Kirk Adams Tells Another Whopper

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adams receives $5000 donation from McCain’s PAC         

2 weeks later, he tells a Tea Party he doesn’t know whether McCain is supporting him – then throws a fundraiser with McCain

Do we need another liar in Congress?
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  1. Kirk Adams is a RINO just like McCain. He is trying to run to the right since it’s the primary. But we remember his RINO voting record when he was in the legislature. Don’t be fooled by his lies.

    • CD5 Conservative says

      This attempted attack is just silly.

      He was asked two questions, answered both accurately. How is this a whopper. gets a check, says he doesn’t have an endorsement but hopes he has his support and 2 months later it now appears he does….yep, throw him in the fire boys and girls….Adams is now McDEVIL.

      hmmm, maybe he hadn’t spoken to McCain in the two weeks since the PAC sent the check…and if we’ve learned anyting about donations from PAC’s that it doesn’t necessarily mean an endorsement…queue the club for growth donations to both quayle and schweikart.

      Shane – posts like this is making SA look like the S.H.I.E.L.D. site.

      • Now you are attacking the sight owner for exposing McAdams. You are so good at telling people to go away from SA, why don’t you take your own advice? Dry up and blow away, McTroll!

        • CD5 Conservative says

          hey TP, troll is my line 🙂

          This video and the attempted attack is just pathetic….that was my point. SA is better than this and always has been.

          And I didn’t attack Shane, I pointed out that the article was not better than some of the crap that’s thrown around on lesser sites.

          • That SHEILD site is embarrassing. It makes conservatives look like grade school bullies. (Grade school bullies who can’t spell or put coherent thoughts together …). Whoever is responsible for that site, please do us all a favor and (a) get a content editor and (b) get a copy editor and (c) refill your xanax prescription.

        • McStupid, Mcp2012p.

        • Hi all, p2012p is Russell Pearce’s nephew, who has a personal vendetta against Adams. .

      • Kirk did a great job as Speaker, and I feel it speaks volumes about you when trying to throw him over the cliff. I feel you just did less informed readers a big favor.

      • Absolute nonense post.

    • CD5 Conservative says

      Hmm, which candidate refered to McCain as “I would say he is one of my idols”?

      which Candidate has given MORE money to McCain…

      a clue – the answer sounds a little fishy

      • CD5 Conservative says


        you skipped this post somehow and didn’t spurt one of your useless lies, baseless associations or inuendo’s.

        Or are trying to learn how to type McSalmon….

      • CD5 Conservative says

        What happened P2012P….aka Pearce’s nephew…you somehow skipped this post of mine.

        Are you having trouble accepting these facts about the candidate your uncle loves.

        Or are you trying to learn how to type McSalmon???????

  2. Ghost of Friedman says

    Definition of RINO: One who has betrayed Lord Pearce.

    • Conservative American says

      Definition of Ghost of Friedman: One who is a liberal.

      • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

        Classic “Conservative American” response. Has nothing to do with the article/video ever. Just spammy, ad hominem attacks. ConAm, what do you think about the fact that Matt Salmon is a McCain guy? Huh? And where is the lie in the video? And, chronologically, can you gain the support of someone like McCain AFTER you say you’re unsure if he is formally endorsing or supporting you? Is that possible? Is that point addressed in the video? Huh? I dare you to try and discuss the relevant topic.

        • Conservative American says

          And this comment, of course, has everything to do with the article/video:

          “Ghost of Friedman says:
          March 29, 2012 at 9:44 am”

          “Definition of RINO: One who has betrayed Lord Pearce.”

          So are you going to chastise Ghost of Friedman now for making a comment which has nothing to do with the article/video? I didn’t think so, LOL!

          Classic liberal double standard. That’s why we love liberals so much. For liberals, everyone is equal, just that some are more equal than others, LOL!

          MCC wrote: “And where is the lie in the video?”

          Duh! The “whopper” is Adams stating that he doesn’t know if McCain is supporting him when McCain made a $5,000 PAC donation to Adams two weeks BEFORE he was asked if McCain is supporting him.

          Will that do, outraged liberal?

          • Ghost of Friedman says

            I was addressing the first comment, which called Adams a RINO. As for me being a “liberal”…nice try. It must be nice to be the arbiter of what constitutes “conservative” and what constitutes “liberal.” I freely admit my political leanings: libertarian. Care to define that for me as well?

