Latino GOP supports Arizona’s SB 1070

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Friday, May 7, 2010
Phoenix – May 7, 2010 – Jesse Hernandez, Chairman of the Arizona Latino Republican Association made the following statement regarding Arizona Senate Bill 1070:

The long standing presence of undocumented residents, increasing public safety incidents involving brazen criminal behavior such as the human smuggling of illegal immigrants and drug trafficking, as well as growing frustration with the lack of a comprehensive federal solution to address security and international crossings at Arizona’s border with Mexico, came to a head in the Senate’s passage and Governor Brewer’s signing of Senate Bill 1070. 

As imperfect as Senate Bill 1070 may be, 60% of Americans support Arizona’s position highlighting the need to address and rebuild America’s immigration policy. Through its many attempts to secure Arizona’s border with fences, border patrol agents and other sophisticated resources, the federal government has only offered short term, largely ineffective and expensive solutions. The desire to cross the border is relentless – to the point of the discovery of underground tunnel passages. To effectively secure Arizona’s border will require increasing the federal government’s formal presence along the border states in the form of robust border security that

  1. Extinguishes the demand for a black market 
  2. Addresses high volume of entry
  3. Identifies appropriate avenues of documentation
  4. Distinguishes between temporary workers and those interested in a path to full citizenship.

 Arizona is a state rich in cultural history and like the rest of America welcomes legal immigrants.  It has become increasingly tired of the illegal entry of those crossing its southern border without appropriate documentation and expects the federal government to enforce its laws based on equal justice.  Serious immigrants desire to live/work in the United States and many become citizens to escape their countries’ corrupt oppression.  The rule of law makes America special.  Let’s respect it for the sake of our citizens, legal immigrants and future immigrants.

About ALRA:
The mission of the Arizona Republican Latino Association (ALRA) is to foster the principles of the Republican Party in Arizona’s Latino community creating an empowered network of Republican Latino leaders and grassroots activists.

Arizona Latino Republican Association
 Jesse Hernandez, Chairman
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  1. Didnt jesse hernandez lose an election to Ed Alesar the democrat? I think that lost a Republican swing district seat.
    Does Jess still work at SCF with Rick Degraw? That was the slush fund workers comp insurance that the state is trying to spin off so they will stop sucking all the taxpayer money, right?
    Who is this guy? That Dede whats her name from somos hispanics or whatever they are has been running her mouth for Mcain and the illegals for a couple of years, where has Jesse been?

  2. Alicia Gegner says

    So many people try to tell, us that Latinos are a monolithic voting bloc, as if they have no means of independent thought. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Thinking US citizen Latinos are as threatened by the illegal invasion as any other group, and in a way, perhaps more so. Often they are targeted by the illegals, and they suffer from reduced wages brought about by the exploitation of the illegals by unscrupulous employers.

    Illegals do drive down the cost of labor, and that is not a good thing for American workers.

    The left always tries to paint Americans in oppostion to illegals as bigoted white guys. You know what? Americans come in all sizes, colors, religions and national backgrounds. What binds us together is resepct for the law. We are a nation of laws, not ethnicity. That is what America is all about, and ALRA seems to recognize this fact.

  3. Arizona Ranger says

    What we have read is how the average naturilzed citizen feels about illegal immigration-THEY DON’T SUPPORT IT! And they are glad, like the overwhelming majority of us, that SB 1070 finally passed and became the law of the land! Speaking of which, I presume that anyone foolish enough to comment on the “racial profiling” of SB 1070, has not taken the time to actually read the legislation. It specifically does not permit any sort of profiling. Period. End of discussion! Thus, I would have to assume that anyone who has lent their harsh criticism of SB 1070 must be illiterate and could not read the wording of the bill!! Will someone take a few moments and actually read out loud the bill to these poor unfortunate and misinformed illegal advocates? PLEASE!
    I just can’t take any more of the whining!
    WE know that the bill simply gives our law enforcement officers the right to question people about their citizenship IF THEY HAVE ALREADY BROKEN A LAW, e.g., a speeding ticket. We have now have empowered the local gendarmes to uphold FEDERAL laws about immigrants. Visitors to our country are required by FEDERAL LAW to carry proof of how they entered our country. Welcome to the 21st Century!

    Gott mit Uns!

  4. Glad to see a responsible Latino group speak up. I wish more would. It shows this is about the rule of law. You either support a lawful society or you don’t.

    I think we are up to 28 states now working on similar laws and well over 60% of Americans are in favor. Once all the liberal lies are exposed, the number will increase.

  5. wanumba says

    Brewer’s ad defending SB1070 is apparently going viral. Big positives nationally.

    Meanwhile noted the change the subject tactic first out of the gate:

    Jack Says:
    May 7th, 2010 at 6:37 pm
    Didnt jesse hernandez lose an election to Ed Alesar the democrat? I think that lost a Republican swing district seat.


    Going after the messenger to avoid the message. Typical.

    As for the actual text and the issues raised, the black market point is pertinent. Most AMericans have no experience with the Black Market, because the free market in the USA has been so reliable and fair. Once distortions and smuggling are involved, all sorts of mischief and abuse takes root.

  6. I just heard that Minnesota is going to pass SB1070.

  7. Mr. Hernandez:

    Thank you and the Arizona Latin Republican Association for standing up for the rule of law and against race exploiters.

  8. Randy Pullen says

    Thank you Jesse for the well written Op-ed as well as all the work you have been doing on behalf of Republicans the past 4 years.

    Randy Pullen

  9. Latinos actually have more to lose than Caucasians on average to illegal immigration. It makes sense that the non-brainwashed ones would be more hard line against it.

  10. ken foster says

    The Mexicans require documents to receive healthcare of education. So do those that are boycotting Arizona. There are som double standards or lies working for buying votes.

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