Kwasman first to file in District 1

State Representative Adam Kwasman is the first Republican in the Congressional District 1 primary to file his signatures. According to the Arizona Secretary of State website, Kwasman turned in 1,249 signatures on May 5th. The minimum is 1,117 but Kwasman indicated in an email to supporters that it was just his first batch. A final submission of signatures right before the deadline is common with early filers.

Kwasman files signatures for Congress

It is not a big shock that Kwasman filed first, he has been running for the longest time, but it is a little bit of a surprise that a seasoned candidate like Andy Tobin was not the first to file. Tobin, as the Speaker of the House, has been gaining some big name support, John Boehner, Jon Kyl, and Mitt Romney, but it looks like his ground game could use a little more attention.

Of course, if Tobin and Gary Kiehne turn in enough signatures before the deadline to qualify, it won’t matter come Election Day. It is just one small indicator of how the race is going.

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