LD 5 update

Sylvia Tenney Allen has been selected as the 2008 Republican Senate candidate for LD 5. Barbara Brewer will take the place of Sylvia Allen as one of the Republican House candidates.

There is an overview of the LD 5 race at Arizona Politics.


  1. Live Free or Die says


  2. Fly_on_a_Wall says

    Saturday PC’s from throughout Legislative District Five elected Sylvia Allen to Senator Flakes ballot position in the September Primary.

    This was the second significant defeat for veteran Representative Bill Konopnicki who saw his RealID bill go down to defeat 57:1 in Wednesday’s House vote. Konopnicki, who had hoped to replace Senator Flake was defeated by nearly 60% in his own District.

    Former Payson Mayor Barbara Brewer was elected to replace Allen in the House Primary and will compete with Konopnicki against Democrat Jack Brown. Both Konopnicki and Brown are term limited after this election.

    Konopnicki was gracious in his defeat, pledging to support both of his Republican running mates Allen and Brewer. Party unity was the veteran’s promise.

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