Latest Arizona Poll Shows Significant Voter Unrest

Sonoran Alliance was able to obtain the results of a just released statewide issues poll commissioned by a local businessman and philanthropist Wil Cardon. The universe, consisting of 602 likely voters sampled across the state, indicates that voter attitude is not happy with the direction of the state and elected officials. Here are a few of the questions and respective answers from that poll:

  1. Do you feel things in Arizona are going in the right direction or are they seriously on the wrong track?
    Right direction – 109 – 18.11%
    Wrong track – 345 – 57.31%
    Unsure – 147 – 24.42%
    Refused – 1 – 0.17%
  2. In general, please tell me if you have a favorable or unfavorable impression of the Arizona State Legislature.
    Favorable – 122 – 20.27%
    Unfavorable – 365 – 60.63%
    No opinion/DK – 115 – 19.10%
    Refused – 0 – 0.00%
  3. Thinking about Arizona State leadership for just a moment, tell me which of the following types of candidates you would tend to favor. Candidates who have run businesses, have real world experience and who have never held political office before, or people who have extensive experience in state government?
    Run businesses – 419 – 69.60%
    Served in state government – 183 – 30.40%
  4. When it comes to the top issues you would like to see Arizona State government address which of the following do you think is most important:
    K-12 education funding – 168 – 27.91%
    University funding – 6 – 1.00%
    State budget deficit – 129 – 21.43%
    Illegal immigration – 160 – 26.58%
    Tax reduction – 20 – 3.32%
    Transportation – 1 – 0.17%
    Health Care – 55 – 9.14%
    Growth/Development – 18 – 2.99%
    Crime/Public safety – 18 – 2.99%
    Protecting the environment – 9 – 1.50%
    Other – 7 – 1.16%
    Refused – 11 – 1.83%
  5. Are you registered to vote as a Republican, Democrat, Independent or No party, or something else?
    Republican – 238 – 39.53%
    Democrat – 199 – 33.06%
    Independent or no party – 139 – 23.09%
    Something else – 3 – 0.50%
    Refused – 23 – 3.82%
  6. The fourth would strengthen and expand Arizona’s term limits laws. At present, elected officials often run for other political offices after their terms expire. They do this because they like the perks of office, or may have no other job to return to. Plus, having held one office, they can more easily win another. However, a new ballot measure would require that politicians wait at least two years before seeking another elected office in order to give more citizens a better chance at serving the public, rather than career politicians. In general, do you think that this is a good idea, or a bad one?
    Good idea – 346 – 57.48%
    Bad idea – 174 – 28.90%
    Unsure – 80 – 13.29%
    Refused – 2 – 0.33%
  7. The next involves complaints that paying state income taxes is too complicated and too costly. The solution, some say, is a flat tax that would have a single income tax rate that is easy to understand. It would still permit deductions for home mortgages and charitable contributions. Such a reform would be revenue neutral for the State of Arizona. In general do you think this is a good idea, or a bad one?
    Good idea – 325 – 53.99%
    Bad idea – 156 – 25.91%
    Unsure – 119 – 19.77%
    Refused – 2 – 0.33%
  8. The last one involves a temporary one cent sales tax increase proposed by Governor Brewer . It would last for 3 years to help close the state budget deficit and would cost the average home owner about $486 per year.The money would be used to fund state services rather than make further cuts in these areas. Would you tend to favor or oppose such a proposal?
    Favor – 295 – 49.00%
    Oppose – 261 – 43.36%
    Unsure – 45 – 7.48%
    Refused – 1 – 0.17%
  9. Governor Jan Brewer will be up for re-election in November, 2010. If the election were held today please tell me if you would vote for her, or if you would vote for someone else?
    Brewer – 110 – 18.27%
    Someone else – 276 – 45.85%
    Unsure/undecided – 215 – 35.71%
    Refused – 1 – 0.17%
  10. Now, staying on the topic of the race for governor, if our current governor was not a candidate, what type of candidate would you vote for if that election were held today? They are:
    A state treasurer – 30 – 5.83%
    A former George W. Bush transportation secretary – 6 – 1.17%
    A conservative African American mayor of a prominent Arizona city – 26 – 5.05%
    A former Republican Party state chairman who is a practicing attorney – 11 – 2.14%
    An incumbent Attorney General – 60 – 11.65%
    A former state senate president and secretary of state – 19 – 3.69%
    A successful businessman with a young family – 138 – 26.80%
    Undecided – 218 – 42.33%
    Refused – 7 – 1.36%
  11. And when it comes to voting for Congress next year are you inclined to vote for the Republican, Democrat or are you not sure?
    Republican – 194 – 32.23%
    Democrat – 160 – 26.58%
    Unsure – 240 – 39.87%
    Refused – 8 – 1.33%

Of the 602 voters sampled:

  1. Age:
    18-34 – 18 – 2.99%
    35-44 – 28  – 4.65%
    45-54  – 81 – 13.46%
    55-64 – 145 – 24.09%
    65 and older – 307 – 51.00%
    Refused – 23  – 3.82%
  2. County residence:
    Maricopa – 362 – 60.13%
    Pima – 90 – 14.95%
    Other North: (Mohave Coconino Apache Navajo Yavapai Gila Greenlee) – 87 – 14.45%
    Other South: (Pinal Graham Cochise Santa Cruz Yuma LaPaz) – 63 – 10.47%
  3. Sex:
    Male – 291 – 48.34%
    Female – 311 – 51.66%

Here is the press release issued by Rose & Allyn Public Relations


  1. Wow – that looks terrible for the Republicans.

    K-12 education funding the #1 issue.

