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Former State Representative, Laura Knaperek, has announced her intention to seek the CD 5 Congressional Seat currently held by Democrat, Harry Mitchell. Laura currently serves as the Executive Director of United Families International, a Mesa-based pro-family organization but has a long track record of service in the State House.

Mitchell won the seat in 2006 in a political anomoly when the voters decided not to renew their contract with JD Hayworth.

This is likely to be a very interesting primary race with a handful of Republicans battling for the GOP nod. State Representative Mark Anderson, has already announced the formation of an exploratory committee. Washington Lobbyist, Jim Ogsbury, jumped in the race over a month ago. Meanwhile, Maricopa County Treasurer, David Schweikert, will make his announcement momentarily.

Republicans outnumber Democrats in Congressional District 5 so this race will break hard for the Republican once the primary is over. The battle will come down to who can raise the most money and force his/her opponent to spend it first. For conservative candidates, its a game of conservation.


  1. Now that you’ve taken this thread into the “tax weeds,” one can view Laura’s voting record on taxes by visiting the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers website. Voting records for all the legislators are located there. And if you were to choose a candidate based soley on their tax record who lives in the district, Colette Rosati tops the list. (

  2. So judge it from the first 25 Ann, or visit previous threads which detail Laura’s ugly and personal attacks on our now State Party Chairman. Or her inability to even come in second in the last house race behind a guy who was carpetbagging so bad he was staying in a hotel room in the district. Ten years of incumbency and you can’t finish 2nd? Not a good resume for a real race where 1st is the only thing that matters.

    If you want to win this race, find someone who can bring folks together. Somebody like Schweikert, Hatch-Miller, etc.

  3. Dan

    Get a grip. When you stop laughing about something you misinterpreted, think about the fact that UFI is a national organization that does very fine work. In Arizona it also does good work, but, here, it is in the hands of people who have a history of supporting McCain. I never said that McCain set up UFI, only that here in AZ the main players are McCainiacs. That is undeniable – and not funny.

  4. My point still stands as does my request to name me one candidate that won’t illicit the same sort of responses. For that matter, any thread with more than a handful of posts that didn’t have some pretty significant differences in opinions. I previously said the possible exception could be Tim Bee, but while you are looking back for ammunition on Laura you will find some on Tim, too. I won’t throw stones at Dave or Jeff that has absolutely nothing to do with my assertion, but if a thread pops up with those names on it you can bet it will have its share of dissenting opinion on the ability of those candidates to be the correct candidate to oppose AND win against Mitchell.

    The issues on this thread had very little to do with her as a candidate, actually if you follow DSW’s advice and check the tax record she is in the same category as Tim Bee, John Huppenthal, both Weiers, and Mark Anderson. The entire past history of elections won and lost is a mixed bag of changing registration numbers, redistricting, and ugly hit mail pieces that folks with greater voter majorities barely survived. If losing an election or two disqualifies you to be a leader in the party, or discredits any efforts in the future, then we are in big trouble and Laura is not alone.

  5. Ann, I do not know why you think Tim Bee is such a uniting force. I can only assume that you do not live in the Tucson area. The quiet whispers off the record are that he is going to lose and part of the reason is his inability to unite the party. See

  6. Its not just a question of losing one or two elections, but if you lost them to the person you’re trying (again!) to beat, it becomes very relevant.

    And objections that we might hear to Schweikert or Hatch-Miller would be along the lines of “his name was on my tax bill” or “he moved into the district to run”. Sure, those are objections, but they’re hardly the kind that would split a party’s support for a candidate the way Laura’s behaviour early this year did. She exposed herself as someone who is vicious and dishonest in pursuit of her goals, and that is just what she was willing to do to her fellow Republicans. To date, she has never apologized or even admitted wrongdoing.

    That is the kind of stuff that divides a party and we won’t be forgetting what she did.

    Schweikert, Hatch-Miller, Anderson and even Ogsbury are all unburdened by similar taint.

  7. It’s way too ironic that the disqualifying offense is her loss to Harry and that she was on the side of the opposition to Pullen for chair saga considering Mitchell is the very Dem that Pullen gave to in the general against a Republican. And because of that she is the bad one in the bunch? Go figure!

    Other than the losses to Mitchell in an LD, not a CD with a different voter make-up, and offending the Pullen crowd (half minus 2 of the state committeemen could be accused of the same, she just had the guts and gumption to go public) what has she done to discourage support?

    She votes in accordance with some of the poster children for the AZ Republican Party, she has a solid work ethic, communicates well, and as far as I know she has never been anything but a loyal Republican. I can’t say I agree with her on every issue but given the other candidates who also may be great guys, she’d be my pick.


    I like Tim Bee and think he is a very effective guy. I used him as the example because he is fairly safe on this site. The anti-Gabby fever has been sufficient cover for any transgression for which he might be found guilty in granting him a pass. That is about as unified as you can expect in this party in this state right now.

  8. GOP PK- United Families International does fine work across the nation (agreed), but its national headquarters is based here in Arizona. Knaperek is the ED of the national group, not just the AZ chapter. I hope that I cleared things up for you.


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