LeAnn Hull for Phoenix Mayor Fundraiser

This just breaking on Facebook!

LeAnn Hull will be conducting a fundraiser in her bid for Mayor of Phoenix. In August, LeAnn lost her bid to win the GOP nomination for congress in CD-3. Now she’s thrown her hat in the ring for Mayor and conducting a fundraiser on Wednesday, December 1st at the Club E in Phoenix. The official Facebook fan page states:

LeAnn Hull will be speaking on the future of Phoenix. She will have the Phoenix Suns Managing Partner, Robert G. Sarver there too! So, come on out and cheer on LeAnn Hull!!!

Hull’s entry in the race now brings the list of GOP candidates to two following the recent announcement of Wes Gullet.


  1. It won’t take much to improve on Phil Gordon. Surely Hull is a nice person, it’s just that 2012 candidates need to consider a full assortment of opportunities for the public to learn about their suitability for an office—not just fundraisers. In the end, Phoenix needs a genuine mayor.

  2. Is LeAnn ready and available for meet and greets in Phoenix?

  3. LeAnn Hull finished with a mere 1.3% of the vote in her last race, for CD-3. 1.3%! She’s never been so much as a precinct committeeman. But, Hey…she’s pro-choice so I’m sure the RINOs are smacking their lips.

    Who writes for Sonoran Alliance now? The Horst Kraus fringe??

  4. If you need to wear a nametag you shouldn’t be running for office.

  5. Spin via implied endorsement says

    Just for the record, Sarver had already agreed and was scheduled to be the featured speaker for the regular monthly Club Entrepreneur meeting on that date weeks ago.

    The way this SA story reads it could “confuse” (aka mislead) people to think it is all about Hull’s bid for Mayor and Sarver is part of her fan club and is a speaker at HER fundraiser. I would be willing to bet that it is not the case.

    Having read the invite the club put out announcing that Sarver was the speaker for the evening and what he would be speaking about it made no mention of Hull and seems to have nothing to do with a Mayoral bid.

    As I understand it, she has been a regular attendee at the meetings. My guess is Peter who started “Club E” has agreed to either let her piggyback off of the date and slip in a pre or post fundraiser hoping Sarver’s name will help backfill attendance -or-
    more likley, Sarver is going to get blindsided and slapped with a “Hull for Mayor” vanity sticker on is lapel when he walks in.

    Good luck with that one……

  6. Spin via implied endorsement says

    See Below – “Mission Creep Alert” reading your headline this has now been turned into a Fundraiser for Hull ? Come on guys Geez-

    Club E Monthly Meeting W/ Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver
    Peter J. Burns III invited you · Share · Public Event


    Location Club E Office
    300 W Osborn Rd., Ste 300
    Phoenix, AZ


    Created By Club Entrepreneur


    More Info Join us at 5:00 for our final monthly meeting of the year featuring Phoenix Suns Managing Partner, Robert G. Sarver. Also speaking on the future of Phoenix is LeAnn Hull.

  7. LeAnn Hull ran a horrible campaign for the congressional seat in CD3. She’s never been involved in politics before. She knows nothing of the issues. This story is a joke – and so is LeAnn Hull as a candidate for anythingl.

  8. Let the GAMES begin…

  9. You know I find it interesting that when I reply to the comments, the Sonoran Alliance requires that I state my name. How is it that it allows comments from people who hide behind some handle like “ITGuy”,”Spin via endorsement”, etc.? Are these people afraid to put their real name on the junk that they write? I think so. LeAnn is a promising candidate and better than anyone currently declared or than any of those thinking about it. Club E is behind her and actually suggested that she announce at this monthly meeting many many weeks ago so there is no after thought here. Actually, this is a formal announcement of her campaign and not a fund raiser. Of course any of the Club E members that wish to contribute are welcome to do so. LeAnn is their candidate and promises to open Phoenix up to a business friendly city, eliminate red tape, taxes, etc. Unless you have not noticed, Phoenix is in terrible stress with foreclosures, closed business, high taxes, high water fees, high airport fees, high everything…but jobs for it’s people. Who better to run than a small business person…another recycled council person? I think not. Oh…maybe a politically connected McCainite perhaps. By the way LeAnn’s campaign headquarters are….get this…at Club E!

