Kris Allen AI-2009 – Red State Politics at Play?

I was reading up on the political angle on American Idol the other day and someone was speculating that the next American Idol would have a red-state, blue-state factor at play. Basically it went along the lines that Allen stood a good chance of upsetting Lambert because conservative Christians who originally supported Danny Gokey were now throwing their vote behind Kris Allen over “progressive blue-state Adam Lambert.”

Anyone else have thoughts on this huge upset? I really thought the final two would come down to Adam and Danny.


  1. I have heard various takes on the same thing. The All-American boy-faced charmer from the heartland versus the black eyeliner & nail polished gender-bender. I also thought it would be Adam and Danny and when Danny was voted off, things went in Kris’ favor.

    Another idea is the anti in-the-tank attitudes, I heard someone say… “This is just like Obama!” The judges favored Adam, leaving voters motivated to vote for Kris in multiples.

    Or…we are really desperate for some signs of good news. 🙂

  2. Pricinct Committeeman says

    Well, the comments you cut off were getting out of line. But, don’t you think this problem has risen above the water line.

    We Republicans are going to drown if we don’t stop the type of mindless activities revealed in those photos of Brett Mecum. That’s what should be stopped.

    It’s time for Randy Pullen to say, “OK, Mecum, out of the pool.” Those photos are an embarassment.

  3. Comments on this post are not about the prior posts and the stupid sophomoric rift between the two GOP boys clubs. If I see another comment about that topic on this post, I’m going to hold it and possibly block the IP address that keeps posting those comments.

  4. DSW… I think you might be looking for the comment on the Sherrif Mack post. The juvenile antics are over there.

  5. I don’t think it’s political. I’ve just watched a few minutes of each one singing and it seems that Danny and Kris had pretty similar, vanilla, easy listening styles. Adam has a hard, stage show type, hard rock style. It’s not a huge leap to see that Danny’s fans, who obviously like that kind of music, would rally behind the remaining contestant with the most similar style. Personal lives completely ignored, Adam’s *music* style is still very much a particular, acquired taste and is not nearly as versatile is that of the other two gentlemen.

  6. I can say, I noticed that Adam had a huge rosary on, worn like a necklace. As a Catholic, unless you’re on your way to or in the middle of prayer, it’s not considered approriate to wear a rosary as a necklace. I know it’s become a fashion choice here and there. But the American Idol stylists must have KNOWN of it’s relevance.

    I didn’t see a priest or a confesional, so I was a bit turned off by what seemed to be an Americon Idol vote ploy.

  7. Antifederalist says

    Shane, are you serious? AMERICAN IDOL? Really? Don’t we have something better to discuss than this brain-melting pop trash? Who cares?

  8. AF-You know though, current culture IS POLITICS. This topic is huge among young people and I would jump on it as a discussion spur when teaching. My posts are often just that–stir the debate a bit. Religion and values on the biggest variety show in the country–quite relevant. Young conservatives ARE talking of it–just look at the trendings on twitter today.

  9. I have a suspicion that part of the vote for Kris was a “backlash vote” for what happened to Carrie Prejean. Those Americans enmeshed in the pop culture carry over their political views when they vote.

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