    • Jeff Foxworthy: You may be a RINO if you are scared to show up where Conservatives gather.

      McAdams is the biggest coward there is. When McFlake showed his sorry butt up at a LD meeting, after previously cancelling because he thought Cardon was going to be there. McAdams came to the same event minutes before it ended and stood in the back by the door pretending he had been there the whole time.

      • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

        You’re on a McMission to mindlessly smear anyone who didn’t support Russell Pearce. Lots of people don’t approve of his politics. Or your petty spitefulness.

        • I am on a mission to rid the Party from all the McRINOs. Anyone who is in cahoots with that diabolical machine better be prepared, I take no prisoners, only converts!

          BTW, how is that border security going that Sen. McRINO promised he would get tough on?

          Is his wife and bisexual daughter still trashing Conservatives?

          What disaster that McJERK still has the seat of the late great Barry Goldwater!

          Family of Freaks!

          • Ghost of Friedman says

            If Barry Goldwater were alive, you’d call him a RINO. He supported what you call “open borders.” He also was in favor of letting gays serve openly in the military. Try reading some history.

            So, apparently, you should have called him McBarry, or McGoldwater.

            • Conservative American says

              Barry Goldwater isn’t alive and you have no idea what people would call him if he were.

              How about we simply call you McLefty.

            • Chandler Conservative says

              You really want to bring childrens sexuality into this? Really? I usually just enjoy the bickering on this site, but this was to idiotic to let slide. Thanks p2012p for the entertainment.

  3. TruConserv says

    Where’s the whopper?

    Did you watch the video?

    He was asked: Did McCain endorse you?

    He answered truthfully, “No.”

    When asked if McCain supported him he replied: “I don’t know, but I hope so.”

    It’s not like he was running away from McCain support, as the poster suggests. If anything it made him sound a little pathetic, like a schoolboy hoping for approval from an upper-classman.

    Just more nonsense from the “Gazette.”

    (BTW: love how the youtube poster, like the “Gazette,” hasn’t yet mastered basic English language grammar. Coincidence?)

    • Conservative American says

      Duh! The “whopper” is Adams stating that he doesn’t know if McCain is supporting him when McCain made a $5,000 PAC donation to Adams two weeks BEFORE he was asked if McCain is supporting him.

      Just more nonsense from TC.

      And it’s “You Tube”, not “youtube”.

      • CD5 Conservative says

        OMG…is this serisouly the best you can come up with…

        He was asked two questions, answered both accurately. How is this a whopper. gets a check, says he doesn’t have an endorsement but hopes he has his support and 2 months later it now appears he does….yep, throw him in the fire boys and girls….Adams is now McDEVIL.

        hmmm, maybe he hadn’t spoken to McCain in the two weeks since the PAC sent the check…and if we’ve learned anyting about donations from PAC’s that it doesn’t necessarily mean an endorsement…queue the club for growth donations to both quayle and schweikart.

        Shane – posts like this is making SA look like the S.H.I.E.L.D. site.

        • Conservative American says

          He was aked if he was being supported by McCain and lied because two weeks before that he got $5,000 from McCain’s PAC. Duh!

          • CD5 Conservative says

            Great so Quayle can say that club for growth is supporting him then???

            come on – a PAC doesn’t equal supporting, Club for Growth has taught us that.

            • Conservative American says

              ROFL! How feeble, LOL!

              $5,000 from McCain’s PAC equals “supporting”. What would you call it, non-support?

              • PACs donate to multiple candidates in multiple races all the time (even those in the same race) – you know that. And you know better than what you’re trying to do.

              • Conservative American says

                Give it up, Wishbone, LOL!

                McCain’s PAC contributed $5,000 to Adams and two weeks later, Adams said that he didn’t know if McCain was supporting him. Those are the facts. Get over it. Adams lied.

      • TruConserv says

        Given that Adams was begging for McCain’s support, it is more likely than not that had he known of the check and known that it reflected McCain’s support of him he would have stated as much. He would have come off sounding better.

        It seems more reasonable that he didn’t want to speak for McCain and/or was not aware of the check.

        But then again, I don’t routinely see Black Helicopters dumping fluoride in my drinking water …

        BTW: No, it’s not.

