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Latest State Unemployment Rates

Latest State Unemployment Rates

Here is a quick Google snapshot of unemployment amongst states in the Southwest. Arizona is still below the national average but we should be concerned about an influx of unemployed transient workers moving into Arizona from our neighbors to the west.



  1. Man, that Obama stimulus plan is working great! I wonder why they didn’t realize that it was going to stimulate unemployment? Must have been an oversight somewhere.

  2. Thane, don't be daft. says

    Spare us.
    O is the big bag holder of crap from the last couple of decades, and you blame his stimulus?

    How about Greenspan and Bush’s stimulus?

    So spare me if the exhausted consumer collapsed when their credit cards were cut off.

    I do posit our unemployment rate is 5% undercounted due to illegals, though.

  3. Iris Lynch says

    Those who apply for unemployment checks who are from another state, will receive those checks from that state and be counted in that state, not the one they have moved to.

  4. Right, Iris.

    When I was laid off in the spring of 2005, I called the Arizona unemployment office to file for benefits. The kind person I got on the phone looked at my records and told me that if I filed in Florida, where I’d worked within the 18-month base period before working in Arizona, I could collect over $60 more in benefits per week. I could do this even though I resigned that job.

    Arizona’s unemployment benefit maximum is one of the lowest of the 50 states. If you’re going to be laid off, Arizona is a bad place to do it.

    But then Arizona is a pretty bad place period.

  5. The bad thing was that I waited till my month’s severance pay was over, because the Republican-led legislature had recently changed the law to disallow collecting benefits while you’re getting severance pay.

    Florida, like most civilized states, allows people to collect benefits while getting severance pay. By not knowing I could file in Florida instead of backwards Arizona, I lost a month of benefits, well over $1000.

  6. By the way, the report showed that the currently unemployed are now up to an average of 24.5 weeks for the average job search — meaning that the average jobless person in this report lost their job in the Bush administration.

    The stimulus plan was way too weak. We need to spend more on a new one, or we are facing 1937.

    So what is the Republican plan again to deal with unemployment? Any alternative ideas would be welcomed!

  7. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    If Arizona is such a bad place, stay the hell out. Stay in Florida or New York or wherever you’re from. And if you don’t mind, quit commenting on a blog that focuses on ARIZONA politics. We couldn’t care less about your opinion in this “backwards” state.

  8. Thane, don't be daft. says

    Conservative- don’t be such a parochial ass.

  9. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    Don’t be daft,

    If all a non-resident wants to do is deride Arizona and its citizens for being backwards, then stay off the blog. He has no appreciation for Arizona nor the people who live here, and definitely has no stake in the state’s future. Why waste his time commenting and our time reading? His comments are insulting and serve as nothing more than inflammatory garbage.

    And you, sir, must be some type of high-minded individual for leveling such an infantile insult at me?

  10. kralmajales says

    Oh…conservative, are you native or something? Most conservatives here sure as hell aren’t. Most are transplants from other places. Even many of the elected officials in this state are.

    And on the stimulus, what a lot of people aren’t saying is that the stimulus for the most part hasn’t even been implemented yet. Most states were finishing their budgets and had not yet started spending. Much of the stimulus is linked to the budget of states and how quickly states move. This one hasn’t moved very fast.

    For instance, most of the shovel ready projects about to be spent on in universities…are waiting…waiting…waiting for the money. Then…out go the dollars. Its going to take awhile.

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