Liberty’s Apothecary lambastes Goldwater Institute for misleading report on public official self-promotion

Wow. We were going to analyze this report ourselves, but since Liberty’s Apothecary beat us to the punch with extensive coverage focusing on the section about County Attorney Thomas, we’ll direct readers there.


  1. Sam Fitch says

    Yet again Chewie, the no reading, no facts.
    If you bothered to read the report like I just did; you would see that Thomas accounted for well over half of all the shameless self promoting that went on and Goddard account for less than 5%. Seems pretty open and shut.
    Thomas accounted for well over 2.5 million dollars of money spent. Goddard spent $87,000. Pretty stark.

  2. Grumpy Gus says

    When the Goldwater Institute stops being a non-profit entity (subsidized by tax deductions) I’ll listen to their arguments against politicians who lawfully use the resources available to them.

  3. Goddard needs an ear tuck.

  4. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    Grumpy Gus how can you be in favor of politicians who abuse the priviledges given to them? Self-promotion on the tax payers dime is shameful and creates an unfair advantage for incumbent candidates. How are challenging candidates supposed to compete with slimy politicians that are enhancing their public image with taxpayer funds? The answer is, they can’t. The same thing goes on with the “franking priviledge” in Congress. This is disgusting.

  5. One of the interesting things about some of the liberal webpages I visit is that they are just as likely to call out corrupt Democrats as they are Republicans. If you want to find out the latest scandal that Congressman John Murtha is involved in, for example, is a great site to see the lastest dirt on this liberal D. So why are conservative blogs so reluctant to hold republican officerholders to the same standards we expect of everyone else? The Goldwater report calls out Naplitano, Goddard, Democrat Scottsdale mayor Mary Manross, RINO Chandler Mayor Boyd Dunn, but the only response from this side of the aisle is victimization that a conservative is included, even though his items are just a signficant as the others. As long as we are apologists for wrongdoers wearing the R brand, no one is going to take us seriously.

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