Lindsey Graham Scolds Conservatives

From papatodd:

Mr Kumbiya himself, Lindsey Grahamensty, with his southern panties in a bunch, was out today, again refusing to listen to the heartbeat of the American people.  Oblivious to the fact the Doug Hoffman came from total obscurity to almost winning in NY23, the uber-moderate senator scolded conservatives for being, well, conservative.

From the Politico;  The morning after Republicans lost an upstate New York House seat, Sen. Lindsey Graham R-S.C. warned that conservative activists will bring destruction to the Republican Party if they drive out moderate candidates across the country.“To those people who are pursuing purity, you’ll become a club not a party,” Graham told POLITICO in the Capitol Wednesday. “Those people who are trying to embrace conservatism in a thoughtful way that fits the region and the state and the district are going to do well. Conservatism is an asset. Blind ideology is not.”

The senator gets it right on one point;  Conservatism is an asset.  But in the very next sentence, he gets is totally wrong with his comment referring to blind ideology. Senator Graham, no one is blinded here.  If anything, it is the exact opposite.  The American people have finally opened their eyes and are now fully cognisant to the fact that you and the rest of your moderate cronies are the ones responsible for the the GOP’s loss of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Your moderate ideology is leading to the destruction of the American way of life. Your moderate agenda is permitting the continued attack on the free enterprise system.  Your unwillingness to listen to these now-outspoken Americans and to the message they send on election day is the reason voters passed on DeDe after you and the GOP gave almost $1 million to her campaign.

Blind ideology? Let us look at what your blind ideology has achieved.

Rush gives us the Top Ten Republican Moderate Moments.

  • Number ten: Newt Gingrich does a PSA on global warming with Nancy Pelosi in 2008.
  • Number nine: Bush-Quayle ‘92.
  • Number eight: Dole-Kemp ‘96.
  • Number seven : Ford-Dole ‘76.
  • Number six: Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords jumps from the Republican Party.
  • Number five: Arlen Specter switches parties.
  • Number four: Richard Nixon resigns in disgrace.
  • Number three: Dede Scozzafava endorses the Democrat, Owens, in New York-23.
  • Number two: The McCain campaign of 2008.
  • The number one top ten moderate moment in Republican history: Colin Powell endorsing Barack Obama, the Democrat, for president in 2008!

You tell me who’s blind, senator! The American people, we love our sports; baseball, football, basketball and the rest. And we do know how to keep score.  We are looking at the political scoreboard and see that you continue to chalk up loss after loss after loss. When our favorite sports team continues to put up a losing season, the front office does not get mad and yell at the players [well, maybe T.O.].  No, the front office looks at the coaching staff and replaces the staff.  And that is exactly what the American people are doing all across America right now.

Now I ask you Senator, just who is blind here?


  1. Not to disagree with what you said but what about republican moderate success stories. George W Bush runs as a compassionate conservative aka a moderate and wins in 2000. He then spends like a drunken liberal does illegal wiretapping taking big brother to the extreme and wins again in 04 while picking up senate and house seats in 02 and 04.

    Reagan raises taxes in 82 and 83 and helps create a landslide victory in 84 and allows HW Bush to ride his coatails in a victory in 88 and that is all within the last 25 years…
    So doing some moderate things and not running on pure ideology can win…

  2. But it won’t keep your party in power.

  3. DeAnn,

    There is no such thing as keeping your party in power. Politics swings back and forth. It always has in this country and always will. When rove and democrats talk about creating supermajorties that will last forever I jst laugh because its not possible and should never be the goal of a party.

