Life is a miracle.

Here is an amazing story about a baby born weighing 10 ounces who is now going home from the hospital.

An AP article on Yahoo News has some photos.


  1. Something we both believe in – the miracle of life and the Power of God. Isn’t He wonderful?

  2. This is so much more than man can explain or begin to take credit for… He is good.

  3. “Power of God”–and a LOT of technology.

    It IS amazing. This little one will be especially appreciated by her parents for her fight to survive.

    However, what was the hospital bill for 4-months of care? $100K? $200K? Who is paying the bill? If the parents had had to foot the bill, would they perhaps have considered adopting one of the thousands of babies/children already alive who need a home?

  4. Such a question can only be asked ahead of time and not at the moment such decisions are presented to you. I am sure these parents had no idea their child would need to be born so early. When a pregnancy takes such a terrible turn you feel the need to fight for the life inside of you. This baby survived to receive care because of the manner of her birth. The C-section prevented the terrible head trauma of vaginal delivery babies experience at that age.

    The knowledge that you have a live, healthy baby growing inside of you but because of circumstances it must be born….only to know the very act of giving birth will cause terrible injury resulting in death. For a mother, the feeling of betrayal knowing her very body that has nurtured and cared for this precious gift will now, most certainly, cause its death; that is something no one should ever have to experience. Given the reality that your baby is very healthy and without defect but the mother’s body has a problem, in such a moment the thought of cost of treatment comes no where near the value of life.

  5. It’s not like the parents were making such adecision; shoud we adopt or spend our neighbors’ hard earned money?

    The baby was born and she needed the care, and she had the gumption to fight for her life.

    God Bless this wonderful child!!

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