Legislature Democrats Already Responding to a Brewer Administration

The Arizona Republic is attempting to paint a picture of what Arizona politics will look like when Republicans take control of the Executive branch along with the Legislature. Here are two quotes from two Democratic lawmakers:

“If (Napolitano) leaves, we’ll have a very different landscape than we did yesterday,” said incoming House Assistant Minority Leader Kyrsten Sinema, a Phoenix Democrat girding for Life After Janet. “It’s going to be very different.”

More blunt was state Sen. Ken Cheuvront, a Phoenix Democrat: “It’s going to be a travesty. We will have no one to stop the extremist legislation that inevitably will be put forward by the Republican majority.”

Sound familiar? Democrats are now starting to sound like Republicans who tried to warn the American people what Washington DC would like with Democrats in charge of the White House and both chambers of Congress. There’s one exception though. While Republicans actually do govern from a center right position, the Democrats in Washington are much more likely to govern from the far left.


  1. Except that the “right wing whacko” votes will be to keep expenditures in line with revenues–in other words to not spend more that what we’ve got. Wow, such extremeism.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    Does anyone take Kyrsten Sinema seriously?

    Insanity: appointing a governor who led her state into the deepest well of red ink in Arizona history to head up the federal government’s biggest, most powerful, money wasting agency in history.

    And the Democrats speak of Change???
    A Brewer Administration would be refreshing!

  3. James Davidson says

    What’s there to tear down? What does she have to show for the last six years? and for the $2 billion deficit?

    Here are a few things to consider: The Napolitano administration oversaw six years of huge increases in college tuition at ASU, UA, and NAU, putting college out of reach of many or saddling students with even more debt when they graduate. Are the professors making that much more money, or are we into empire building funded on the backs of the students?

    Let’s also not forget that her TIME initiative (may it R.I.P.) would have increased sales taxes, hitting the poor and middle class hardest.

    She has taken $60 million a year in federal funds earmarked for the Health Care District, and put it in the general fund. This is money that would have gone a long way towards improving the health of the working poor — the waitress, or secretary, or construction worker who makes too much for ACCCHS but not enough to afford insurance.

    What has she done for public schools? The key is to set higher standards and to return discipline, but she is not to be seen on this front.

    Is Child Protective Services any better run now than before? Doesn’t seem so to me.

    The Governor promised to help the middle class and the poor, and she did little for them.

    I hope I’m wrong in this judgment and someone can point to real accomplishments. I think she was well intentioned, but got little done.

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