  4. “George W Bush runs as a compassionate conservative aka a moderate and wins in 2000. He then spends like a drunken liberal”
    Thought it was Congress that had the authority to spend money, not the Executive Branch. Bush had a Democrat majority Congress at his 1st inauguration, then a GOP majority, then Congress went back to a Democrat majority. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, turned on the spending spigot to “gush” the last two years of Bush’s term of office as soon as she gleefully smacked that Speaker’s gavel to the wood.
    So, for the bulk of Bush’s two presidencies, the Democrats were running the spending, ramped up into overdrive by Pelosi.
    So the GOP and Bush indeed have SOME responsibility, but the Democrats need to be held responsible for their very major role in it. Bush is gone, but Pelosi is still there, spending money and beavering away to spend even more money like … well a “drunken liberal” spoiled princess on a game show fill-up-the-shopping-cart beat-the-clock frenzy on Rodeo Drive.

  5. Wow, wanumba, that’s some awsome revisionist history you’ve got there… Bush signed every budget presented to him,a and didn’t veto any spending bills until 2007. The House of Representatives was controlled by the Republicans until the last 2 years of his Presidency, and the Senate was split almost equally during that time (I think the Rs got an extra 6 months in 2001)…

    But, no, you’re right – your party was fiscally responsible and only deserves SOME responsibility. I’d also love to hear your defense of deadbeat dads (Well, sure, he was the father, but if that whore ex-wife would just get a job…)

  6. klute – and of course there was those wars…..

  7. President Bush ran as a conservative and in many ways showed that he was not. Conservatives did vote for him in 2004, not so much for him but for the SCOTUS judges and because John Kerry was scary.

  8. Catsclaw,

    “…not so much for him but for the SCOTUS judges and because John Kerry was scary.”

    Whatever you gotta tell yourself to sleep at night, you go right on ahead.

  9. “But, no, you’re right – your party was fiscally responsible and only deserves SOME responsibility.”
    Good, the point has been accepted that Democrats should also be held responsible for their share of the blame in overspending. They’ve been enabled to hide behind their defensive tactic of condemning Bush for everything for too long.

    What’s with the “deadbeat dad”? Are you unable to stick to the topic of the discussion without inserting inappropriate comments?

  10. I agree wholeheartedly that Bush passively signed spending bills that the CONGRESS WROTE AND PASSED to him for signature that he shouldn’t have, but it takes two to tango when it comes to spending bills, why is only ONE of the two blamed? It takes months to write, negotiate and vote on any single bill, with plenty of time and HUNDREDS of PEOPLE in both the House and the Senate and their staffs to re-think the wisdom of it, but ten seconds to sign the thing once it arrives KER-CHUNK on the POTUS desk. BOTH deserve criticism, but why pick one guy when about 535 others are suddenly acting like they were on Pluto when this was all happening?

    But it’s curious to see the people who snark at Bush for not vetoing spending bills then turn on a dime and cry and wail that Republicans are the “Party of NO” when the GOP balks at … more Democrat-Congress-manufactured spending. Bush should have been praised by Democrats for being a “yes” guy by that reasoning.

  11. You do stay in power if you govern right. It’s when people get so fed up with Republicans acting like Democrats that people finally say: Let’s send a message and throw the bums out. Unfortunately, we are all paying the price for that way of thinking. George Bush is looking wonderful right now.

  12. “You stay in power if you govern right”


  13. “What’s with the “deadbeat dad”? Are you unable to stick to the topic of the discussion without inserting inappropriate comments?”

    It’s a literary device called “metaphor” (perhaps you’d benefit from re-taking ENG101?). Since you were obviously trying to exclude Republicans from taking their share of the blame by minimizing their dominant role in the problem for the last 8 eight years, I was hypthesizing what other bad behaviors you’d excuse by shifting the blame to another party.

  14. “I agree wholeheartedly that Bush passively signed spending bills that the CONGRESS WROTE AND PASSED…”

    You mean, the REPUBLICAN CONGRESS, right? Because up until 2007, the GOP had full control of the House of Representin’ and more than 50% of the time had control of the Senate.

    “BOTH deserve criticism, but why pick one guy when about 535 others are suddenly acting like they were on Pluto when this was all happening?”

    Quoth Wanumba: The buck stops over there-ish.