    A <6% tilt in voters toward the GOP on a generic ballot Congressional ballot, with 60% of the people giving the GOP controlled state captiol an unfavorable rating?

    And that’S WITH 75% of the sample being 55+.

    My God. It’s full of stars.

  2. Klute, are you still feeling good about having a lifetime politician like Goddard leading the Democrat ticket? The GOP nominee might not be Brewer, but the Dems have already picked their guy.

  3. I’m ambivalent. Arizona crony politics put Florida’s (my home state) to shame. I’m fascinated by the fact that legislators trade jobs within district (“I’ve been term limited from the Senate, guess it’s time to go the House!”), and am fascinated that grassroots on both sides put up with it. Especially with a 60% dissatisfaction rate.

    Especially the Republicans, since they seem to be the ones constantly in pitchfork and torch mode.

    Personally, I’d like Phil Gordon to run – but I think he may be heading for a showdown with Kyl in ’12. That 77% re-election bid’s got some legs.

    And then Krysten Sinema for Mayor. But that kind of GOP-head exploding goodness may just be too much to ask for.

  4. Boy, the term limits question is depressing. Someone wants to tinker with this idea even more?

    Making an office holder wait two years to run for something else won’t get us better elected officials. We’ll still have newbies trying to change the world after two weeks at the legislature when they still don’t know where the bathrooms are.

    Term limits make everyone hurry to “make their mark” before they either can’t run again or run for something else. A waiting period won’t change that.

    Term limits have always been a bad idea and wholly unecessary. We had about 60% turnover in the legislature before term limits, and I dare anyone to argue that we have better legislators now than we did in say, 1986 or 1976, or whenever.

    If the goal is to put ambitions in check and create the potential for more statesman-like behavior, get rid of modern term limits completely. The Founders created a great system for limiting terms anyway; it’s called elections.

  5. Got a great idea! Let’s send Klute back to FLA! We should start a ‘Send a Klute to FL’ Fund.

    Shane, I am so glad he infests your Blog and not mine…LOL!

  6. #1 doesn’t make any sense. You can still be going in the right direction but on the wrong track, e.g. they like a Republican Gov, just not Brewer…right direction but wrong track. Why did they change the wording?

    Follow up question for 1 & 2 should have been, “Have we ever been on the right track & have you ever looked at your legislature favorably?” Without those answers, the questions are meaningless.

    I bet most misunderstood the implications of number 4 and K-12.

    6 is VERY scary, and is why we have Obama now. People are willing to give up their basic rights to have government think, and choose candidates, for them. God help us.

    #10 is ridiculous. The follow up question to that one should have been, “Can you put a single name to any of those titles?”

  7. Tony,

    Well, I had just assumed you would have honored our agreement and took Politico Mafioso down after the election, so I stopped posting there.

    But I should have known you weren’t a man of your word.

  8. The questions on this poll are so obviously written to elicit certain responses it is impossible to take the results seriously. Somebody actually paid for this?

  9. PM was taken down. It returned because someone has to stand up to the Obamanation (Destruction) of America. So you can just KMA!

  10. Rightwoman Gayle says

    Klute! I did like the slightly obscure reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey though.

    P.S. Klutey, honey, your chad is dangling there still. FLA 2000: An Election Odyssey, Right? I think I get you finally. I feel free…

  11. Whatever, Tony. I thank you for the lesson about taking a conservative at their word.

  12. Todd, the questions are written to elicit certain responses because that’s the way campaigns are run and ballots are written.

    I was surprised to read the poll to say no on cares about transportation. Period. It’s the one thing government screws up less than anything else, if you leave light rail out of it.

    Jason, the average voter hears the term “state budget deficit” and his eyes glaze over. It’s a triple negative.

  13. This is nonsense. We dont know how many republicans responded K-12 was priority 1 from the results of this survey. A minority must have to put it over the top when virtually all democrats did.

    Therefore, the only conclusion you can draw from the numbers is that K-12 is NOT the #1 issue for the Republican respondents.

  14. Wolfy,
    If Mr. Cardon wants to pay for a skewed poll that is certainly his right – I just don’t see how any sensible person would base any political strategy or sense of popular opinion on this poll. Really, this thing has simply no credibility as an instrument to tell us what likely voters think.

  15. Gayle,

    Sadly, I missed all the fun in ’00. Having been involved in Palm Beach County politics I wasn’t surprised.

