and this voice mail is symbolic of it.

    You can listen to the audio by clicking on the link below.

    Echols worked for Sandra Livingstone in CD 1. He claims that she and all the other GOP candidates, except for Sydney Hay, were locked out of Voter Vault.

    This is a link to a voice mail Pullen left for Echols:

    Here’s the transcript.

    First saved message sent Friday, August 15th, 2008 at 10:37 AM Arizona Time.

    Hey John, Randy Pullen calling.

    Uh, I understand that, uh, your candidate’s still saying she doesn’t have access to Voter Vault which is absolutely not true and that she’s had access for weeks.


    The fact that she doesn’t know how to use it or chooses not to use it, uh, that’s, that’s a different issue.


    And I’m flat, flat out tired of it.

    And, uh, you’d better talk to her and tell her to cut it out because if she says that anymore, uh, I got plenty of crap that uh, people might like to know about her, but I’ve just been kind of letting it go because we just get this over with, but, I’m kind of tired of it at this point, so, uh, you’d better have a talk with her.

  15. If that is indeed authentic, wow. Sydney Hay is a hero of the taxpayer, and for her own party chairman to threaten to unload “crap” that “people might like to know about her” just months before the election is dispicable. This alone should disqualify Randy Pullen for another term.

    By the way, Ann Kirkpatrick, who campaigned against the bailout before the election, now says we need to spend billions more on top of that.

  16. 11th Commandment says

    That audio is really disturbing.

    I also understand that the Enron piece is hard hitting. Over-the-top compare and contrast pieces are not the same as vicious personal attacks sprinkled generously with lies. The consequence of doing inflammatory comparisons is that you invite the same from your opponents. Unfortunately, those who oppose James have demonstrated a willingness to not only exaggerate, but to be dishonest and irrational – and that’s just from what I’ve read on this website.

  17. What is disturbing about the recording? (If it’s even authentic….)

    That Randy Pullen does NOT go public with dirty laundry? I think that speaks volumes POSITIVE about it.

    On the other hand, you have James and her folks feeding the liberals at Capitol Times inside information about the Republican party.

    That’s “unity”?

    That only demonstrates James’ “my way or the highway” approach to “unity”.

    Whereas, I imagine there is alot Randy could go to the press with, but DOESNT.

  18. Oberserve- “What is disturbing about the recording? (If it’s even authentic….)” From my point of view, the idea that he threatens her through another person bothers me. If there was a problem with voter vault or any other issue, the responsible thing would be for Randy to talk with her.

  19. Rhonda, neither of us really have the facts with regards to the recording, nor does the guy that posted it here as a hit piece.

    That being said it is not uncommon for campaign staffers to call HQ to ask for things or for HQ to call a campaign back in response to inquiries.

    As you can imagine, candidates are extremely busy and rarely available for minor technical discussions like what’s the password to voter vault.

    So, it’s not uncommon. Furthermore, it perfectly illustrates the Pullen approach to keeping dirty laundry in the family versus the James approach to run to media liberals and provide them with information to slam the party with in public.

  20. Goodness. So if Randy only threatens to destroy our conservative Republican nominee before the general election, but doesn’t follow through with it, that speaks well of him? The logic of Pullen’s supporters gets more dizzying by the minute.

    Im sure that if Salmon or Fannin threatened a secure border nominee like Hay, we wouldn’t be hearing anything on this blog about “country club elites” attacking the “grassroots”. Right?

  21. Wow, Oberserve! That kind of logic may be operational in Havana or Pyongyang but in America? Listen to the recording. Randy Pullen clearly implies that he has “plenty of crap that uh, people might like to know about her.” Does he threaten to disclose this “crap”? I’ll let the listener decide that question but he’s clearly going for intimidation.

    Is this yet another transparent spin job by the Pullen forces to turn an embarrassment into a virtue?

    You be the judge.

  22. Maricopa PC says

    Observe! Yes, in a campaign everyone is busy, and often stressed. But this isn’t just a case of bad customer service. Randy Pullen is threatening to expose ‘all kinds of crap’ about a candidate because she is annoying him. WOW. When you say that this isn’t uncommon, are you saying that Randy treated all candidates in primaries of whom he didn’t support in this fashion?

  23. Reading the posts, it looks like some people are saying that candidate involved is Hays when it looks like it was Livingstone. It looks like some people are typing a little faster than they can read and think or possibly some of the posts just aren’t very clear on that.

