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Leah Campos Schandlbauer announces endorsement from former ASU Quarterback Andrew Walter

Leah Campos Schandlbauer announces endorsement from former ASU Quarterback Andrew Walter

PHOENIX (July 24, 2012) – Leah Campos Schandlbauer today announced that former Arizona State University Quarterback Andrew Walter has endorsed her campaign for Arizona’s 9th District. Walter also played in the NFL for the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots.

He released the following statement:

“I am endorsing Leah because she’s a proven leader who has served our country with honor and distinction in the CIA. She has shown the capacity to remain calm and think clearly in high-pressure situations. Plus, her roots are grounded in the same community she seeks to represent,” Walter said. “It’s clear Leah possesses an unparalleled understanding of both the foreign policy and economic challenges facing our country today – as well as their solutions.

“Most importantly, Leah embodies the phrase ‘public servant,’ a quality so desperately needed in Congress, where far too many of our elected officials otherwise embrace the phrase ‘self-servant.’”

# # #

About The Campaign
In Congress, Leah will defend our free enterprise system and work to balance the budget. She has been endorsed by Citizens United Conservative Victory Fund, U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC), and U.S. Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI). Congressional District 9 is a new seat that includes all of Tempe and Awhatukee along with parts of Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale and Chandler.

About Leah
Leah served for more than a decade around the world as an operations officer for the CIA’s National Clandestine Service. Leah is a graduate of Arizona State University and attended Rhodes Junior High School in Mesa and Chandler Seton Catholic High School. Leah and her husband, Alfred, a Foreign Service officer with the U.S. Department of State, have four children. A lifelong conservative and strong believer in the principles of economic liberty and limited government, Leah will be a voice and vote for freedom in Congress. For more information, visit: www.leahforcongress.com.


  1. Too bad Leah deems the CFR (Council of Foreign Affairs) as a reliable and innocent organization, both Leah and Wendy Rogers support the CFR with a weak disclaimer that they don’t necessarily agree with all of the CFR stances. How about the cover of the July/August periodical that features, in bold print, the Kenneth Waltz article ‘WHY IRAN SHOULD GET THE BOMB’. They both have no idea that the CFR and the majority of the membership is on board with the GLOBAL GOVERNANCE agenda. McCain is a member of the CFR along with most of his cronies. Don’t vote for anyone who would destroy our sovereignty

    • It’s too bad that you don’t know that ‘CFR’ stands for “Council on Foreign Relations”.

      You may dismiss your error as a typo, but if you are going to criticize an organization and espouse John Birch Society isolationist conspiracy theories about “global governance”, you should at least pretend to have a fleeting familiarity with basic facts (for example, the name of said organization).

      Also, two things about citing a publication: 1) you may want to identify it & 2) you also may want to actually read past the cover page if you expect anything you have to say about the articles you mention to have any relevance.

  2. Former-ASU quarterback and ex-NFL player Andy Walter has endorsed Leah Campos Schandlbauer.

    Are we really supposed to care about this? I didn’t even know who he was…I had to Google him! And I worked for ASU when he played ball there!

    Other than his immediate family and close friends, I doubt that anyone gives a spit who Walter supports.

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