  10. RogerRamjet says

    Wes Harris – the campaign chair and reigning head of the North Tea Party – the same man who backed Maria RINO Baier.
    Mrs. Hull is probably a nice lady. She has no history of involvement with the City. No city committees, no commission, no neighborhood groups. Oh, just like Maria Baier. She is not the sister to the fire chief (who was the roommate to the union preisdent), so no Firefighter union endorsement (oh, but they are broke because one of their presidents, according to the news, walked off with about $130,000 of their money). Hull couldn’t raise squat for a Congress run – and if Tea Bagger Harris had checked – he’d know that a Mayor’s race is only about, let’s see, $800,000 or more. Yep, I’m impressed.

  11. I’m not certain why there are so many negative comments about someone who choses to serve in a public position as far as I know and I have talked to her about a coupld of issues that bothered some such as 1070 and right to life she’s cleared that up. I hope we don’t continue to eat our young in this non partisan race at least it’s supposed to be, there are certain to be issues in the race that will make their way to the front and then lets decide one by one. If the only thing you need to run is name ID or Funds well then most citizen candidates wouldn’t win and I seem to recall a few did so let give the Lady a chance and see how she stands on issues before we decide to eat her alive and by the way I’ll be having her on our shows hopefully and then all of you may callin and ask questions. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

  12. Since the topic was introduced, no doubt with the knowledge of LeAnn and her advisors, perhaps she could post a response on the list outlining her positions and what she would prioritize as mayor!

    We sure don’t need a feminine version of Phil Gordon!

    Lee Ann: The ball’s in your court!

  13. Marcus Kelley says

    I’ve spoken with Van about LeAnn before and I’m going to respectfully disagree with Van. He knows my position on her: she’s pro-death, pro-amnesty, can’t fund-raise, the lack of fundraising shows a lack of measurable support, she’s surrounding herself with all the wrong people, and she doesn’t know it, but she’s already dead in the water against the likes of Wes Gullet.

    At least 4 other Congressional candidates in CD 3, including, I believe, Pam Gorman and Dr. Bob Branch, all heard Hull say she’s pro-“choice” during the interview with the Arizona Republic. I believe Pam Gorman counseled a tearful Hull that if she’s really pro-choice, she needs to stand by her convictions. So, on mor ethan one occastion, Hull has stated her pro-death position.

    Usually, when a candidate says something at one point, then says the opposite later, we call then a “flip-flopper” and even if they’ve had a “conversion,” we regard them with some suspicion (a la Mitt Romney at least on the life issue). So, if Hull has had a conversion, she’s got quite the row to hoe with me to prove she’s really pro-Life.

    That brings up another point, let’s say she is pro-Life. If so, why in the world would she say the opposite previously? Does she have a tin ear? Dangerous for a politician. Just ask Mayor Winkler how far saying Flake was “dead on” on immigration issues to the Ariz. Republican Assembly got him. Politicians need to know their audiences and at least tailor their message. LeAnn apparently can’t. If she doesn’t have a tin ear and she just doesn’t understand the definition of “pro-life,” then she’s incredibly naive. Either way, tin ear or politicially naive, it’s dangerous.

    Continuing on the pro-life issue, LeAnn attended the recent Center for Arizona Policy event with Hugh Hewitt. Considering her pro-death pronouncements, I found it HIGHLY hypocritical and cynical for LeAnn to show her face there. She’s clearly trying desperately to be in campaign mode.

    She’s also pro-amnesty. I truly like Van, but I can’t understand his defense of LeAnn. He’s heard less from other candidates and stood strongly against them, yet he seems to take a shine to her and is willing to cut her slack. I interviewed LeAnn on Grassroots Interviews. I directly asked her if she was pro-amnesty. She said no, then ended with teh statement that there needed to be a path to citizenship for illegals. Um, that IS amnesty!

