Konopnicki leading moderate Republican push for taxes & more spending

Sen. Ron Gould revealed in the Legislative Report that there is a “bunch of liberal Republicans in the House led by Bill Konopnicki that want to push more spending and a tax increase, and they have managed to hijack the budget in the House. They have thrown off most of the conservative reforms out of the BRBs…”

We welcome comments now from the liberals who hang out all day on Sonoran Alliance making comments. We’d love to hear you claim again that Konopnicki, the most liberal Republican in the House who received a 2.9 out of 100 from the Pachyderm Coalition in their latest rankings, is a conservative Republican. If Konopnicki is a conservative Republican, then Obama must be a Republican too.

Hopefully Konopnicki’s efforts have been defeated, now that the House & Senate have released a budget proposal that will not raise taxes.


  1. I’m just super excited to read the stellar list of ideas presented by our genius Senator Ron Gould….oh wait, oops I was confused there for a second.
    Hey there’s only 60 days or so left until June 30th. They still have time right.

  2. Question? says

    Tick tock. Tick tock. Okay, so, we now have people attacking people who don’t like the GOP plan, but who exactly is supporting the plan? Two cancelled budget meetings don’t seem like a rousing endorsement to me. (chirping crickets)

  3. William R. says

    Konopnicki is a social conservative only. Pro-Life and Marriage are his big conservative issues. He’s in favor of big education meaning spending more money, but that’s about where his conservatism ends.

    Being an Opposition Research Consultant has its advantages. There’s a reason the Pachyderm Coalition and the Goldwater Institute rate his performance so low. And the halls of the State Capitol hold many whispers and secrets.

    He is strongly in favor of an amnesty plan and honestly believes that Arizona’s loss of guest workers is a contributing cause of our economic woes. (yeah he’s said that to the Cap Times).

    Ninety percent of his campaign donors are from outside of his home district and reflect the interests of big business and cheap labor. If it wasn’t for his own self-funding and Maricopa special interests, he wouldn’t have remained in the Legislature past his first term.

    Always one to polish Kyl’s boots…

    Konopnicki is for *reasonable* gun restrictions and may even favor a registration program – he’ll have to chime in on that, I’m not sure… but I’d like it in writing for the record. Call him and ask. He is “Pro-Second Amendment” but maybe not the way Gun Owners of America is. Maybe more like Michael Steele.

    He is for large government; tax hikes, and more government programs. He dislikes the Voter Initiative process; hates Term Limits; and is Pro-Life and hates the whole idea of Gay Marriage.

    He feels he was cheated out of Jake Flake’s seat in the Senate. He helped recruit a democrat candidate to run against the woman who won Jake’s seat. Some folks even think he’ll run against his own party member to get what he wants.

    He once contributed a goodly sum to a PAC organized by Christy Todd-Whitman and he’s co-authored with Kyrsten Sinema a resolution calling for an Arizona Department of Peace.

    He was one of the most frequent visitors to Napolitano’s office of any Republican in the House, and he voted with her budget proposals several times even against his own leadership.

    Maybe he’s trying to be a McCain Maverick?

    He’s been heard to speak ill of our current governor (when he thinks no one is listening), and he’s not a fan of Kirk Adams so we hear.

    Konopnicki would make a terrific Blue Dog Democrat, and there’s not much he wouldn’t do to keep climbing the political ladder. He’s been heard once to even mention the Governor’s office.

    With *conservatives* like Konopnicki, who needs Democrats? Maybe he’ll join us?

  4. Jay Adams says

    William R

    Not sure where you made up your story but most of your “facts” are just not true. If you have your way we will have a Democrat majority in both bodies. Konopnicki is a conservative just one that thinks and does something about the problems. If Ron Gould is your example of what a Republican is we are in trouble. Gould takes himself out of any true resolve to any problem because he can’t think and only votes NO. That is great for the state and the party.

    I also hear Gould’s business is in trouble? That put him a great place to make decisions for us. His buddy Harper lost his business. Great team and just what AZ needs to people who can’t make it in the outside world but can run government.

    How about a little support for Governor Brewer? Gould was rude enough to walk out of the Republican’s Governor’s first “State of the State” message. What does that say? He supports the former Governor? Your logic is unreal.

    As to Ninety percent of his campaign donors are from outside of his home district look at who makes donations to all legislators. Look at ALL the Speakers and Presidents donors—95% from out of their district. How about our friends that run “Clean” and use taxpayer money for their campaign? Is that good for the state?

    Konopnicki is a strong “Pro-Second Amendment” supporter and has the votes to prove it.

    AZ needs strong businesses to KEEP AZ citizens working. What an awful thing that he supports business! Would you have only Government jobs? Now that is a great Republican plan. By the way, Konopnicki also supports closing the border and LEGAL immigration. What wrong with LEGAL immigration? Oh yea, I forgot it is the color.

    Oh yes, you commitments about him not supporting Adams–YOU are the one who said Konopnicki took out Weiers and replaced him with Adams. Which way is it William?

    Does Konopnicki have POWER over everyone in the legislature but Gould and Harper? If so he needs to be Governor and get a budget out so the state can start on it’s next problem—the budget for 2011.

    You William are a Democrat because you are working to give them both bodies and the Governor in AZ.

    Good luck and keep on posting “lies” that will move the party forward.

  5. William R. says

    Jay, can you put your money where you mouth is? Back up this statement: “… YOU are the one who said Konopnicki took out Weiers and replaced him with Adams.”

    Where did I say that?

    And back this up please: “… most of your “facts” are just not true.” In posting #3 what is “just not true”? Please, let us know.

    And attacking Gould and Harper? What did they have to do with posting #3 of mine?

    And if Mr Konopnicki supported Governor Brewer he’d be on the stump with her promoting her solutions – not working in a smoke filled back room somewhere cooking up his own “salvation plan”.

    As for the Second Amendment, please direct us to what legislation Mr. Konopnicki has himself sponsored so we may send in for publication in Page #9 Journal.

    And thank you for reminding me of this; Mr. Konopnicki has a well deserved reputation for initiating whisper campaigns against his rivals real and otherwise. He’s pretty good at it too. Only now I think most folks in Phoenix are on to his game.

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