        Read youtube’s “about” statement and trademark filings. No blank space between “you” and “tube.” NB: the placement of the period within the quotation mark. 😉

        • Conservative American says

          Hello! Irrelevant. Can you wrap your mind around a $5,000 donation from McCain’s PAC? Can you wrap your mind around the fact that two weeks after that donation Adams denied that he was “being supported” by McCain? No you can’t… but that’s your problem, LOL!

          • CD5 Conservative says

            denied…as in “I don’t know but I hope he is??????”

            You’re sounding more and more like a moron ever post

            • Conservative American says

              Denial of the facts is a terribel thing.

              Ah, yes, now we are down to “moron” because you don’t have a single fact on your side of the issue, LOL!!

          • TruConserv says

            Of course it’s relevant. The accusation is that the man lied – state of mind is precisely the relevant examination.

            The substance of the accusation is that Adams, when in front of Tea Party Members, tried to run from McCain’s support, fearing that being associated with McCain would hurt his chances of winning Tea Party support.

            When asked, Adams stated “I don’t know, but I hope he is.”

            That’s not running from McCain. That’s not trying to fool anyone in the Tea Party into thinking he’s the anti-McCain.

            That’s a man speaking the truth as he knows it. Nothing more, nothing less.

            • Conservative American says

              Of course it’s not relevant. The fact is that the man lied. State of mind can’t be proven. It is irrefutable fact, however, that two weeks after McCain’s PAC donated $5,000 to Adams, Adams said he didn’t know if McCain was supporting him. Duh!

              There is no “accusation”. There is simply fact. That fact is that two weeks after McCain’s PAC donated $5,000 to Adams, Adams said that he didn’t know if McCain was supporting him. End of story.

              You have no way of knowing if “that’s a man specking the truth as he knows it”. What we DO know, as a matter of fact, is that two weeks AFTER Adams received a $5,000 contribution from McCain’s PAC, he stated that he didn’t know if McCain was supporting him.

              • CD6 Businessman says

                Simple questions: can Ben Quayle say he is supported by Club for Growth? Can Wil Cardon say he is supported by Mitt Romney? The answer clearly is no but both received PAC checks. To say otherwise would be false. PAC donation does not equal endorsement or official support. Anyone who has spent 5 minutes in politics knows that.

              • Conservative American says

                Very simple.. and very irrelevant.

                McCain’s PAC donated $5,000 to Adams. What is that, non-support? Money talks, BS walks and McCain laid it down for Adams. Two weeks later Adams says he doesn’t know if McCain is supporting him. Right! Duh!

              • CD6 Businessman says

                Gotcha, glad to know now that indeed Matt Salmon was publicly supporting/endorsing Ed Pastor when he donated $500 to Pastors campaign. Thanks for clearing it up.

              • Conservative American says

                What’s the matter? Run out of things to say relevant to the posted story and video? The story is that Adams got $5,000 from McCain’s PAC and, two weeks later, Adams says he doesn’t know if McCain is supporting him. Liar, liar, pants on fire, LOL!

    • Charlie Ralstin says

      Of course he lied. He said he didn’t know if McCain was supporting him. You’re claiming Adams failed to acknowledge a $5000 contribution from a PAC? If he keeps that up, he’ll be out of money in no time.

  4. Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

    What a weak video. Everything he said was true. Of course, it doesn’t matter to the geniuses who put this together that Matt Salmon ENDORSED John McCain over their beloved J.D. Hayworth, and was endorsed by him, and served as McCain’s campaign chair, does it. This is all about kneeling before Lord Russell and Arpaio and kissing their rings. What a disgraceful example of tribal politics. I also believe that Politico Mafioso outed the “Gazette” as Rob Haney’s hit-piece platform.

    • Conservative American says

      Excuse me?

      Duh! The “whopper” is Adams stating that he doesn’t know if McCain is supporting him when McCain made a $5,000 PAC donation to Adams two weeks BEFORE he was asked if McCain is supporting him.

    • CD5 Conservative says

      not only did Matt endorse McCain, Matt has said in regards to McCain “I would have to say he’s one of my idols.”

      Of course, he also gave $2k to McCain’s campaign…to Kirks smaller donation of $700

      • Charlie Ralstin says

        I suppose if my options were McCain or Obama, McCain would be my idol as well.

        I distinctly recall that bitter taste in my mouth after leaving the polls back in ’08. I voted for McCain because I had to-not because I wanted to. Let’s not pretend endorsing someone makes us 100% on board with them. That’s not the argument here anyway. The point is that Kirk didn’t man up and acknowledge McCain’s support. If someone contributes 5k to your campaign, you know about it. That’s where Kirk lied.