    LeAnn was a construction contractor. Anti-illegal immigration activists understand that the construction industry LOVES cheap labor. They’re the ones making early morning drive-bys to locations where illegals congregate seeking work to pick up cheap, under-the-table day laborers. LeAnn worked in that industry, so, I can understand where she’s coming from if she’s pro-amnesty. Van has staunchly defended his stance on candidates before by saying something along the lines of he didn’t hallucinate when he heard a candidate say something, and, respectfully, I didn’t mis-hear LeAnn either.

    So, again, the definitions issue pops-up. Did LeAnn not understand what she said when she said she supports a “path to citizenship”? If so, it goes back to political naivete. Again, this is disasterous for a candidate and LeAnn is a disaster.

    Why is immigration so important? First, if 20 million illegals suddenly become citizens, not only will they vote Democrat and it will FOREVER ensure that this nation will slouch it’s way into a socialist hell, but it also means that the Democrats will allow abortions to continue unabated.

    There’s three other issues that need to be addressed. First, LeAnn has a ZERO ability to fund-raise. I bet she nets next to nothing during this campaign. Anybody with a lick of sense knows she’s already toast against the likes of Wes Gullet (I’ll address that traitor in a subsequent paragraph). Rumor has it that the moderate wackjobs Wes Harris and Ellis Baxter are claiming they’re going to raise her a million dollars. Yeah, and monkeys might fly out my rear.

    Second, LeAnn is surrounding herself with all the wrong people. She has Wes Harris and Ellis Baxter supporting her. I’m 1000% sympathetic to the TEA Party movement. I’ve been urging them to become Republican PCs and take the party over from the inside. The Republicans DESPERATELY need the moderates in leadership positions to be thrown out and I believe teh TEA Partiers are the answer. That being said, Wes Harris and Ellis Baxter, if you’ve been watching politics, are absolutely the wrong people to lead the TEA Partiers. First, Wes Harris is a moderate at best. He defends tooth-and-nail RINOs like Horst Kraus. If Wes were a true TEA Partier at heart, he wouldn’t be demanding less taxation and government in one sentence, then embracing those who support the establishment the next. Wes is EXACTLY the type of person that makes the cynics who say there’s no difference between the Demipublicans and the Republicrats absolutely dead on in their assessment. Wes is also a terribly disruptive individual. When he was participating in the Arizona 2010 Project, he did nothing but make ridiculous “motion” after ridiculous motion. The bureaucratization of the North Phoenix TEA Party should also be a sign to TEA Partiers that Wes isn’t really a TEA Partier at heart. Wes also recently ran for a leadership position in LD 6. One LD 6 PC described Wes as someone who just “doesn’t get it.” Should a candidate have inner circle campaign individuals who “don’t get it”? Or should they have astute and crack staff?

    LeAnn has also embraced Ellis Baxter. Baxter is a huckster. He sells candidates that he’s a wiz and offers them pie-in-the-sky hopes, then never delivers. Suspicionn is that Baxter is also on the run from his disasterous dealing in Georgia. If so, he could be a political liability for Hull. A politically astute candidate would never align herself with someone who could bring her really bad press. If LeAnn were smart, she’s dump Baxter like a hot potato.

    Third, LeAnn is a passionate woman and I can appreciate her passion, but it comes across as utter insanity. Take a look at her campaign “commercials” during her Congressional run. My favorite is the one of her sitting in the toilet flushing “money” down the toilet and her saying that Washington is doing the same. I agree with the sentimen, but in the commercial, LeAnn comes across as a stark raving loon. Again, politics is about appearances. The commercials look awful and could be used against her. While they could be used against her, they won’t. Let me assure you that Wes Gullet is going to do what most astute front-runners with a comfortable lead do: ignore their impotent opponents.

    Look, I have absoultely NO desire to do Wes Gullet’s work for him, but Gullet is just gonna cream LeAnn Hull. Gullet used to be McCain’s campaign manager. That means he’s an astute guy with YEARS of political experience. I despise anyone connected to McCain because he’s a Democrat in Disguise, but lets face facts here, Gullet is a juggernaught compared to LeAnn Hull. Gullet has all the political connections he needs and the money will ust flow into his coffers while LeAnn will be a pauper on the streets begging for pennies in a tin can on the side of the road.