    “Bush should have been praised by Democrats for being a “yes” guy by that reasoning.”

    Except, you know, Bush pissed away $700 Billion on war that he didn’t even manage properly – not exactly “butter” spending.

  15. Iris Lynch says

    I thank God every night for Obama. He and his Congress are gifts to Conservatism…and it isn’t over yet.

    If we had had MC LAME, he would have done a lot of the same, though slower and would have murdered the all aspects of the Republican Party.

    I want HONESTY. If a politician claims the conservative road to power, I expect him to honestly do his/her best to enact those plans. And when I hear of a politician who has cheated on the woman he once (and may still love), how sincere can I expect him to be to me?

    It is still true that money is the root of all evil. Sometimes in what we will do to get it and sometimes what we will do in the purchases we make. We are likely to be saved from ourselves if the economy REALLY dumps and it may still happen. Obama, hmm, hmm, hmm.

  16. So, since you are so upset by Bush’s inability to veto Congressional spending during his terms of office, how come you aren’t displaying the same, nay, more outrage at the astronomical spending of the team of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) and President Barack Obama (D)?

    A one-party reality, so delightful Nancy Pesoli was actually giggling about it. So, there’s just one political party to blame, and you’ll need a new metaphor to replace something about “deadbeat dads who lost their jobs thanks to the epic fail of the so-called stimulus, cap-and-trade eviceration of industry and Nationalized Health Care, and can’t pay the child support out of their last week on unemployment benefits”. Can’t say “Takes two to tango,” it’ll be “like a solo breakdancer spinning out on a piece of cardboard.” Or perhaps a pithy saying, like “Pride cometh before the fall.”

    So “quoth wanumba.”

    I like that, sounds like “… nevermore!”

  17. Iris Lynch Says:
    November 6th, 2009 at 5:43 pm
    I want HONESTY.
    Always the best policy!

  18. Except, of course, addressing health care, working on lessening the effects of climate change, and not letting our economic system collapse are things I approve of, and I’m willing to go along with taking the rewards of foresight, and watching the GOP crumble for saying “NO NO NO NO NO”, and also willing to accept the flipside.

    Whereas you are living in deep, deep denial about your party’s responsibility for the last 8 years.

  19. “and also willing to accept the flipside.”
    Better find out what the “fipside” is before proclaiming that.

    uh … “quoth wanumba.”

  20. What where we talking about again?

  21. “Scolding conservatives,” and conservatives not the least perturbed by sanctimonious scolding by self-absorbed milktoasts, AKA RHINOs.

  22. James Davidson says

    There is nothing hard about any of this. We conservatives should make our case to the voters — boldly with no pale colors, as President Reagan said. At the same time we should follow President Reagan’s “11th Commandment” and not speak ill of fellow Republicans. Argue it out on principle and policy — but with a smile or a jest, as the great President himself did. Recall his, “There you go again,” to Carter, or his, “I will not exploit for partisan purposes my opponent’s youth and inexperience,” to Mondale. That’s why Reagan won and Goldwater didn’t.

    We do not need to abandon principle — that is the sure way to lose. Yet we do not need to kick anyone out. There is always time to bring back prodigal RINOs into the fold.

  23. James, Well thought out. My one concern, exactly how would we bring RINO’s back intothe fold? Let us use John McCain as an example. After his loss in 2008, he is now out trying to “reshape” th party in his image.
    As I pointd out in my psot, he was the LOSER. Shouldn’t he now be thinking what in my campaign worked and let us build on that? One would think so…. Instead he continues to carry on as if nothing happened, as if the pounding he took in the general election was no big deal. Judging from other articles I’ve read on McCain [and the GOP] they honestlly believe thatthe voters are the problem, not their policies or moderate philosophy. So all the Americans that showed up at multiple events throughout the summer and up just this last week are the problem. They’re right, we’re wrong. How do we fix that?

  24. James Davidson says



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