        Additionally, if McCain is a ‘special guest’ at a fundraiser in Kirk Adams’ honor, you can bet Kirk is in his pocket.

        • BINGO!

        • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

          The deeper point that you’re not getting is that you’re total hypocrites for claiming that Adams is somehow not conservative for getting McCain’s support, when your fish Salmon fails the very test you’re applying to Adams. The reason you’re inconsistent is because you’re simply practicing tribal politics.

        • CD5 Conservative says

          maybe a little timeline will clarify
          late Dec – Kirk gets the PAC check
          two weeks later – Kirk is asked two questioned. Did McCain endorse – no. Does he support you – I don’t know but I hope he does.

          2 MONTHS later – McCain helps with a fundraiser

          again, how is this an issue or better yet, a “Whopper”?

          He openly said he hopes he had his support


          • Conservative American says

            Yo! You just stated the whopper!, LOL!

            Two weeks after receiving a $5,000 check from McCain’s PAC, Adams, when asked if he is being supported by McCain says, “I don’t know…”. Duh!

            • CD5 Conservative says

              I’m so clad CA that you have a perfect understanding of all items in this equation. That you know of every conversation and agreement. That you know what other do not….

              Nope, you’re just being ignorant and not using any rational thought

              question – can you receive a PAC check without being officially supported?
              question – if a candidate is unsure if the person is truly “supporting” them, should they just make assuptions?
              question – if a candidate says I don’t know but i hope so…does that mean he’s running from the support?

              this arguement is weakminded, ignorant and flat out ridiculous.

              but I guess we a candidate as strong as adams, you have to jup at anything you might think would stick.

              get a clue

              • Conservative American says

                Oh get off that feeble argument. Here are the facts:

                McCain’s PAC contributed $5,000 to Adams and two weeks after that Adams said that he didn’t know if McCain was supporting him. Duh!

                Hey, go take a long walk off a short pier.

  5. Anson Clarkson says

    Apparently APG didn’t get the memo with their last hit piece. Quickly losing what little credibility they have.

    • How is Sen. McRINO’s border security coming along? Want to talk about credibility?

      • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

        Everyone who disagrees with you on any issue is a “RINO,” huh. Is there a certification program that you operate somewhere, where one can earn the stamp of approval for being a true conservative? You know, kind of like all the ratings systems give to Jeff Flake? You probably need to publish one for here in Arizona.

        Of course, there is no need to publish a ratings system, since you have only one criteria: Follow every word that proceeds out of the mouth of Russell Pearce on immigration, or you’re a RINO!! Get a life.

        • Cap-n-Trade!

          Homosexuals in the military!

          In the House forever, but chairs no committees, always plays it safe, piehole shut when it comes to reforming entitlements. Career politicians who has near to no private sector experience.

          And a McRINO lackey, who in 2008, backed the gang of seven senator over all other more conservative candidates, including Romney.

          Screw the McRINO Machine Politics, it is time to take back the Party of Reagan!

          • Ghost of Friedman says

            You’d also call Reagan a RINO if he were alive and serving today. Amnesty, anybody?

            • Conservative American says

              Ronald Reagan isn’t alive today and you have no idea what his current positions would be or what anyone would call him. Next!

              • But we can look at his past, and he did the very things you say makes a person a traitor to the US.

                Honestly, you realize that your policies were not supported by either Goldwater or Reagan????

              • Conservative American says

                You look at his past and see liberal ideoology. The past is in the eye of the beholder. No, you do the very things which makes someone a traitor to the U. S..

                Honestly, do you realize that liberal distortions don’t sell at a Conservative blog? Try Daily Kos.

          • p2012p = McNut.

            • CD5 Conservative says


            • Conservative American says

              Rob = McLiberal.. and McCD5 as well.

              • CD5 Conservative says

                oh please don’t label me CA….i don’t think i can handle such statements. i might crawl into a dark spot and hide.

                Grow the F@%^ up.

                You don’t know me. I’m not liberal. You can’t name a single liberal policy I support. But you’ll be stupid and moronic enough to try to say because I support Adams that I’m liberal.

                Well you support Salmon who support Pearce …mister “operation wetback”…so that just makes you a racist….

                so how does baseless accusations make you feel???

