Knaperek Endorses Shadegg Organization

November 8, 2007
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Laura Knaperek Endorses Reagan 21 Program
Pledges never to support earmark spending

TEMPE, AZ – Former state legislator and Arizona Congressional District 5 candidate Laura Knaperek today endorsed Reagan 21, a new national organization launched by Arizona Congressman John Shadegg designed to return the Republican Party to its fundamental values of fiscal responsibility, freedom and limited government.

“I wholeheartedly applaud Congressman Shadegg for taking the initiative to launch this important new organization. We simply must rebuild the people’s trust in our government and party,” Knaperek said.

“The Reagan 21 program reminds us all that the Republican Party is the party of fiscal responsibility and optimism.  As a candidate for Arizona’s 5th Congressional District, I am proud to endorse the principles of Reagan 21.  Let us return to the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan,” Knaperek said. 

In keeping with the Reagan 21 commitment to ethics in government and fiscal responsibility, Knaperek has pledged not to support earmark spending or pursue pork barrel projects when elected to Congress.

“Earmarks are often inserted into bills with no transparency and can easily be used as a political payback. As a result, we now have former Members of Congress that are in prison for public corruption,” Knaperek said.  “We must reform the entire system so that members of the people’s House do not have so many easy opportunities for corruption. The citizens of our country deserve a government that is transparent in its transactions and free from corruption.”

While in the Arizona State Legislature, Knaperek earned a reputation as a budget hawk committed to reigning in government spending.

“The American people have rightly lost confidence in Congress’ ability to be responsible stewards of our tax dollars.  Pork barrel spending is just one example of how Congress has lost all fiscal discipline.  I have a clear record as a fiscal conservative and I fully embrace the values of Reagan 21.  When I’m elected to Congress, I will never pursue an earmark and I will fight to put an end to this unethical practice,” Knaperek said. 

Knaperek continued, saying, “I call on Harry Mitchell and the other candidates in the race to make this same pledge never to support earmarks or pork barrel projects.”


  1. Cook,

    I remember reading an article where Mr. Schweikert stated he took out a home equity line on his house for an undisclosed amount to put towards his race… I do not know if you have been to Fountain Hills lately, but that is a significant statement. If it was a home in Apache Junction I could understand, but anyone who has lived in Arizona or grew up here knows the housing values are signifcantly higher than the rest of Arizona housing. As other’s have commented, it is meer speculation until the campaign finance reports come out. So to answer your question Mr. Cook, I phrased it wrong and I should have stated my source originally. I will not even respond to Marcy’s comment to me… We all know where she stands on this issue.

  2. Marcy,

    The facts are available by talking with people who actually were voting members of the EGC as to whether there were written Treasurers Reports that included anything more than the monthly ending balance when Knaperek was the Treasurer. In fact, after her resignaton as Treasurer, the person elected by EGC members to serve until the next County Meeting cleaned up the mess.

    Secondly, get your facts straight. The actions of the improperly established IEC did hit pieces AGAINST the Scottsdale candidate who opposed Ellman’s development of Los Arcos with Ellman’s money that came into and out of the MCRC without the knowledge of either the EGC, or the Executive Committee of the EGC. That occurred while Knaperek was Treasurer and the transactions came to the attention of the EGC due to an article in an outside publication.

    To cite your previous postings about people who do not agree with you, I guess I am a straw man, libelous, immature, vicious liar, rancorous, half-man, half-beast/vampire with red eyes and a snakelike tongue {chupacabra} power brokering conservative Christian idiot making wild, baseless accusations from a conspiracy linked agenda.

    Wow, I think that sets a record for SA personal attacks. And you are complaining about over the top hyperbole?

  3. Ben,

    Another strawman: In fact, I never complained about hyperbole. I love hyperbole. To exaggerate for effect,can be, well, effective. It’s the lies I don’t like.

    It’s your lies, Ben, the unfounded accusations, insinuations and rumors. You did it again. You and your friends here have produced exactly nothing to back up your claim that Knaperek did anything WRONG. You are trying to get people to think it, but you provide absolutley nothing beyond “I heard” and “Someone said.” I’m not impressed.

    As for telling me to “get my facts straight” about the IEC matter, I never brought that up. It must have been a conversation you had with the chupacabra. Try to track the actual conversation here.

  4. Marcy, this is a really long thread with more than 50 posts, so you are forgiven for forgetting very specific information about Laura’s voting record, her scores from Goldwater, etc. A lot of posts don’t have that sort of information, but some of them do.

    Laura seems nice enough and I’m glad she is giving it a go. Time will tell if she can raise the money to be competitive and if her record stands up. Judging from this thread though, there is clearly some passionate opposition to her, and I haven’t seen that towards Ogsbury, Schweikert, Anderson, Hatch-Miller or Bitter-Smith. I think that itself is telling.

    Of what, you each have to decide for yourself.

  5. I didn’t forget about the reference to Knaperek’s voting record. I already pointed out that her voting record is excellent, many people’s opinions. The Goldwater Institute’s grades are one thing. How many conservative legislators got above a C? How many live in CD5? The Goldwater Institute is not the gold standard for everyone.

    I agree with you that the fact that other candidates weren’t smeared on this thread is interesting. I would hope that it would not happen to anyone else.

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