    Even if the message is authentic, it is probably just an exasperated person (Pullen) telling someone who has been harrassing him to back off from making nasty comments about him or he will reciprocate.

    Compared to what happened in 2006 with “unfavored” candidates being denied voter data or being deliberately provided with old or inaccurate data, 2008 was a model of openness by the state party in spite of some problems people had with Voter Vault.

  24. Veritas Vincit says

    Just the Facts (post #14): Echols worked for Livingstone until her funds dried up and then he went to the convention. Echols would have ‘supported’ anyone who hired him last summer.

    How ethical is it to post a phone conversation online or record one with your party chairman?

    Who would ever want to do business with someone like that again?

    If Livingstone couldn’t get Voter Vault access, perhaps her campaign manager and county party chairman was charging her for information he already had access to?

  25. Veritas Vincit says

    Maricopa PC: Did you ever have dealings with Livingstone and hear some of their theories?

    Then again, some credible sources suggested that Sydney Hay was culpable for some extraordinary campaign antics in 2002.

    Then again, its the same source as that recorded phone conversation too.

  26. Hunter is right, the threatening message from Pullen was for Livingstone, not Hay. My mistake.

    But it is just as unacceptable for a party chairman to threaten to dump “crap” and destroy one of our own. As is Veritas posting ugly rumors and innuendo about Hay and Livingstone.

    If we are to stop the bleeding, and keep this state red, we have to knock this nonsense off. It’s becoming more and more obvious that keeping Pullen in charge is not the way to do it.

  27. Veritas Vincit says

    AZRed, Specifically what ‘rumor’ have I posted?

    As for Livingstone I had conversation with her. Regarding Hay, I had first hand knowledge of what I have alluded to.

    My point is (and pay close attention): a party chairman recording a phone conversation with his state party chairman is highly un-ethical.

    My second point is: In the heat of a campaign, one candidate whining can be irritating.

    Third point is: in some campaigns, tactics are often used against a novice that only a political insider would know about.

    Oh, and you’re only getting half the story (from one source) regarding who threatened whom this last CD1 primary.

  28. Excuse me, I’m not a “Pullen Force”. I am a state committeeman and PC who read the Capitol Times article and was disgusted to see all the James talking points aired by the liberal media in public about the state Republican Party.

    It was an obvious hatchet job and it was obvious that the Captitol Times had advance copy of the talking points, point by point, the James press releases.

    It’s so obvious only a fool could believe otherwise.

    Therefore, I will vote for the person who has some class and keeps family business in the family (Pullen), versus the one who runs to the liberal media to air dirty laundry, lambaste the party in a tantrum to win (James.)

  29. “keeps family business in the family”? are you referring to the chairman who showed a drawing of a middle finger on national television? Who attacked our senior Senator in Washington DC newspapers over and over? The guy who called the RNC Chair “Amnesty Mel”?

  30. Veritas Vincit says

    AZRed, in case you missed it, nearly 80% of the country opposed “our senior Senator” and Mel on their border stance.

    And, here we are… why do Republicans loose elections?

    Could it be because “Amnesty Mel” and our “Senior Senator” are out of touch with nearly 80% of the voting population?

    I suppose you don’t know many Democrats or have been privy to some of their discources and diatribes within their “family”…

    Notice how the Republicans became the party of Amnesty and Open Borders and the Democrats kept their mouths shut and their collective middle finger off “the 3rd rail”

  31. Veritas Vincit says

    In one election Graf and JD get tossed out due to lack of support from senior members of the Az delegation…

    In the next election, the immigration amnesty issue goes quiet but the voters managed to remember McCain’s position on it anyway.

  32. AZRed, keep in mind you are supporting the candidate for chair who is running on the issue of voter registration yet registered zero voters herself in two years.

    Veritas, the truth WILL prevail!

  33. I am supporting a candidate that has worked tirelessly for Arizona Republicans since she was the Victory Director for George W Bush in 2000, and helped him carry the state. She has done everything from raising much needed funds for our candidates, to ensuring that our early ballot program was running smoothly, to, yes, registering voters.

    All of these things are apparently foreign to Mr. Pullen, who did none of them during his one term. Fundraising was awful, the early ballot program was ignored (amazing considering how many people vote early), and the Democrats are now fully on track to overtake Republicans in registration. Without McCain on the top of the ticket, Republicans in Arizona would have gotten wiped out.

    Give Pullen another term, and in 2012 this state will be Obama blue for sure.

  34. James talking point #1. Ignore her Guiliani work and reach directly all the way back to Bush. Sweep her Guiliani work under the rug and all will be okay.

