Kyrsten Sinema Mocks Arizona State University

Vernon Parker

“It’s a Party School”

Phoenix, AZ – In the world of politics and campaigns, it’s not surprising that mud gets thrown around. Usually it’s between candidates. But now Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has a different target – students at the state’s largest university, ASU.

In a recent video, Sinema ridicules Arizona State University calling it, “a party school”. She goes on to say that because ASU students like to party, they rarely show up prepared to the classes she teaches. She concludes by suggesting that the students are so stupid they don’t realize Wikipedia is not an appropriate source of citation.

Don’t believe it? We didn’t at first – until we saw it with our own eyes. Check it out for yourself – click here to see how Kyrsten Sinema really feels about students at ASU.

The question now: If Ms. Sinema feels this way about one of her largest group of supporters, how does she feel about all voters in CD9?

Do you really want someone who mocks you to be your voice in Washington?

*Vernon Parker sent the following letter to Michael Crow.

October 30, 2012

Michael Crow
Office of the President
Arizona State University
PO Box 877705
Tempe, AZ 85287-7705

Attention: Michael Crow

Dear Michael Crow,

My campaign has discovered a recording you need to see. In this appalling video, my opponent Kyrsten Sinema, is on record mocking students at ASU. She refers to your university as “a party school” and suggests that your students are so stupid that they don’t realize “Wikipedia is not an appropriate citation source because they believe if they read it on the internet it must be true.”

You can find the video at this YouTube link,

If Ms. Sinema has the audacity to mock students at such a prestigious university as yours, what else is she capable of? If that’s how she feels about ASU students, what does she secretly think about voters? Should she really be the person to represent ASU’s interests in DC?

As you know, education is the reason I’m here today. I put myself through college and law school with the help of my family and student loans. I believe protecting and improving education is paramount and will be one of my top priorities in Washington.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this further.


Vernon Parker
Vernon Parker for Congress


  1. phoenixlaw says

    In the video Sinema says ASU is a party school, that sometimes some students come to class unprepared, and that some students use Wikipedia as a reference. Nowhere in this video does she say that these students are stupid. What is it that she actually did say that is not true?

    • phoenixlaw says

      Apparently you feel that if the truth is spoken frankly and this truth is somehow not what you like to hear, then it must be “mocking.” Perhaps you and Parker should grow up.

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