Latest Republic Headline: “Power May Shift to Anti-Abortion Side”

I told you so.

We knew that The Arizona Republic would eventually run the headline dealing with abortion or a variation on a theme of it.

Monday’s headline was just waiting for the opportune time to rear its ugly head and take a swipe at pro-life conservatives Republicans.

Of course, Jan Brewer is pro-life. I should know. I helped her by delivering pro-life signatures and votes when she first ran for the post in 2002.

With a Governor Brewer Administration on the February horizon, the Arizona Legislature will have the advantage of moving pro-life legislation through to a Governor who won’t veto it. Remember all the pro-life bills Governor Napolitano vetoed?  The Republic labels her a “staunch defender of abortion rights.” These weren’t bills dealing with partial birth abortion or outright bans. These bills dealt with parental consent,  a woman’s right to know legislation and fetal pain – bills that have widespread support across Arizona.

A stronger pro-life legislature and now a pro-life governor will find very little resistance other than from pro-abortion Senator Carolyn Allen who chairs the Senate Health Committee and a liberal press. And part of the strategy of the media and abortion supporters will be to cast the legislature and Governor as obsessed with banning abortion.

The truth is protecting the sanctity of life will play a integral role in the course of Arizona public policy but elected officials will need to fix the budgetary mess handed off to Republicans.


  1. So in other words you are saying that power may shift to the anti-abortion side?

  2. Glendale GOP says

    And our thanks to Senator Burns for putting Allen in charge of Health when he could have picked ANY other Senator and they would have been pro-life. Why give the pro-abort Health?

  3. /Republic title: “Power May Shift to Anti-Abortion Side”

    God forbid that the title should say: “Power May Shift to Pro-life Side”

  4. I’m with todd, I’m not exactly sure why this is sending your underwear to the UnderBuncher2000.

    Is it just a knee-jerk “GRRRR!!! MSM!!! IN THE TANK!!!” reaction to the word “abortion” in a newspaper?

  5. Klute,
    I think you hit the nail on the head.

  6. Klute/Todd — where was the Republic headline shouting “Power shifts to pro-abortion side” after Napolitano won in 2002 and 2006?

    Its the attitude of everything is fine when Dems rule, a crisis when Republicans are in charge.

  7. Nick,

    Since I don’t obsessively comb the Arizona Republic for examples of bias, looking for something, anything to justify my worldview, I guess I’ll have to concede the point.

    Although for those of you who are anti-abortion/pro-life/cellular division-neutral: why aren’t you applauding this? The Republic basically said you have the keys to the castle. Does nothing ever make you people happy?


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