    Just like I’d rather bleed to death than cast a ballot for mcCain, i’ll never vote for Wes Gullet. That scumbag and his entire staff at First Strategic maxxed out to Ed Pastor THIS ELECTION CYCLE! That’s right folks, Wes and his crew, including Bettina Nava and Marcus dell’Artino, helped Ed Pastor beat Janet Contreras. By financing Ed pastor’s campaign, Wes Gullet ACTIVELY worked against a Republican candidate. And McCain had the unmitigated gall to claim that Janet wasn’t “on board” when I had the temerity to continue my attacks against McCain during the general election?! Utter hypocrisy, Mr. McCain!

    Hull will likely not get my vote for the reasons outlined above. I’ll never vote for Wes Gullet. Rumor has it that Sal DiCiccio may be considering a run, but when he ran for the CD 6 seat against Jeff Flake, Tom Liddy, Bert Tollefson Susan Bitter Smith and others, DiCiccio was clearly one of the more moderate candidates. That turns me off to DeCiccio as well. What we need is a real conservative. Who? No clue. I’ll make that decision in the next year as the Phoenix mayor election nears.

    In the end, Hull will get about the same 1% she got in CD 3. She’ll be unable to raise money and the buffoons she’s surrounded herself with will lead her to a lackluster campaign. With two losses under her belt, Hull will be dangerously close to looking like a perennial candidate and a perennial loser. Unless she makes some radical changes, that’s a pretty fitting assessment.

  14. Spin via implied endorsement says

    @ Van the radio man- I admire people who have the willingness to run for public office. One of the reasons I do is because in the process of declaring to run they open themselves up to both scrutiny and praise.

    @SA it is not a fundraiser for LeeAnn so change the headline to preserve some level of journalistic integrity

  15. My name is LeAnn Hull I would love to share my plans and positions with all of you. We will begin this process on Wed and for the next 10 months I will work to earn your trust and support. The website will be up soon. I welcome all of your helpful suggestions through this process. My goal is to serve my community with all my heart and skills. I will say that it is no surprise that politicians turn a deaf ear after listening to just a few of your uninformed, incorrect and mean spirited comments. We want “good” people to serve us and yet we tear them down before they even get started. Why not offer your input and support to make me the best possible candidate that I can be for you! FYI, I CHOSE to not fund raise as a matter of principle. Misguided as that may have been, at least I stood by it.I want to continue to listen to my fellow neighbors of this great city, Phoenix. I am still here trying to serve even though I lost the last race. Where are all of the other candidates after they lose? Some are here, but others have faded into the woodwork. Help me, don’t hinder me before you even really know who I am and what I stand for. A lot of what I read was nothing more than unfounded rumors perpetuated by frustrated armchair politicians.! I am here to stay and serve! See you Wed.
    PS. I had this event planned long before Sarver. I am excited to meet him and listen to what he has to say. I never liked riding piggyback anyway. I am more of a leader than a passenger!

  16. RealityCheck says

    From the facebook announcement for the Dec 1st event:

    LeAnn Hull for Phoenix Mayor Fundraiser

    “LeAnn Hull will be speaking on the future of Phoenix. She will have the Phoenix Suns Managing Partner, Robert G. Sarver there too! So, come on out and cheer on LeAnn Hull!!!”

    Sure sounds different from LeAnn’s statement above.

  17. Elmer Bringleson says

    Could someone tell me who was the last pro-life Mayor of Phoenix?

    And furthermore, does it really matter.

    Sometimes think some of the readers on here would vote for Mr Potatohead if they thought he was pro-life. Come on people focus on something other than fetuses.

  18. @LeAnn, I’m very disappointed to read, “I will say that it is no surprise that politicians turn a deaf ear after listening to just a few of your uninformed, incorrect and mean spirited comments.”

    First, having taken the initiative to video and document candidate interviews, Marcus Kelley has assumed an extremely important role in our election process. It’s unreasonable to lump his work or commentary together with truly uninformed opinion or “armchair” politicians.

    Second, many voters are fed up with Washington DC’s “deaf ear.” I find it incredible that you would validate that behavior with your remark. If a political candidate can’t handle his/her share of criticism, the answer is to retire, not become a perennial fixture who turns a deaf ear.