              • Conservative American says

                You’ve already crawled into a dark spot, LOL!

                Hey, CD5, what does “F@%^” mean?

                Oh yeah, I know you. The liberal policy you support is lying by Adams that he didn’t know if McCain was supporting him. That’s liberal.

                Hey, CD5, haven’t you learned yet that you can’t MAKE other people feel anything? You’re simply not that powerful.

              • I’m great with you labeling me a liberal, ConAm.

                Considering the source, it’s about as meaningful to me as passing gas.

              • Conservative American says

                You would know a lot about flatulence as you’re full of hot air, LOL!

  6. Nordine Crub says

    No whopper here! And what candidate in his right mind wouldn’t want the support of both their senior and junior US Senator? Sounds like Captain Fishsticks is just mad he got passed over for the nod.

    • CD5 Conservative says

      Captain Fishstick – OMG, thank you. I haven’t laughed that hard since P2012P last insane post….

    • Conservative American says

      Whopper here! Defninitely, whopper here, despite liberal denial.

      • CD5 Conservative says

        I think you’re taking the “have it your way” Whopper/BurgerKing theme a little too far.

        Just because you want to make an accusation and truth doesn’t mean you can have it your way….bahahahaha

        • Conservative American says

          You’re confusing me with someone who gives a rat’s patootie what you think.

          It’s not “my” way. It’s simple fact. Two weeks after McCain’s PAC made a $5,000 contribution to Adams, Adams said he didn’t know if he was being supported by McCain. Duh!

          • “You’re confusing me with someone who gives a rat’s patootie what you think.”

            I guess all those replies from ConAm to CD5 Conservative, just above this are an example of a “rat’s patootie”?

            Can’t say I’d argue with that ConAm.

            • Conservative American says

              You’re confusing me with some who gives a rat’s patootie whether you would argue with it or not.

    • McCain and Kyl served in a delegation with Salmon and they have chosen to support his opponent. If that isn’t telling, I don’t know what is. Maybe they remember 2002 (Nappy beating Salmon behind the woodshed in the governor race) and just don’t want a weak candidate to lose to Democrats again …

  7. Check out S.H.I.E.L.D. if you want to read about some of the lobbyist connections Adams has..

    • CD5 Conservative says

      do you seriously believe this hack of a site has meaningful information.


      this stupid article is as a bad as the whopper article.

      But hey, let’s make inuendos, baseless accusations and 3 degrees of seperation arguement towards Adams about lobbying vs. actually looking AT THE LOBBYIST in the race.

      Salmon has some major explaining to do…and people haven’t even starting looking into just how bad his lobbyist record is….

      But those who drink is cool aid and believe in his new jesus, won’t take the time to look. Nope, they like living with their heads in the sand….

      • Conservative American says

        ROFL! Hey, CD5, I see that you never let the facts get in the way of your liberal support for lies and liars, LOL!

        Your stupid comment is as bad as your previous stupid comments.

        But hey, let’s ignore all facts and factual evidence and believe in CD5’s fairy tales, LOL!

        Adams has some major explaining to do… and people have already looked into just how bad Adams’ lobbyist record is.

        But people who drink the CD5 Kool Aid won’t believe the facts because they are liberals who abhor truth and facts.

        BTW, Jesus as an upper case “J”.

        • TruConserv says

          Nope, wrong again.

          Jesus, when not used as a reference to the specific and actual “Lord and Savior” is not capitalized. Thus, a “new jesus” should not be capitalized.

          To capitalize it would be an insult to Christians everywhere.

          • Conservative American says

            Yep, I’m right again.

            The reference IS to the “Lord and Savior” and the reference to a “new” Jesus in an insult to Christians everywhere.

      • Saul Alinsky would be proud of you. If you can’t refute the facts, attack the messenger.

        • Conservative American says

          Shhhh! You’re not supposed to mention Saul Alinsky or his book, “Rules for Radicals”. Too hot for liberals to own, LOL! 😉

  8. Oberserve says

    You know, at least it took Salmon a couple of years before he completely sold out. Adams was sold out before he even took his very first oath of office.

    Is any one of the two situations better?

    • CD5 Conservative says

      WTF are you talking about….

      What / who are you saying that Adams lobbied for before he went into the state house?

      Also, Salmon was lobbying before you went to the state senate. gov’t and public affairs for US West/Qwest.

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