Liberty is Free Not Cheap

by Gayle Plato


When we were all kids, teenagers wanting to gulp down the cup of life, we all longed for love.  Hearts beat with a passion for the unknown and a sense of self. We want to find love because there’s a moral imperative to know who we are.  Love is a shining light peering in to the holy alliance of a higher power, personal moral righting, and one’s earthly purpose.


Hopefully God blesses each of us with Love’s window into the soul.  As we mature, there is realism that Love is more than a desire for a significant other. Love’s beam of light through the window splits into a fractal of prismatic color. We learn to love in the abstract.  Soldiers talk of the moment, when on foreign soil, a deep ache, a want for America swells. There’s no place like home, and that love of one’s country is a mature love. Our love of God twinkles like a star on any given day, but can super nova in bursting awe as we see our newborn, during a personal epiphany, or even in quiet prayer.


Love of Liberty comes to each American, with Godspeed and deep regard. Sadly, it takes her threatened fate to awaken a protective love for Liberty.  So are we organizing at these rallies, tea party protests, town halls, and coffee chats with like minds because some big head told us so? NO.  Passion of this level cannot be conjured or bought. Whoring feigned devotion does not play with conservative souls.  When we give of our time, our hearts, our good names, we know what we give.  Our word means something.


Liberty is not for sale no more than love can be bought.  You can manufacture mourners, or pay goons for a beat down. You can buy trophy tarts or roll cause-induced celebrity cheerleaders on the liberal Astroturf.  Liberty is free for all true of heart, but she is not cheap.


Our Child Liberty is at-risk and the conservative souls feel you coming like registered predators released from the slammer.  Get this straight- our Child Liberty stands safely behind every single parent of freedom.  We owe it to our forefathers, who passed custodial rights of Liberty on, to stand beside her, and guide through the night with the light from above.



  1. I see you are against “government takeover” of health care.

    Do you consider Medicare “government takeover”?

    And since you must be a senior citizen, given the nature of your posts, are you on Medicare?

    I thought so.

  2. Gayle Rightwoman says

    Smile—I told you before, I’m in 8th grade!! Oh and BTW, I actually do consider Medicare Gov’t takeover.

    I sound like a senior citizen huh? I love my 70+ year old parents, miss my grandparents, I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you Richy, I am touched by that great honor. Do you know the song Old and Wise by Allan Parsons Project?

    Gotta go—time to stand up today.

  3. Well, the fear of health insurance companies losing some of their profits has certainly awoken the “love of Liberty.”

    I am starting to think this is going to be the final thing to crack the GOP. You even have right-wing conservatives like Bob Inglis pointing out some basic fallacies and getting shouted down. Speaking of Glenn Beck, he said “Turn that television off when he comes on. Let me tell you why. You want to know why? He’s trading on fear.” A person can’t even speak a basic truth without getting booed by the teabaggers.

  4. kralmajales says


    You consider Medicare government takeover? Are you serious? Do you have any idea why we have it? It is because the freedom of our precious elders was being denied by the very people that you THINK would actually ensure them…and the very people behind this so called citizens uprising.

    So you actually believe that the market would provide elderly affordable insurance…or insurance at all…if we were to cut off Medicare? You have to NUTS to believe that.

    Just what about your freedom has been encroached upon by government? The ability for you to drive your car on road each day? The ability to go to a restaurant without having to worry if you will get sick? The ability to turn on your damned faucet and have water come out? The ability for that water to be potable and drinkable…and safe?

    These things are also freedom and make us free to LIVE.

    Gayle or Rightwoman or whomever you are, I hope to god you really arent a teacher because your teaching an unworkable philosophy.

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    I’m beginning to wonder if certain conservative blogs aren’t assigned to liberal lefty patchouli oil reeking half-wits like those commenting here who constantly display their only mode of ops, to attack while flinging meaningless labels at their opponents. They obviously are incapable of independent thought.

    Later in the week, I’ll provide the name of the individual quite involved in drafting this health care nightmare and demonstrate that they’ve been working on this *progressive* idea since at least 1992.

  6. Kral J, Richy,Toddy- I have this strange image of the three of you as the Blue-man Crew. Odd. You would have been baffo at the Code Blue rally too!

    We even had a dude as dressed as Ninja.. it rocked. Whenever I feel blue, I have my blue man crew to cheer me up. You make me feel so special and I dig that about ya.

  7. kralmajales says

    Im glad you love us. But didn’t answer my question about Medicare and why we have it…and why none of you will oppose it because most Senior are on it.

  8. Gayle Rightwoman says

    I oppose it and will address why: Americans need to be able to purchase and control their care. I was impressed with how concisely Shadegg talked of just that.

    All Americans, including those currently on Medicare, deserve to be in charge of choice and at least have the same amount of control as we do over our auto insurance. Competition creates quality and lower price. If you need proof of that, I recommend you read more than the talking points you’re being sent.

    You also assume all conservatives that complain of over taxation, no representation, want no programming nor infrastructure. Why is it that the wealthiest Democrats contribute the least to charity? Why do they consistently take advantage of all of
    I tire of the lack of depth and subtlety of thought from you that sit on the blogs. Are any of you paid to sit? I mean of course not; you’re not organized by a troll patrols–

  9. Veritas Vincit,
    Do you understand you just did in your post what you wrongly accuse others of doing?

    I also can already predict what you are going to write about. I certainly hope you double-check your quotes because if you use them out of context or misrepresent there meaning it will be a willful attempt to mislead.

  10. Gayle Rightwoman says

    A piece of my comment dropped off there I dunno why– I wrote Why do they consistently take advantage of all TAX Credits conservative officials create? Why don’t democrats offer to pay extra taxes then and pay into the system? You can ALWAYS pay more those of you that love the big central command. Blue Men, do you offer to pay EXTRA to keep the big wheel turnin’?

  11. Gayle,
    What are you talking about?

  12. kralmajales says

    Look Gayle,

    The reason we have Medicare is that the market fails to deliver healthcare to the ederly and at a cost anyone could afford. There WAS an attempt by the market to provide it…and it didn’t. The fact is that no insurance company would cover the elderly at low enough rates when they could kick at any moment, but hospitalized at any moment, and given that their healthcare costs more than anyone elses. In fact, without law…YES GOVT…we couldnt even prevent them from dropping them when they did get a heart condition.

    Every senior in America, every caregiver of the elderly, and every person that thinks they might one day make it to 65 should pray and thank god that men and women in govt created Medicare.

  13. Veritas Vincit says

    kralma, too many folks I know are in their 70’s and aren’t on Medicare. In fact they have very good health care insurance.

    So your premise is incorrect. Do some research and determine how many elderly actually need Medicare versus how many simply are enrolled because it supplements what they already have.

    Next, find out how much lower health care costs would be IF malpractice lawsuits were capped, Urgent Care centers took the place of ERs, and medical schools actually opened enrollment to those who can qualify academically.

    Those 3 simple actions would lower health care considerably.

    The 3rd largest employer in the WORLD is the Department of Health in the UK. And the majority of the employees are not doctors either.

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