Liberal Advocacy Groups Hiring!


Gotta love this. Here’s an ad running on the Phoenix Craig’s List by The Fund for the Public Interest which is hiring individuals to, “Join motivated staff here in City working to make change happen.”


The position pays $300 to $500 per week.

Hmmmm… That’s between $15,600 – $26,000 per year before taxes are even taken out.  ($14,406 – $24,011 with just the FICA paid). That opens up an entire different discussion on “living wage” – a public policy push that even liberal advocacy groups are not willing to practice.

According to the ad:

Now is our chance to repower America.

Change is in the air. And we know that to revive our economy, we need to rebuild on a sound foundation—one that puts people back to work, contributes to long-term prosperity, and protects our environment. We can renew our country, and our economy, with clean, renewable energy.

But when that prospective job seeker reads the footer at the bottom of the page or clicks on the link, “,” they get swept off to the Boston-based Fund for the Public Interest website with a lead-in flash file of a beaming President Obama posing with the masses.


I decided to find out what The Fund for the Public Interests was all about so I clicked on their “About Us” link and found the following information:

Fund For The Public Interest is a national nonprofit organization working to increase the visibility, membership and political power of the nation’s leading environmental and progressive groups.

The Fund was launched in 1982 to develop campaigns and technologies to engage Americans in public interest advocacy efforts. Through our fundraising and non-fundraising canvasses, we’ve gathered over 20 million petition signatures over the past 25 years and raised over $20 million for our partner organizations in the last year alone.

Current Fund partners like Sierra Club and Human Rights Campaign are expanding their donor base and passing tougher legislation against air pollution, forest clear-cutting, hate crimes, and special interest money in politics. We owe our success to the fusion of our staff’s grassroots organizing experience, cost-conscious attitude and work ethic with our partner groups’ issue expertise, initiative and vision.

We’re best known for our canvass programs. Over the years we’ve developed the nation’s largest and most effective network for door-to-door and street canvassing—signing up members in high traffic, public places. We sign up sustainers—members who commit to automatic monthly contributions from a checking account or credit card—as well as one-time contributors. We are also one of the nation’s most prolific signature gathering operations. We have pioneered other creative outreach methods, like canvassing at concerts and gay pride festivals.

So basically this organization is a door-to-door political organization pushing for environmental and homosexual rights causes. I’m guessing that they’re pretty selective about who’s door they knock on and will use the voter registration file to target Democrats and Independents who they think may sign up for their cause and to make automatic monthly credit/debit card donations. In essence, they’re a grassroots fundraising machine for liberal causes.

This begs the question, when was the last time you had someone from a conservative organization knock on your door and ask you to donate money to save unborn babies, social security or solders in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Yes, they’re prettysmart when it comes to exploiting the cheapest labor pool. If you look at their ad, it’s geared to a younger demographic. I even bet they’re down on the ASU campus right now recruiting your young idealistic sons and daughters to go door to door for the Progressive Movement’s multi-pronged liberal agenda.

That leads me to a few questions. What are you going to do if they knock on your door? Are you going to chase them off or will you invite them in and educate them (not to be confused with indoctrination)? What else are you going to do to put your money where your mouth is? Will you get out and participate in the political process and make sure that the conservative viewpoint is not silent? What about funding the conservative movement? Are you going to sit down tonight and commit to monthly donate to your favorite conservative cause?

This is a battle folks and liberal “progressives” have figured out how to organize the community.

Will you do the same?


  1. DSW – This is like David Judd and the guy in the polar bear suit – looks like one thing but its really another!

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