Liberal AZ Republic columnist E.J. Montini calls fed investigations of Arpaio a “witchhunt”

When left wing Arpaio-hater E.J. Montini is calling investigations of Sheriff Arpaio a witchhunt, agreeing with those of us on the right, there’s gotta be something to it.

Some excerpts –

They philosophically disagree with Arpaio’s use of deputies to enforce immigration law aggressively. A lot of folks do. But to suggest that he has acted with blatant disregard for people’s civil rights or worse? That’s a stretch.

Opponents don’t like sheriff’s deputies using traffic violations as probable cause to stop a vehicle and then questioning those inside about immigration. Still, not liking such a practice and suggesting that it’s illegal are two widely different things. Cops use traffic violations to nab all types of bad guys. (Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was captured after being stopped for not having a license plate on his getaway car.)

If Arpaio’s policy is to be changed, it should be through an election, not with a politically motivated mob. You can’t catch a witch by making a pact with the devil.


  1. Iris Lynch says

    Happiest I have been all day!

  2. I think EJ might know his days at the Rep are numbered and he is seeing if he writes some nice things about Joe that Joe will hire him for his publicity team.

  3. I’ve personally heard a sheriff’s deputy brag about winning a contest they held on Christmas day for being the first to arrest someone named “Jesus.” Does that count as racial profiling?

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