Left wing blog speculating on who will run in GOP gubernatorial primary

Blog for Arizona has a rather biased post listing potential GOP candidates for governor in 2010. We like how he refers to the conservative right of the GOP as “RINOs.” From a left wing perspective, I guess that makes sense. We’ve heard from inside sources that Brewer is not planning on running again, so it will be an open primary. Am told she knew when she advocated for a tax increase that she would no longer have a chance at winning election in 2010, which she was fine with, she didn’t intend on running.


  1. So Sonoran Alliance says “It will be an open primary”, eh?

    Time will tell what your prognostication skills are worth!

  2. Sonoran Alliance says

    Actually Chewie noted it but I did speculate on it. So yes, I will go out on a limb and make that prediction.

  3. Do we really think Brewer who has been involved in Arizona politics constantly since 1982 is just going to not run for governor?!?!

    This is her only real shot, I dont think there is any question in her mind she is running in the primary. What does a 64 year old woman have to lose?

  4. Simon says: says

    She’s running. She still has over a year to win back some of the base.

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    …told my bookie in Vegas to put a C note on an open primary. There are insiders who know why.

  6. Veritas I would love for someone to give me a reason why… This woman is 64 years old what does she care if the party establishment does’nt like her. In all likely her career is over after this if she does not win in 2010. She will be 66 by the time the election rolls around and unemployed if she steps aside this just makes no sense for her

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    Johnny, what does age have to do with anything? I’d much rather a *seasoned citizen* to someone green behind the ears.

    I know Jan, and she’s a top notch lady. I’m not impressed by some of her ‘advisers’ however. It is because of her trust that I suspect she’s being taken to the cleaners.

  8. Age has a lot to do with things when you are a politician. There are only so many chances you get to be governor. I dont see her turning it down this chance for anything. She has the opportunity to be governor for 10 years and then retire.

    If she steps aside now what does she do? If the party is really mad at her she might as well retire. That is why age is so important here.

    It would be like McCain stepping aside and not running for another term, would you expect him to do something else? The guy will be a senator till he loses or can’t physically do it anymore.

    Brewer is a career politican, she will do it till she loses or can’t do it anymore. And it is quite obvious she still thinks she can do it

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