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Len Munsil: A Genuine Opportunity for Republicans

Len Munsil: A Genuine Opportunity for Republicans

April 19, 2006 

Len Munsil: A Genuine Opportunity for Republicans

By Carol Turoff

The next Governor of ArizonaArizonans are increasingly aware of the degree to which they are disregarded by liberal Governor Janet Napolitano. While talking tough on issues, this premier obstructionist now holds the dubious honor of having rejected more bills than any of her predecessors since Arizona’s statehood. Fortunately, an accomplished alternative, Len Munsil, is now available to voters. 

The gubernatorial campaign sweeping like a wildfire through Arizona’s political landscape is causing usually blasé heads to turn.

Len Munsil has, in record time, collected the necessary petition signatures and the $5 donations required by Arizona’s Clean Elections law. Speeding past his three active Republican opponents, he is the first to qualify, not only in this election cycle—but in Arizona history.

Munsil, a third-generation Arizonan, has accomplished this Herculean task without using the paid circulators or union operatives upon which other campaigns are dependent. The grassroots base of volunteer supporters he has amassed, know him not from the political realm, but from his years at the helm of The Center for Arizona Policy, a nationally recognized, influential public policy and pro-family organization he helped found. His email updates, numerous public appearances and daily statewide radio messages during his tenure as president and general counsel of the organization have given him a level of prominence other candidates could only hope for.

Although he has never previously served in public office, Munsil, 42, is no novice to the halls of government. As a lawyer, he has been licensed to practice for 17 years and has authored numerous amicus curiae briefs for the U.S. Supreme Court. Appointed by Gov. Fife Symington to the Arizona Juvenile Justice Advisory Council, he has lobbied successfully on behalf of issues directly impacting Arizona’s families.

Both Munsil and his wife, Tracy, were named Outstanding Journalism Graduates of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. Tracy, a summa cum laude graduate of ASU, with a Master’s Degree in Political Science, later worked as a political media consultant. In addition to home schooling their eight children for numerous years, Tracy has served as Director of Research and Publications for the Center for Arizona Policy. This energetic and faith-based duo is a team to reckon with. Successfully reaching out across the broad landscape of Arizona, they have brought together those of divergent backgrounds.

The dissatisfaction with the lack of leadership exhibited by Gov. Janet Napolitano is at major proportions. Armed with her veto pen, she routinely slashes through legislation that has passed out of both chambers of the state legislature. Arizonans are increasingly aware of the degree to which they are disregarded. Napolitano talks tough on issues concerning the influx of illegal immigrants entering our country in a post-9/11 world, yet she vetoes legislative measures to address citizen’s concerns. Her explosive budget remains unrestrained. The judicial appointments she has made, reflecting her liberal political bent, will impact Arizonans for generations to come.

Over the years, The Center for Arizona Policy dinners became notable not only for the nationally recognized figures who keynote the events, but also for the enormous crowds representing various religions, races and political affiliations. It is a testament to Len Munsil’s organizational skills and innate abilities that he has generated such enthusiastic support from a wide variety of people. With such a foundation of long-time allies underpinning his campaign, Munsil becomes the man to watch.

Napolitano is beloved by the laissez-faire and politically left-leaning daily press. The trick is in informing Arizona’s voters of the fact that real leadership in the governor’s office is now within their grasp.

Carol Turoff is a former two-term member of the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments. During her eight years on the commission, she participated in the selection of four of the five current Arizona Supreme Court Justices as well as 17 judges on both Division I and II of the Arizona Court of Appeals. Appointed by two governors, Turoff served with three chairing Supreme Court Justices.

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