LD 8 Elects RINO’s

RINO's Carolyn Allen & Michele Reagan

A major disappointment from the people in legislative district 8 as Carolyn Allen and Michele “Ain’t Reagan” Reagan win their primaries against conservatives Colette Rosati and Carolyn Schoenrock. The only good news in this race is that John Kavanagh – another good conservative – beat out the socialist RINO Jim Burke. Another politico wannabe, Travis Junion, finished last with less than 10% of the vote.

Both Rosati and Schoenrock worked extremely hard and were outspent by huge margins. One of the downsides of running as a clean elections candidate is that you are limited in how much money you can receive AND that oftentimes, you receive matching funding way too late in the race. In fact, Schoenrock received two major clean elections checks yesterday – Election Day! Hardly enough time to produced and disseminate campaign materials!

Rosati is reported to say that she will not support Allen in the General Election. I agree with her. There is no difference between Allen and her opponent, Dan Oseran. The voters of LD 8 might as well play pin the tail on the donkey in the Senate race. Don’t count on Allen voting or supporting real Republicans in the legislature.

Perhaps the biggest factor in the LD 8 race was the turnout by the sexually oriented business crowd. The pro-strippers successfully turned out the vote by the same margin that defeated Rosati. I am extremely disappointed in the churches in LD 8 for not getting their people out to vote as they pledged in the days before the election. It should be clear by now that the community standards in Scottsdale are being set by strippers and rich, white, pro-abortion women.


  1. Well said, Shane.

    It is a very disappointing outcome, and shows the continuing decline of Scottsdale. Community standards are down, crime is up, and their priority is to make sure they get their lap dances?
    Also, don’t forget Michele Reagan’s claim-to- fame was ensuring that bars can stay open until 2 am. Whoopee!

    I wonder if these two got complimentary lap dances after toasting each other?

  2. God forbid!

  3. Another footnote on Carolyn Allen. This is a comment on EspressoPundit’s prediction that Allen will not finish out her next term…

    Some time ago, I speculated that Allen would resign before the end of her term but after the Spring 2006 legislative session. This would have enabled the PC’s in LD 8 to nominate Michele Reagan to that open seat. As everyone knows that did not take place.

    Allen’s ego is so big and her temperament has been self-described as a “street fighter,” that there was no way she wanted to let Colette Rosati win the race. With Rosati “out of the way,” everything is now in place for her to step down and allow Reagan to be appointed.

  4. azminutewoman says

    UGH!! This is a horrible mistake for the residents in Scottsdale!!! They will regret it -hopefully!!!

  5. Laurie Roberts confirms some of this in her column today: http://www.azcentral.com/blogs/index.php?blog=135&title=bambi_and_the_bimbettes_win&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1&blogtype=Columnists

    She then tries to fire a warning shot across the bow of the Munsil campaign. Yea, like that’s going to scare Len to compromise on his principles.

    What her column does do is confirm my assertion that strippers and rich, white, pro-abortion women are setting the values agenda in Scottsdale.

    Where are the men of principle? I know one and he’s running for governor.

  6. A very plausible LD 8 scenario.

    Also I have to wonder whether, once that royal succession has occurred, if it then might be time for the RINOs to run their media darling and good friend from Scottsdale, Katie Raml of ABC-15, to replace Michele Reagan in the House. The ethically-challenged news anchor and fellow pro-abortion WISH Lister considers herself a “political journalist” (loud laughter allowed) and there have been rumors about her future.

    Raml is about the age that her buddy Reagan was when she began her RINO political career. Also, they have plenty of PR photos of Raml arm-in-arm with Allen, Reagan and other major RINOs at WISH List functions already in the can.

    The only thing that might give them some pause is the relatively poor showing of former Tucson TV news personality Patty Weiss in CD 8’s Democratic primary. Perhaps the celebrity of being a TV news reader doesn’t really translate into political success. Maybe voters, even Democratic ones, are smarter than that.

  7. Look for Carolyn Allen to resign after the term starts. Michele “Reagan Ain’t Reagan” Reagan will be appointed to the Senate and Raml will make the short list to replace Reagan.

    Rich Anglo Pro-Abortion Women = RAPAW’s

  8. So – it’s ok for Rosati to be a bad loser and not endorse the winner of the primary, but it’s not OK for moderate Repubs to do the same?

    Apparently consistency is not a strong suit on this blog.

  9. No. Wrong answer. The point is that it’s not OK to support Republicans who want to move away from the Republican platform and principles. If Colette Rosati were to support Carolyn Allen, she might as well support Dan Oseran the Democrat in the race. By supporting Carolyn Allen, Colette Rosati would be discarding the values and principles she believes in and which make the Republican party great. Carolyn Allen does not abide by these principles.

  10. It has NOTHING to do with being a winner or a loser and EVERYTHING to do with standing on your principles and values which uphold protecting life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.

  11. I’m so glad I live with my fellow hicks in the East Valley. I dont have to worry about this BS. At least we have no oney to turn into rich snobs. Maybe if we had the cash that these libs had we can afford abortions???

  12. …notice the wine toast too??? They must have been hanging out with john kerry!!!

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