Liberal Women Dominate Arizona Legislature

Ann Coulter - Conservative Goddess

Today the Republic reported on the estrogenic composition of the Arizona Legislature ranking it as having the fourth highest ratio of women in legislative office. This term in the Senate, women hold 13 of 30 Senate seats (43.3%) while in the House, 18 of 60 seats (30%) are occupied by women.

What the Republic did not mention is the idealogical composure of these women. A quick review gives liberal women domination over conservative women by 69% in the Senate and 72% in the House.

This should be a call to conservative women across the state to consider running for office next year.


  1. Roger Thompson says

    Good advice! And we need to make sure we rally behind those candidates to get out the vote. It is also imperative to understand that merely having an “R” besides one’s name is not necessarily a reliable indicator of true Republican credentials.

    We’re all aware of those who have become “instant Republicans” just prior to filing for elective office. There are also those who hold office as Republicans yet vote with the Democrats and Napolitano on issue after issue.

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    So now that its somehow back on the main page of the blog, how can we turn off the FoxNews Duncan Hunter story? That is just plain annoying! Nice to have the link, but we should have to press play to listen to it.

    Save us Obi-Wan, you’re the only one who can!

  3. Wait a minute. Remember this hack job last month from the Republic

    I thought the legislature was a good ol’ boys club.

    By the way, one of the good, conservative Republican women you are talking about was thrown under the bus by some bloggers on this website last month. Laura Knaperak is a conservative to the core. She is missed in the legislature.

  4. Please, stop with the pity party for Knaperek. She got what she gave, attack politics. BTW, she was not that conservative anyway. Her rating for 2006 from the Goldwater Institute was only a C (raw overall score was a 55.) That put her in the bottom half of the party.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Knaperek compared to the Democrat who replaced her is definitely missed. Her conduct in the race for State Chairman will not be. In her re-election she deserved better. For her shameful attacks on our State Chairman she deserved worse.

  6. There is a tremendous void because of Knaperek’s absence…especially when it comes to CPS matters. Her loss is has impacted many, both legislators and families of AZ.

  7. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Then Knaperek should stay involved with those issues and keep her fellow legislators up to date on those issues. She isn’t required to stop carrying about them or doing anything about them just because she isn’t getting a per diem… Call Laura up and get her back involved!

  8. Laura Knaperak was completely out of touch with D17.

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