Legislative District 6 Gone Wild

Mild-mannered legislative district 6 has broken out in political warfare. That’s because Carl Seel and Clancy Jayne are going after each other even before their names appear on the ballot.

Carl Seel has mounted a challenge to the number of signatures Clancy Jayne filed with the Secretary of State’s office. Seel claims that some 250+ signatures are invalid. Jayne filed a total of 556 signatures with a required minimum of 421. That leaves a total of 135 to be disqualified. Hmmm…  250>135 I guess that means Clancy’s gone.

However, Clancy Jayne is also challenging Carl Seel’s signatures. Let’s see, Carl Seel filed 1260 signatures. That means there must be 839 invalid signatures. Something tells me that ain’t gonna happen and from the looks of it, Clancy is up to defending his big problem by going on the offense against Seel. What makes this somewhat credible is that Jayne has hired Scott Williams, the attorney hired by John Allen in 2004 who was successful in disposing of RINO Deb Gullet. And that ain’t cheap. Either one of these guys is going to scream uncle or its going to get nasty.

Then there’s the challenge to the Senate candidate, Ted Carpenter, who really is a mild-mannered guy. Same requirements apply but Ted filed 759 signatures. (Only 338 invalid signatures to be disqualified.)

In this challenge, Carpenter is being challenged by an Anthem resident named Kay Klebba. A quick Google search reveals she is a mother and amateur writer who attends Fellowship Church of Anthem. The Secretary of State’s website also reveals that Klebba has never contributed to a political candidate. What little information is available leads one to believe what is Klebba’s motive in challenging Carpenter? Clancy and Carl can’t stand one another so it’s clear the motive in that race.

Personally, my favorite candidates are not even involved in the feuding. Pamela Gorman, one of my favorite legislators is sure to win this seat and continue doing the great work in the State Senate. I hope to see her go beyond the legislature and effect change as a strong conservative at other levels and for that she has my personal endorsement.

In the House race, the two strongest candidates are Sam Crump and Doug Clark who I believe will win the Primary and excel as top conservative champions in the legislature.


  1. Casual Observer says

    How can you say that Pamela Gorman is not involved. Boates and Crump is the firm representing this woman. Gorman, Crump and Clark are openly working together. Boates and Crump have never been in election laws prior to this cycle, so why now? Something is rotten in Denmark. As to the comment of Sam Crump and Doug Clark being the favorites, they have zero name ID outside of the Anthem area.

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