    Third, you are to be commended for your willingness to jump into the political arena, but let’s not mistake the goal. We are desperate for true conservative representation, not just “good” people. It isn’t our job to make you the best possible candidate you can be. Our job is to find out who you really are and make a decision about our support.

    To me, a person doesn’t have to be a seasoned politician to run for office, but certain things like poise and good judgement are non-negotiable. Answers like yours, lead to doubts about your suitability, and it’s not the public’s fault or responsibility to correct those doubts.

  19. LeAnn,
    What was your response to the AZ Republic editorial board when asked about the Life issue?

    Do you believe a pathway to citizenship for those in our country illegaly is appropriate?

    Are you a member of the LD-6 Republican Committee?

  20. I’ve spoken to Marcus and appreciate his points of view when it comes to the political scheme in our state and hope others do as well. My point is pure and simple to all let’s see what the lady has to say about these issues along with having a sanctuary city and will she work with Sheriff Joe. My points are simply to get a fix on what LeAnn Hull is going to run on and whether she’s grown from her last experience and then make a determination from there as to who the best qualified candidate is in my opinion. I realize being in the political field both Marcus and myself are in one has to have both passion and balance when it comes to issues and candidates and I’m hoping I still do. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

  21. ……………….
    Jane 001 Says:
    November 27th, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    @LeAnn, I’m very disappointed to read,

    “I will say that it is no surprise that politicians turn a deaf ear after listening to just a few of your uninformed, incorrect and mean spirited comments.”

    Ditto on Jane 001. Just one sentence from the candidate totally validated Marcus’s observations.

  22. @21 Wanumba,
    When it comes to validations, I value opinions by the measure of achievements of contributors to this BLOG as expressed in digits of financial or economical success in numbers or rank before the decimal point, and I will discount and deduct failures like foreclosures and bankruptcies by contributors to this BLOG whenever I can see who is behind the moniker.
    But I will be always fair in my judgment by comparison.
    I have read, and digested the past 21 posts concerning Ms. Hulls’ desire to serve her community, the City of Phoenix, in general and to lead it out of its current plight.
    By my own observation 50% of small business is suffering or dead already.
    Just take a ride around town and look at the “CLOSED” and “FOR RENT” signs in the small strip malls.
    I notice the echo chamber of the early dis- tractors; they fit the the foreclosure and bankruptcy jockeys mentioned above.
    Some, or most of them call themselves “Conservatives”
    Oh my Gawd don’t we have any better?

    I admit I do not know Ms. Hull all that well, but I have the feeling she has been at the same places I have found myself in years past, under the thumb of E.E.O. under the gun of organized Labor, at the mercy of dishonest Contractors or Vendors, under the clout of Bankers, and subject to Bureaucrats at any level.
    And she did survive. I applaud her for that.
    She may well be the best that can happen to the future economical scenario and to the growth of Phoenix ou of the ashes.
    Well, I don’t have a dog in the race in Phoenix’s politics, but I’ll watch it closely.
    As to the validation of Marcus’ observation; I will fairly evaluate them in comparison with the usefulness of a tit on a Bull.

  23. ……………………
    Horst Kraus Says:
    November 28th, 2010 at 8:40 pm
    @21 Wanumba,
    I admit I do not know Ms. Hull all that well

    Me neither. Pretyy much everything you observed about the state of Phoenix I agree with. But I am not projecting on to an unknown candidate what I think he or she will do, based on what I would do.

    I simply know I wouldn’t start my campaign with a tin ear like this:

    “I will say that it is no surprise that politicians turn a deaf ear after listening to just a few of your uninformed, incorrect and mean spirited comments.”

    That’s negative, whiny campaigning right out of the gate. And the tone of discourse at Sonoran Alliance is patty cakes Miss Prissy next to the spew of KOS, so how hard is it?

  24. Horst Kraus rides to Le Ann Hull’s defense? Perfect! Ask Steve Kaiser and David Braswell what great benefit it is to have Kraus cheering you on.

    Too good!

  25. @23 Wanumba,
    What have you got to offer?
    Any Whackydoodles from the Wachyderm Coalition?
    @LD7PC, Thanks for the wise crack. Is this all you can muster?
    Any suggestions?
    The current contingent of the so called Conservatiiiiiives is full of bankrupts.
    Pick your favorite poison you nut job.

