Kolbe unplugged.

Koble and Giffords.jpg Jim Kolbe spoke with the Tucson Citizen recently. Kolbe is reported as saying that the Republican Party has been focusing too much on abortion. To quote “It takes us away from our core element and our core values.” That is an interesting view. Respect for human life takes the Republican Party away from its core values. 

I guess Kolbe was so busy with his duties as a congressman that he missed the huge success that the party had with pro-life Ronald Reagan at the helm. Or that both George H. W. Bush and his son won the presidency on a pro-life platform. Since 1981 a Republican has been president for 18 of the past 26 years, all of them pro-life. The very pro-life Senator Jon Kyl just defeated a well funded challenge in which he was directly attacked for his position on abortion. 

One policy that really did cost us in the last election was allowing a gay Republican congressman to chase after young men in the page program. I guess Kolbe would rather attack pro-lifers than an adult who cultivates young men just before they reach the age of consent. 

I have a very simple question for Kolbe. Where do committed pro-lifers go politically? Since we see the protection of innocent human life as a fundamental good we cannot in clear conscience be part of a group that believes the opposite. Does Kolbe want us to form a third party? Does he prefer that we just stay home on election day? These are important questions because the Republican Party, since Reagan became president, has done quite well with the pro-life vote. Is Jim suggesting that the party now toss us overboard? I hope the party enjoys life in the minority if that is the plan. 

Saturday 12-30-06, 7:15 am

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