    Glad you got the “2001” reference… No one ever seems to get it.

  16. Todd, that’s my point. The poll not an instrument to tell you the truth, but to make you believe something.

    If you need proof, just look at actual election results. You think the best candidate always wins? Of course not.

    The only truth present is that most people care little about anything that doesn’t affect them here and now. So if you’re running for office, all you need to do is find out some very simple information.

    In this case, if you were a candidate relying on this poll you’d be a complete idiot to campaign on a transportation issue. Can we at least agree the poll says that? And if so, can we agree that at least some really important issues don’t become campaign issues?

  17. Wolfy,
    I am glad you understand the purpose of the poll, however it is not being presented this way here so I was simply pointing it out. I would say that the poll questions represented here are one of the most ridiculous questions I have ever seen on a poll (3,6,7,8, and 10 to be precise).

    I have no debate with you that transportation ranks low on this poll and probably is not on the forefront of peoples’ mind. I also notice tax reduction seems extremely low but politicians run on this all the time to seemingly much success, so I am not sure I would draw the same conclusion you do.

  18. Rightwoman Gayle says

    Klute— never say no one— now you can say someone did– you need to hang out with more conservatives who appreciate film. Virtually hang out that is. Here’s one for you an all of the other brainiacs: “If you can’t leave in a taxi you can leave in a huff. If that’s too soon, you can leave in a minute and a huff.”

  19. Rightwoman Gayle says

    Why do polls always get people so crazy? They are are snapshot, and of a sample that by the nature of the forced collection, limit the validity.

    I want to hear people polled explain the points.

  20. Speaking of polls, should I conduct a poll to see if Sonoran Alliance should block the IP addresses of Klute and Kral, Richard Grayson and Todd? 🙂

  21. Just kidding! We try to respect freedom of speech here at Sonoran Alliance.

    No but really, I do think you guys have an RSS feeder on Sonoran Alliance so everytime something gets posted you are on it lickety-split!

  22. Annie Hoyle says


  23. Horst Kraus says

    DSW #20,
    Please do NOT. Here and there I enjoy reading a post from someone thoughtful. It beats the usual:
    “Yes!!!” “Just another RINO” or “Amen Brother”
    ad nausea posts.

  24. DSW – I will stop posting here if you simply ask me to.

  25. Todd,

    I’m not going to ask you guys to stop posting. I certainly respect your opinion and exercise thereof. But I do think you guys are intraveneously attached to Sonoran Alliance unlike some of our conservative supporters.

  26. Go ahead and please block my IP address. It will prevent me from commenting, and that will be good for everyone. Thanks.

  27. Interesting poll, absolutely hilarious comments, and further evidence that some people will twist anything so their desired view will be seen as truth…in spite of the reality that always gets in the way.

  28. This was a press release not a poll. I do find it interesting that the tax question still is ahead even though they slant it to the no side with the yearly family impact. If you’ve read these forums that is something opponents have criticized in the 4 or 5 polls and insisted that it would overwhelmingly fail if asked in that manner.

  29. DSW,

    I like the debate… that’s why I’m here. I read a lot of liberal blogs, but I seldom comment unless I have something to add to conversation. I don’t like debating in an echo chamber.

  30. kralmajales says

    Im with Klute. Don’t block me, sheesh, who would you have to rail on then…oh yeah, your Governor, your candidates for election, your party…all things that you can shoot at while sitting in a circle.


  31. Annie Hoyle –
    Have you thought about giving seeingredaz a try? They work hard to keep all the hoi polloi out.

  32. Annie Hoyle says

    Yes, I love their blog too!

  33. Of course you do, Annie.Why bother with facts and opinions contrary to your own.

  34. RepublicanGal says

    First of all this poll is funded and tainted by those who want the results that benefit them and their personal agenda. Interesting I am almost certain the the press release was distributed to the media by Jason Rose of Rose & Allyn Public Relations. There is no hiding that he is openly backing and supporting Vernon Parker. Could Rose have paid for this poll?

  35. Annie Hoyle says

    You have such an amazing grasp of the obvious!! You’re on to me! You crazy little devil! No, I don’t want to bother with opinions contrary to my own…fact or truth is a different story! Like you, I have my opinions.

  36. Annie Hoyle says

    …and Todd,
    I did say I love their blog TOO…as in also, as in addition to MANY blogs I love. Some of them are actually (gulp) not conservative. I hope some day to be as enlightened and open minded and intelligent as you are! For now, I’ll just have to be a Bible loving, Heaven seeking, stay-at-home clueless Mom! (oh, but I didn’t have to tell you that because you know me so well).

  37. Sorry Annie, but your emphatic yes to DSW’s suggestion above paints a very different picture of your willingness to hear other views. 

    Also, this has nothing to do with whether you are a stay at home mom or not. 

  38. Annie Hoyle says

    You are right again!

  39. Annie Hoyle says

    I gotta get off of the computer, I’m going to miss Glenn Beck!


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