Ann Kirkpatrick Bails on Holbrook, Arizona; Talks on the Corner in Payson

Here is the latest video from a gathering in Holbrook waiting to ask Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick about the Obama Health Care plan. Looks like all the evil insurance companies called these folks and paid them to show up as a mob to threaten Kirkpatrick.

We’ve been told this meeting last an entire 15 minutes before Kirkpatrick grabbed her things and abruptly bailed for the white jeep with California plates.

Here is another meeting with constituents in Payson.

In this meeting she followed the same meeting model of Gabrielle Giffords. According to PaysonVIP,

A meeting on August 5, 2009 of 1st District Arizona US Representative Ann Kirkpatrick and some of her constituents in Payson, Arizona. We discovered a new talking point. It’s called “Talking on the Corner.” Instead of addressing the entire group. the Congresswoman opted to meet one-on-one with concerned citizens. We were unable to locate any citizens who were bussed in, were representative of insurance companies, or wearing Brooks Brothers suits. We did not find any manufactured anger.


  1. Tucson Vice says

    “Looks like all the evil insurance companies called these folks and paid them to show up as a mob to threaten Kirkpatrick.”

    No, DSW. They all just showed up. They happened to all know where she would be and when she would be there. The event was completely unorganized and entirely coincidental. The extremists in the republican party had nothing at all to do with it.


    By the way: I’ve said it a million times. If you want members of congress to talk to you for more than 15 minutes, give them a reason to stay. Screaming at them like a bunch of apes (no offense to the apes out there) and acting like stupid, confused, uninformed children using only the most basic thought processes to form your arguments will not get their attention.

    They should be ignoring you. The teabagger movement is a disgrace to real, intelligent conservatives everywhere and caters to only the lowest common denominator of human beings. William F. Buckly is rolling in his grave…he would be mortified at what a howling group of extremists that the republican party has become.

    Stand aside and let the adults in your party, the conservatives with rational thoughts and problems to discuss, do the talking. They are worth hearing from.

    Teabaggers are not.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    Tucson Vice, someday stay awhile in the hamlet known as Holbrook before spouting off about things you know nothing of.

    Oh, and if a member of Congress (of either party) speaks for more than 15 minutes they’ll begin their stump speech loop all over again, speaking and saying nothing of substance.

    Maybe that’s what the folks are a little tired of? Not being listened to and taken seriously by Congresspersons.

  3. Desert Rain says

    We “disgraceful” teabaggers as you call us have let the “rational” conservatives do the talking for years….and look where that has gotten us – to the brink of socialism/Marxism!

    Have you tried calling your congressman in the last 5 years? I have and it’s an eye-opener. Pelosi doesn’t even have a mailbox, and Schumer’s phone just rings and rings. If you call during business hours, which is difficult if you work during the day, the phone is answered by snotty condescending staffers who say you’re crazy if you disagree with your representative!

    So we WILL listen to us? Our retirement funds have dwindled to a pittance, social security is on its way to bankruptcy, and now when we’re just about to the point of accessing Medicare, we’re told they’re going to be reducing the funds for it and also fundamentally changing it. Oh, and they’re gonna need a whole lot more of our tax money to do so.

    And you want us to shut up and go sit in the corner??!!?? Like good little lambs to the slaughter? Uh, no, I don’t think so. YOU can go quietly, but I refuse to.

    I urge you to look at the people Obama surrounds himself with, and then you’ll see the direction he wants to take this country. Google Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Ezekial, who is helping put together this health care debacle, to see some of his views. Then get back to me.

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    Rahm and Ezekial … racists. If you knew what those brothers thought of folks like you.

  5. Desert Rain
    I am just wondering what district you live in to have both Pelosi and Schumer as your congressman?

    Except for retirement funds losing massive value, thanks to the free market, nothing else you claim is true – maybe that is why no one wants to speak to you.

  6. Tucson Vice says


    You don’t know who I am. I’m not sure what you mean by folks like me. I’m not black or gay, if thats what you mean. It would be stupid of me to devote much time to figuring out every sentence rambled by every extremist on this tabloid, so I won’t.

    Desert rain,

    98% of our nations economy is privately owned. Look it up. You clearly don’t know what Socialism is and I’m not sure how Marxism comes in here, but it seems contradictory to suggest that the best and most rational among you has brought us to the brink of Marxism.

  7. Saw Gabby on KUAT Friday night. Heard nothing but the same old talking points about health care reform. Loved it when she mentioned swastikas ala Pelosi. Let’s just continue to insult the voters who have found their voice.

  8. Tucson Vice says

    They always had a voice (unless they were too stupid to call their congressional leaders or write a letter to a newspaper).

    No, limbaugh, hannity and other such buffoons simply showed them the volume control. And what to do with all that tin foil.

  9. kralmajales says

    The voters that found their voice? You mean the same right wing conservatives that voted for Tim Bee and LOST????? Those voters? Hmmmm….

    Guess what, there are a helluva lot fewer of you now than then….AND…guess what again…

    So you are extremist, louder, AND turning more and more former conservatives further away from you.

  10. There are so many things wrong with this picture.

    I’ve worked for several elected officials and run a number of town halls. Why in the world would you pick the entrance of a supermarket to have a discussion on any kind of policy? Rent a school cafeteria or the Elks Club meeting room.

    Why would you force constituents to stand in line to have two minutes of time with their congressman(woman) instead of an open forum? You only make people impatient – especially if they have to stand around a bunch of grocery carts and compete with the 4 year old who wants to ride the mechanical horsey.

    And…. If you have the courage to stand for election in the first place, why would you not have the courage to answer tough questions? But, for heaven’s sake, don’t walk out.

    I’ve staffed town halls from Tucson to Tuba City (no, not recently) and one thing they all have in common is there are going to be some very tough questions, so the elected official better be able to deal with them. If he or she can’t, then he or she is in the wrong line of work.

    And by the way, this crowd was small potatoes. A couple of commenters think these guys are angry? These folks were miffed, at best. Try doing a Medicare event in Green Valley. THAT’s a tough crowd.

  11. Veritas Vincit says

    Hey TVice … not sure why you took the comment in posting #4, but you certainly did devote time to commenting and wondering what I meant.

    DGN, its no easier out in Lake Havasu with that crowd either 😉

  12. Desert Rain says

    Todd, I never said they were my congressmen. I’m allowed to call the speaker of the house, especially when she calls conservatives Nazis. And I just plain don’t like Schumer, especially after what he did last summer to IndyMac Bank. It’s a free country, remember?

  13. Desert Rain says

    Hey Todd – what part of what I said above isn’t true?

    Have you checked your 401K lately?

    Social Security will be bankrupt in 8 years.

    Obama has said he’s reducing funds to Medicare by $500,000,000 a year – just as boomers are starting to access it. Get it? More people using it, but less money available. Sounds like a problem to me.

  14. kralmajales says

    Desert Rain,

    My 401K and the rest of America’s is up 10-15% per fund this year so far. Things are slowly getting better on the market front, which will make the richies that govern your party pretty happy. I am guessing Jim Click is also happy with our President and Congress as they have helped incentivize people to buy cars again. Not bad.

    Jobs…a long long way to go. A shame that our President and Republican dominated Congress put us in this mess, but we will get out…and under this President.

    Write it down.

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