Kudos to Camerafraud.com

Got to give credit where credit is due.  While the State, DPS and Redflex (a foreign corporation) will never acknowledge the guys at camerafraud.com nor Arizonans Citizens Against Photo Radar, the State of Arizona has ended their contract with Redflex and the 24×7 streaming video recorders (aka photo radar cameras) on the highways of Arizona are coming down.

Unfortunately, the video recorders on the highways only represent 10% of all photo radar on the streets in Arizona.  Therefore, their ballot initiative is actively continuing to collect signatures in order to ensure that the remaining 90% of these streaming video surveillance devices and revenue generators (which actually increase accident rates) get taken down permanently.

In other words, by ending the contract, the state has effectively done next to nothing for Arizona citizens.  A big THANK YOU to camerafraud.com and Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar for continuing the fight to bring down the 90% of video recording cameras that will remain on Arizona’s streets after the Reflex cameras on the highways come down in July.



  1. t junion says

    i liked the cameras

  2. wanumba says

    They liked you, too.

  3. freedom is popular

  4. Oberserve says

    t junion agreed that foreign corporations should surveil Arizonans? lol

  5. When the cameras are gone, can we get everyone on this post to pledge to drive the speed limit? If we are so concerned about the rule of law in other areas (e.g. immigrations) we should be just as concerned about it in our own lives. How about it?

  6. Oberserve says

    How about this, you worry about you, I’ll worry about me. You can quit worrying about what I do, unless I’m hurting you in some way? Whaddya say? I get law and order being Republican. However, I don’t agree with being a ninny and worrying about everyone else’s business.

  7. Oberserve says

    Besides, if the camera’s only purpose were to catch speeders or red light runners, I might MIGHT be ok with them. Given that they are 24×7 streaming video surveillance video recorders, not a chance in heck. Go stick em.

  8. sceptical Observer says

    “No comment” by DPS. Redflex issued the statement that the contract would not be renewed in July…

    As soon as Brewer beats Martin and Mills, DPS will sign a new contract so this isn’t a general election issue hat Goddard can use.

  9. DPS is done playing politics this is a great change in policy for them.

    Atta boy Bobby Holiday

  10. Yeah, right. says

    Just another bit of GOP sabotage to the budget.

    Where is the money going to come from to fill the hole at DPS?


    As for the speed demon Oberserve- I would guess that DPS will be upping their patrols to fill the space- and those tickets will have points on the license- so speed and help fix our busted finances.

    I am sure he will have a lot of company in the Valley Indy 500 Green Flag on July 1.

  11. Gentlemen! START YOUR ENGINES!!!! The Piestewa 500 is about to begin.
    Actually DPS should just set the cameras to randomly flash. That’ll freak everyone out and get some of them to obey the limit.

  12. Oberserve says

    Yeah, right, you don’t know Jack about me or my driving.

    You’re just another lib who wants to socially engineer society’s behavior to fit your belief system. And, according to you, if the government makes a buck in the process so much the better.

    Jack, don’t be a ninny.

  13. CF Admin says

    Thanks for the props guys… come help us put a bow on this thing.

  14. Oh, yeah, Oberserve. Now I recognize you. You’re the guy with the gun on your hip, your middle finger flipped up, your cell phone to your ear, and the double cheeseburger in your lap, changing lanes at 80. Welcome to paradise.

  15. Oberserve says

    Jack, you’re unamerican, surveilling law abiding american citizens as they go about their business not having done anything wrong. Take a time warp back to East Germany, will ya?

  16. Thanks for the shout out. Of course, camerafraud won’t be finished until ALL the cameras are gone.

  17. It’s good that conservatives don’t like this. It’s also good that liberals don’t.

  18. WTF? What in the world did I say that make you think I like the cameras!? I don’t. Total abuse of due process rights. But my personal observation is, despite how they are despised, they did slow people down and I did take a certain personal delight when ignorant, dangerous, and foolhardy drivers got flashed, until I realized they would never be served nor feel any sting. So now, let’s just make sure there are adequate manned police cars to tag those that put the rest of us at risk.


  1. […] media isn’t revealing is that these cameras comprise less than 10% of radar cameras <http://sonoranalliance.com/2010/…/&gt; within Arizona. Arizona counties and cities have contracts with the foreign camera company […]

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