Kirk Adams releases first individual testimonial video

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 29, 2011
CONTACT: Chad Heywood

East Valley – Kirk Adams for Congress released its first individual testimonial from the campaign’s latest YouTube series titled “I Support Kirk Adams.”

The video features Gilbert Vice Mayor and Mother, Jenn Daniels, on why she supports Kirk Adams. To view the first part of the video testimonial series, please click here; otherwise click here for Jenn’s personal testimonial. Each individual in the video series offers a unique perspective and explains how Kirk Adams’s political courage, personal integrity, and conservative principles have had a positive impact on them and why he’s the right choice in 2012.

“The majority of my day is spent doing everyday Mom work, I spend the other largest portion of my day serving the Town of Gilbert and working as hard as possible to make sure this community is a great place to raise a family,” states Jenn.

“The old way in Washington clearly isn’t working. I’m worried just like every other American mother should be worried…we have a tremendous debt that we’re leaving for our children,” she observes, “Kirk doesn’t come from an old Washington family, he doesn’t come from a lobbyist background or someone who’s been in the mix, “Kirk worked on several pieces of Pro-Life legislation, took some to court and won,” she describes, “I appreciated his stance on that, his conviction on that.”

Adams is a husband, father, and small businessman. After joining the state House in 2006, he became so frustrated by the unwillingness and inability of Republicans in the Legislature to stand up for their conservative principals that he launched a long-shot campaign to oust the veteran Speaker of the House. Adams shocked the Republican establishment and political class, winning the Speakership at only 35 years of age.

Adams turned the tide in the House and put Arizona back on the path to fiscal responsibility with an aggressive agenda of reform, courageously taking on some of the most challenging issues in Arizona.

Adams, a lifelong East Valley resident, lives in Mesa with his wife JaNae their five children.




  1. “After joining the state House in 2006, he became so frustrated by the unwillingness and inability of Republicans in the Legislature to stand up for their conservative principals”

    oh, you mean like when you stood up to the radicals who pushed through a recall of a fellow Republican who stood for conservative principles and unquestionably supported Russell Pearce?

    Oh wait. That didn’t happen.

    Move along Adams. We don’t need THAT kind of “leadership” anymore. We want someone with an actual spine.

  2. Steve Wilkes says

    Maybe I’m missing something, but when I searched to see what bills Adams was the primary sponsor of, most either never made it out of committee or they were just a bunch of reconcilliation/appropriation bills.

    He wasn’t even a primary sponsor for big bills (like abortion, embryo, immigration etc) but rather in a long list of co sponsors.

    I guess I’m not seeing why so many are enamoured with this guy. Especially if he thinks he’s entitled to represent us in Washington.

  3. Steve,

    Actually, you are “missing something”. Speakers normally (by custom) don’t sponsor many bills as prime sponsors. They normally only have one or two main bills in the session. Their main efforts are getting the majority’s bills through and creating the majority agenda with the majority leader. I’m glad you can look things up on ALIS, but clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about. He was the driving force for most of the bills you mentioned. Don’t believe me? Ask Cathy Herrod, who credited Adams as one of the sole reasons why the abortion bills passed last year, for example. I listened to her praise Kirk at the Students for Life Dinner for being responsible for getting these bills on the governor’s desk (her words). Given that her organization, the Center for Arizona Policy, drafted these bills, I would say she knows what she’s talking about.

    As for the Russell Pearce thing is concerned, Kirk voted for every one of Russell’s immigration bills and Salmon supported amnesty as a congressman. Of course, I guess you could support Chuck Gray, but Chuck’s going to lose.

  4. Steve Wilkes says

    Just so I’m clear…The Speaker of the House isn’t normally a Prime Sponsor of bills but it is normal for a Senate President?

    There are an awful lot of Prime Sponsored bills by Senator Pearce (and more than just resolutions). Far more than Adams.

    • Actually, Sen. Pearce’s heavy sponsorship load was atypical. Jake’s assessment above is correct. Look back at what Bob Burns, Jim Weiers and Jake Flake sponsored while they were heads of their chambers.

  5. Pretty much. Most speakers don’t. The senate and the house are pretty different, but being a prime sponsor on a bill when you are the speaker is considered bad form. It was that way among many of the presidents too. It’s considered being an attention hog. Why? Because everyone knows you are the leader and the bills wouldn’t go anywhere without your help, so why do you have to take the credit as a prime sponsor? That’s why key bills that are a part of the majority agenda are given to other members–often chairmen to run. Besides that, whether you are a “prime” sponsor or a “co-sponsor” is pretty irrelevant. You don’t do anything different. Your vote is your vote. For someone in house leadership, though, the issue is getting the majority agenda through. The perfect example of that is that the abortion bills would not have been possible without Kirk Adams. That’s not me saying that—that’s Cathy Herrod. The speaker is responsible for assigning bills to the right committees (and assigning the right chairmen for committees for that matter) to get the bills heard, making sure the bill goes through rules, making sure the whip schedules the bills in caucus, conferring with the governor’s office the whole way. Kirk did all that on all those bills. No bill makes it through without his help. Don’t believe me? Just ask the democrats who were the prime sponsors of bills how many made it through the legislature. The bills that did bear his stamp as a prime sponsor–the pension reform issue–were some of the most important bills of the decade. They will shape Arizona forever. Salmon’s legacy? Electronic cigarettes.

