Kyl goes on Record.

Senator Kyl wrote an article that appeared in the Sunday Arizona Republic. The second part of the last paragraph is instructive:

If the consensus we reach is not accurately reflected in the final legislative language, or is seriously undercut by amendments in the Senate or House, it will lose support, including from me. What we have shown is it that a bipartisan consensus is possible. The American people will have to determine if it is what they want; but for me, failing to try is not a solution.

This guy is not a very good cheerleader for this bill and has now put his “get me out of here” clause in writing. I was sorry to see that this morning’s protest was in front of Kyl’s office and not McCain’s, where the real fault should be placed.
The immigration reform bill is titled S.1348 and can be read online.


  1. Capitol Buzz says

    The protest wasn’t just against the bill, but against Kyl’s flip flop… He broke his promises that were made only a few months ago, and that is why people were so upset.

    Frankly, blaming McCain for this one isn’t as accurate as it used to be. The media has made it clear that McCain has been too busy running for President to even show up to vote, and that he wasn’t a part of writing this bill, showing up instead on the final day to hurl bad language at Sen. Cornyn and then soak up the spotlight at the press conference.

    This bill is actually more Kyl’s product than McCain’s!

  2. True enough… When Jeff Flake and John McCain vote to support amnesty, they are keeping their word. They have campaigned for amnesty, wrote bills to give amnesty, and are officially pro-amnesty.

    It is when a man like Kyl says that he cannot and will not support a bill that does certain things (during the campaign) and then turns right around and helps write the bill that does those exact things, that the voters have every right to be upset.

    They have been lied to. And unfortunately they have been lied to by a man they really liked. That makes the sense of betrayal all the more powerful, and the outrage against it all the greater.

    I don’t doubt that Kyl had his reasons for doing what he did. He may even think that he is doing the right thing. But he’s not, and it is fair and right for the voters of this state to make sure that he hears from them.

  3. Oro Valley Dad says

    Kyl may have been in the room for the negotiations but McCain is the one supporting the final product. You should read Kyl’s words again. He is not enthusiastic for this bill like McCain, Graham, or Specter are.

  4. Observer says


    This is Kyl’s bill. He is the point person for the Republican Conference on the bill and he was the lead negotiator on the Republican side. Those are the facts that have been widely reported and I believe even Kyl’s office would agree with. Nowhere has it been reported that Kyl is backing away from the bill. I like Kyl, but to claim this is somehow more McCain’s bill than Kyl’s is simply inaccurate. What he said in his article is that if amendments from either the House or the Senate significantly change the bill he negotiated, then he won’t support it. He is not saying he is not supporting the current proposed legislation.

  5. “but McCain is the one supporting the final product”?

    “the one” you say? Like there is only one supporter? Or like there is only one Republican Senator from Arizonawho supports it? Because you’re wrong on both counts.

    Kyl wrote the bill and he supports the bill.
    McCain didn’t write the bill, but he also supports the bill.

    In all likelihood, this bill is better than McCain’s from last year, but Kyl has made it clear that it is his bill. That is why he doesn’t want any major changes to it…

  6. Oro Valley Dad says

    Whom did you want in the room sitting across from Ted Kennedy? Lindsey Graham?

    OK, you got me. Kyl is supporting the bill but he is not a sponsor. His support is some where between a college try and phoning it in.

    Luckily the “jamdown” has been slowed and it looks like a lot of people will have a chance to analyze this bill. When the time to kill the bill arrives then that will be the moment to judge Kyl. My guess is that he will say how sorry he was to see it fail and maybe shed one crocodile tear.

    Either way, I thought some of the signs at the protest in front of his office this morning were way out of line and will do more to push him away from our point of view – no amnesty (and this bill is amnesty) than to get him to side with us.

    When you are running out of allies do you push people away or draw them to your cause?

  7. Weary of deceit says

    I trust Kyl and McCain as far as I can throw my house. I hope we have some decent candidates running next time around, because the current crop stink. You can add Jeff Flake to the mix, also. What a sorry team–ready to barter our children’s future for political expediency and personal glory.

  8. OVD,

    The link to S. 1348 is not the current text. The reason for the confusion is that you can’t vote for Cloture on a bill that hasn’t been introduced, so they are using Reid’s S. 1348 as the vehicle. The actual text of what they are negotiating can be found here:

  9. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thank you very much for the link and the insight.

  10. I’m happy enough to judge Kyl by how he ultimately votes on the final product. I’m just saying that it is wishful thinking to say that people should be blaming McCain, “where the fault really belongs”. In this case, your desire to inflict additional damage on McCain leads you away from the truth, and that is that this is Kyl’s bill as much as it is Kennedy’s.

    Still, let’s wait and see what happens when it comes time to vote!

  11. Have you ever read so much and yet had so many questions? I am so conflicted over the details of this bill and my belief in Jon Kyl as a man of integrity and intelligence. I truly believe Jon Kyl knows what he is doing and when I read his op-ed piece he does make a case for this bill. Then I started to read the bill (thanks for the link crawdad); the triggers for the “immigration reform” are on page 1, they list the border enforcement measures that must be in place prior to any of the “amnesty” issues kicking in. The rest is hundreds of pages of everything including the kitchen sink.

    On page two is this section, part of which is repeated on all of the enforcement measures:

    In each of the fiscal years 2008 through 2012, the
    Secretary shall, subject to the availability of
    appropriations, increase by not less than 500 the number
    of positions for full-time active duty CBP officers and
    provide appropriate training, equipment, and support to
    such additional CBP officers.

    The part that is repeated: “subject to the availability of appropriations”

    We have heard that before. Don’t count on any of these things to ever come to pass; Congress will never have enough money (according to them) for these triggers to be actually fully funded. There will always be a bridge that needs to be built, an Italian Deli in Brooklyn that needs a few hundred thousand dollars, or some other pork barrel earmark eating up our budget while our border remains porous and our national security declines.

    According to Senator Kyl, it would be 13 years before citizenship would be achieved IF they pass the “test”. OK, but they stay here and have kids, and on and on and on….

    I will continue to voice my concerns to Senator Kyl and hope he has a plan. If he were to come out against this now his dedication to the final product would be clear and the hope for future changes would be thwarted. Yet, I’m not so sure this is the answer and maybe needs to go away anyway.

  12. Oro Valley Dad says

    Sorry to get stuck on the McCain thing again. We’ll blame George W. Bush, Arlen Specter, and Lindsey Graham then. They are the ones who jump in front of a microphone every chance they get to say how great this path to amnesty program will be.

    Take a look at this photo at Hot AZ It Gets. Who is that at the mike and who is hiding in the background like “can I leave now?” The guy at the mike can’t come into town to vote but he sure is there for the press conference touting the open borders program of 2007.

  13. Yup, McCain gets his share of the blame and that is fair. But he shouldn’t also get Kyl’s share of the blame…

    I agree with you Ann, both on always having liked Kyl and being scared to death by this bill. Keep in mind that while the illegals are staying here, they get to have kids, who get to be citizens right away. Now, with anchor babies, the immigration procedure for the illegals shifts even more dramatically in their favor.

    Have you read where the fine for being caught in the country illegally ranges from $50 to $250? That’s not even a speeding ticket if you live here legally!

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