Kudos to Ray Carroll.

     The Pima County Board of Supervisors voted today to continue to allow perverts to openly view pornography on library computers. Supervisor Carroll in not know for his conservative social views but he gets a gold star for his brave and common sense position on this issue. 

     Carroll proposed to install filters to prevent the display of porn but his motion did not receive a second. Fellow Republican Ann Day did not even support Ray. Ann must have decided that she is not running again. It could be that she did not hear or understand the motion. Either way Ann has no future in the increasingly conservative District 1 after her timid reaction to Carroll’s leadership on this issue. 

     There are only a few issues that lend themselves to true sound bite status. Supporting porn at the library is one of them and Ann Day just earned that tag. 

     Ray, a big thanks from District 1. We very much appreciate your efforts regarding this issue. 

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