Leonard Clark wants to recall Carl Seel

Fresh from the Secretary of State’s Office, here is the latest moronic attempt by one Leonard Clark:

Mr. Clark obviously does not hold back how he really feels about Representative Seel when he calls him a racist and fascist for his “behavior against our President!”

Clark, who is a K-8 music teacher has given money to Democratic candidates including Paul Newman, Sandra Kennedy and District 6 Democrats, the same district Carl Seel represents.

Successful recall campaigns are very rare and with potential presidential candidates like Donald Trump firing up the electorate over the legitimacy validity of President Obama’s birth certificate, Clark’s recall effort is likely to fail in a heavily registered Republican district like LD-6.

Representative Carl Seel ought to take advantage of Mr. Clark’s futile recall effort and hold a fundraiser every week until the next election. Hell, The Carl ought to invite The Donald back to Arizona where they can explain the importance of following the US Constitution to the spirit and the letter of the law.



  1. Does Leonard, he of the recall Senator Kyl movement, need mental help?

  2. New River Nate says

    poor Leonard…Rep. Seel is the 2010 #1 ranked legislator with the very conservative PAChyderm Coalition, The Goldwater Institute AND Americans for Prosperity-Arizona. Clark may have better luck recalling Sheriff Joe : )

  3. Nordine Crub says

    Here’s what Governor Brewer thought of Rep Seel’s birthed bill…..VETO! You go girl! Love the Guv!

  4. Oberserve says

    Carl Seel believes citizens should have to present national id to travel, go to school, bank, get medical care or “buy or sell”, etc. That doesn’t make him a strong constitutional conservative, but quite the contrary. He’s carrying water for the Clintons whether he intends to or not.

  5. Carnelian Saloon says

    @Oberserve, Are you OK with allowing anyone to vote or run for public office without any US citizenship requirements?

    • Oberserve says

      Absolutely not.

      However, I don’t believe that Trump cares. He’s out to get some exposure and $$$ before he “finds” the “real” birth certificate, just like the author of this post says.

      If you think Trump is for real, well then you’re going to be the most disappointed when he sells out the “conservatives” he mislead.

  6. Carnelian Saloon = Carl Seel. It’s eponymously onomonopoetic.

    Speaking of Star Wars, the purpose of a native-born president is to prevent foreign allegiances from overtaking US interests. Hence, no Catholics or Jews allowed to run the White House. Well, that’s the spirit of the law, historically. In fact, it wasn’t until Seel was elected that people started talking seriously about keeping aliens from outer space off the ballot.

  7. Mary Adams says

    Rep. Seel lied his ass off on the House floor: http://azleg.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=13&clip_id=9183 Starts at the 9:30 mark. He should be recalled.

    His Lies:
    1. Only natural born citizens can get a top secret security clearance. – No. Think Madeleine Albright and Henry Kissinger.

    2. The bill applies to ALL candidates (no, the BC part ONLY applies to Presidential candidates).

    3. The list of secondary documents is used by the DOD in the absence of a “long form” BC – no, they are used to validate a DELAYED registration of birth

    4 .The list of secondary documents is the same as those DOD accepts for a top security clearance – no, he left out all of those that we know Obama has…

    5. It is not aimed at Obama. It clearly is. The DOD will accept a passport and even newspaper announcements among other things. Seel didn’t include any of the much more reliable documents that we know Obama has.


    No one fact checked him. They just took him at his lying word.

    Thanks for the info on Mr. Clark. I will be donating to his cause.

  8. Someone donate a dictionary.
    What IS it with MORE Democrat Angry White Males?

  9. Sandra Hershey says

    So-called top ranked state senator Carl Seel is an embarrassment to all Arizonans. He expects AZ citizens to swallow his story that he dropped the bill he was introducing to require all lenders foreclosing in AZ to show a chain of title for the mortgages because it wasn’t relevant any longer? Yet, two days earlier Ocwen Mortgage gave Seel a principle reduction of $100,000 and a reduced interest rate on the $80,000+ left on his loan. If that is not a pay off, I don’t know what is, because nobody…nobody…nobody gets a principle reduction! This man should be recalled!

  10. Austin James says

    All these people sticking up for the guy are just his different internet profiles!

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