LD5 Follow Up Report

Sylvia Allen and Bill Koponicki

Thanks to Jesse Bryant’s report on Copper Country News, we have a better idea what really happened in the LD5 race in which Sylvia Tenney Allen succeeded the late Senator Jake Flake as both Senator and Republican candidate for State Senate in LD5. Also noteworthy is that Representative Bill Koponicki was not chosen to replace Senator Flake on the ballot and Barbara Brewer was chosen to replace Sylvia Allen as a Republican House candidate on the ballot. Here is an excerpt from Jesse Bryant’s report:

The first to be nominated was State Rep. Bill Konopnicki of Safford. The second to be nominated was state Sen. Sylvia Allen of Snowflake. The nominations were closed and each were given five minutes to speak.

Konopnicki spoke of his many endorsements, awards, and recognitions that show his readiness for the state Senate. Then Sen. Allen spoke saying, “I want to be a candidate of the people. I have been involved with grassroots organizations, trying to get people involved in the political process. Rural county issues are what is important to me. My 18 grandchildren are the reason I am running.”

Going in, it was anybody’s race. The vote was taken by secret ballot and tallied, leaving the onlookers in suspense.  In the end Sylvia Allen prevailed with a landslide victory of 67 to 43.


  1. George Brannon says

    The vote issue was simple. At least one too many people stepped-in to help Mr. Kopnickni. Sometimes, it’s just better to speak from the heart.

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