  35. It’s just unbelievable that anyone would try to make any excuses for his behavior in that phone call… period.

  36. No Rhonda, what is unbelievable is people like you and the James folks who call for “unity” only if it’s the James way, otherwise you are willing to scorch the earth and ruin the Republican party.

    That’s the OPPOSITE of unity. Which makes you and AZRed (who works for the James campaign) dishonest.

  37. I do not work for the James campaign in any way shape or form. I’m sorry you have run out of ways to defend Mr. Pullen’s performance, but just throwing comments out there to see what sticks isn’t the way to go.

  38. I find it interesting (suspect) that Sonoran Alliance hasn’t posted James’ grassroots leadership endorsements.

    James is crucified as “not being part of the grassroots of the party” however, what support she does receive isn’t acknowledged.

  39. Goodyear GOP says

    Relax gal, these lists are press releases. If James puts out a press release, Sonoran Alliance prints it. That’s why there are so many James press releases on this site.

  40. Goodyear GOP says

    And I checked out that Gila site linked in the update. Wow! It has to be embarrassing to be so bad at filing required documents that you get your family business dissolved. So how embarrassing is it to do it TWICE?

    Does Lisa James know that she’s going to have to file stuff for the Republican Party if she wins?

  41. I think expecting our Chairman to work towards unity is the goal here. What Randy did was try to intimidate, how do you call that unity? Yes I do call for unity, but I also expect our Chairman to support candidates and not threaten them.

  42. Since Sonoran Alliance isn’t on top of the game I will get on it.

    Grassroots Leadership Endorsements for Lisa:

    MCRC Secretary Kim Owens

    Navajo County Chairman Jeff Lineberry

    Pima County Immediate Past Chairman Judi White

    Pima County Secretary Anne Stephenson

    Pinal County Former Chairman Sharron Gill

    Pinal County Second Vice-Chair TJ Shope

    Yavapai County Chairman Jan Smith

    Yuma County First Vice Chair Phil Townsend

    District 7 Chairman West Kenyon

    District 7 Immediate Past Chairman Cheryl Pietkiewicz

    District 7 First Vice Chairman Ed Bunch

    District 8 Chairman Jim Burke

    District 8 Former Chairman Donna Reagan

    District 8 Secretary Bill Camp

    District 11 First Vice Chair Ephram Cordova

    District 12 Chairman Joe Marvin

    District 12 First Vice Chair Rhonda King

    District 12 Second Vice Chair Judy Connell

    District 12 Secretary Diane McCarthy

    District 17 Immediate Past Chairman Dale Despain

    District 17 First Vice Chairman Ray Devine

    District 20 Chairman Farrell Quinlan

    District 20 Second Vice Chair Anthony Miller

    District 20 Fourth Vice Chair, Alesha Nicole Corey

    District 20 Secretary Heidi Quinlan

    District 21 Chairman Jerry Brooks

    District 27 Chairman Harold Hough

    District 28 Chairman Walter Stephenson

    District 30 Chairman Dough Sposito

    District 30 Immediate Past Chairman Patti O’Berry

  43. Congressional leaders backing James in AZ GOP chairman’s race:

    Congressman John Shadegg (AZ-3)
    Congressman Jeff Flake (AZ-6)

    I would trust these honorable men with my first born child and certainly with who they would vote for!

  44. Goodyear GOP says

    Give it a rest Missy, you’re so in the tank that your “first born child” endorsement really means diddly. Has anyone else noticed that Lisa James’ endorsement lists always have people on it who can’t even vote for her? I get trying to create an artificial sense of momentum, but isn’t it about who has the votes?

  45. Hey Goodyear,

    Who can’t vote, them or you? Her list is full of SC’s.

  46. I finally actually listened to the recording of the message Randy left that has so many people in a snit. I didn’t think it was a big deal after looking at the transcript earlier, and I think it is even less of a big deal after listening to it. In the context of the message, the “crap” sounds to me like it would consist of telling people Livingstone was complaining to that she is covering her incompetence at using voter vault by shifting the blame to the state party and that other things she is complaining about are more a reflection of her incompetence than other people’s shortcomings.

    I don’t know the people involved, except Randy Pullen, so I don’t know what they are like other than from what I have heard in the message and seen in the blogs.

    If a state party chair is being unfairly maligned by a candidate, the party chair is well within his rights to tell the candidate to knock it off or there will be some negative consequences.

    If anyone thinks this is a big deal, I think they need to get a life and get out of politics.

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