  26. If anybody knows Le Ann Hull please see if she will answer #19.

    What was your response to the AZ Republic editorial board when asked about the Life issue?

    Do you believe a pathway to citizenship for those in our country illegaly is appropriate?

    Are you a member of the LD-6 Republican Committee?

  27. ……………………..
    Horst Kraus Says:
    November 28th, 2010 at 10:52 pm
    @23 Wanumba,
    What have you got to offer?
    Any Whackydoodles from the Wachyderm Coalition?

    What have I got to offer? I just noticed that Wikileaks just dumped State Department memos that PROVE the points I made MONTHS AGO here on Sonoran Alliance in a series about the Iranian threat – that the Arab states are far far more concerned about Iranian nuclear aggression, and that Iran already has the capabilities to hit European capitals – which results in an extremely dangerous instability in that entire region.

    As far as the current subject at hand in this thread goes, I have responded to you politely and refrained from resorting to attempts to inappropriately personalize the debate as you have. Do you really think you present yourself well responding to my comments as you did?

    It’s a cheap trick to make up stupid names and snotty insults when having nothing
    valid to say.

  28. I’m just glad Marcus got the phrase right. It is indeed “Row” to hoe NOT “Road” to hoe. How does one hoe a road anyway? always wondered that…..now you might be able to “Ho” a road, but that would require being on Van Buren. Again thanks Marcus for getting it right!

  29. ………………….

    3. Tortoise Says:
    November 26th, 2010 at 6:18 pm
    LeAnn Hull finished with a mere 1.3% of the vote in her last race, for CD-3. 1.3%! She’s never been so much as a precinct committeeman. But, Hey…she’s pro-choice so I’m sure the RINOs are smacking their lips.

    Who writes for Sonoran Alliance now? The Horst Kraus fringe??

    28 comments and counting but we’re just back to what #3 predicted. Uncanny. Or … perhaps … informed.

  30. RogerRamjet says

    None of you political soldiers understands there is a big difference between a city race and a state legislative race.
    Abortion does not figure. RINO vs D does not figure. It is about money from dirt merchants and biz Republicans, maybe some Dems. There is lots of cross over. Neighborhood NIMBYs prevail in these races.
    Maybe Harris is a smart guy. After all, he backed Maria Baier.

  31. Some of us understand city races just fine thanks.

    If anybody knows Le Ann Hull please see if she will answer #19.

    What was your response to the AZ Republic editorial board when asked about the Life issue? Will a Hull administration tighten or loosen zoning restrictions on death mills?

    Do you believe a pathway to citizenship for those in our country illegaly is appropriate? Will Hull, like Gordon, fight for sanctuary policies?

    Are you a member of the LD-6 Republican Committee? Is Hull honest? “A member of
    LD-6” per Wes Harris campaign piece.

  32. Marcus, Thank you for your great “heads-up” re. Le Ann Hull and her positions on the issues. Thanks to your info. Hull and Harris have been asked three honest questions and they have refused to answer them. What was her answer to the AZ Republic editorial board on abortion? Does she favor amnesty for illegals? Was Wes Harris lying in his campaign piece that Le Ann Hull “is a member of LD-6?”

    They have refused to answer those questions. So, obviously we have our answers. We are still looking for a conservative candidate for Phoenix Mayor.

    Thanks again Marcus!

  33. Wow! is Wes Harris full of himself or what? Ditto Christy L in #33!!!

  34. …………………………
    Wes Harris Says:
    November 30th, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    4. I understand that both you (Marcus) and Mr. Wikors are persona non grata with anyone affiliated with Senator McCain…whom I believe also would include Senator Kyl as well.

    Hilarious! They should put that on their business cards.

  35. Did anyone notice that “Horst Kraus” has two different “voices” on this thread?

  36. @Wes Harris,

    Are you saying that Marcus and Shane have been blacklisted by McCain and Kyl?

    Aren’t you the Tea party leader who invited McCain into your group after the primary election?

    Also did you know that McCain’s guy Wes Gullet is running for mayor against your gal LeAnn?

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