  6. As we saw in the recent Mesa Recall election real people endorsements are much more powerful than an enforcement by another elected official or interest group.

    My advice for Speaker Adams is keep your eye on the goal, stay focused, keep it positive and whatever you do don’t let CQ anywhere near your campaign. When you think you have to cheat to win, you probably won’t.

  7. Kirk Adams is an open border puppet of the Burger Barons! Try posting a negative comment on bubble-butt’s youtube ad and see how fast the RINOs rip it down!

    • Chandler Conservative says

      Huh…just because you make an allogation doesn’t mean it’s true. Open Border puppet, that made me spit out my drink. He was a force in the house pushing through 1070. He went out nationally and defended the cause. Don’t believe me, then read this article by Adams from the Washington Post

      Open border puppet – get freaking real and stop making things up. Or are you just another progressive that doesn’t want to do their research because it’s easier to name call and make up accusations?

  8. Nordine Crub says

    As the proud owner of a bubble butt, I’m offended my that comment. Not all of us can wear skinny-ass jeans. And P2012P – try posting a positive comment! Just be nice! Hugs. N

  9. Chandler Conservative says if listen to the drawback on adams it’s 1) he stayed OUT of the Pearce recall (didn’t endorse anyone) 2) Wasn’t the primary sponsor on enough bills 3) he’s an open border zealot????? (got to love when people make crap up)

    Yep that just sealed his fate in my books… yeah right. If that’s the best that folks have then better go hire CQ so he can start making stuff up about him now. (sorry CQ, couldn’t resist). Of course, that didn’t work and the voters saw thru that in LD18…just saying (as someone who supported Pearce).

    After reading this, I definetely think I’ll go with the sell out lobbyist (aka hired gun) Salmon who would represent ANYONE who was willing to pay him. Unions, Cities fighting Luke Air Force Base, etc… Yep, much better option. Of course, he was NO WHERE to be seen when we 1070 was passed.

    No wait, there is Chuck Gray. He done…well nothing that will inspire him to more than 10% in the polls. And he needs to answer why he left the senate when we needed good leadership the most. He left us to run for the next office when the budget was in it’s worst financial shape in az history. So now we send him to Washingon, nope. Not happening.

    • Look, you are not fooling anyone, except perhaps the useful idiots. Everyone knows there are two camps in the Party today. The one with the open border establishment RINOs who have an invested interest in keeping the situation as it is versus the Tea Party Conservatives who are sick at the way the country is be run into the ground. Salmon or Gray is a toss-up for me, but I do see them both at a lot of Tea Party events. On the other hand, I never see that lying, back stabbing Adams.

      • Chandler Conservative says

        This getting even better. Because Adams has not graced your presence enough he’s not a republican or a conservative. Grow the heck up. Gray will pander to any audiance that will give him 2mins of time. Can’t blame him. Salmons – he a hired gun who has HELPED the same forces causing the distruction of this country. Why else would he lobby for unions and AGAINST the F35 coming to Luke.

        Tell me once where Adams has “Lied”? Back stabbing again how? If this is about a Pearce endorsement than you show your true colors.

        For the record I’m a tea partier as well. Do your research on Adams record, his leadership in house and his stance on todays issues. I doubt you’ve taken 2mins of time to even consider doing this. Because you see Kyl backed him and Flake and assume he’s the same man. He’s NOT. He’s the next generation of leadership in the AZ GOP!

        • Hey Moron, it is not my presence he needs to attend! But I would like to know the last time he has shown his face around a large gathering of conservatives, and not some canned meeting at a house or a kitchen table. And I know for fact that he has backed stabbed people on legislation, saying one thing and then doing another.

        • How about a link to the F35 story.

      • CD6 Businessman says

        P2012p (or Pearce family member) Your tantrum seems to be based very little on principle. Your pride seems to be getting the best of your principles.

        • Here is someone who is typical of a Kirk Adams supporter, a Pearce basher!

          • CD6 Businessman says

            Not a Pearce basher at all. You just sound bitter is all and it seems to be overpowering your ability to reason. I like a lot of what Senator Pearce did. Crazy thing is that most of what he did is what Kirk Adams did and visa versa. Neither could have been successful without the other as the Senate and House leaders. So the fact that a few Pearce supporters think that Kirk Adams is the bogeyman seems bogus to me.

            The only logic I can see is that you are bitter and it is affecting your judgement. Not saying you have to support Kirk Adams, but I am saying that attacking Kirk can only be out of bitter frustration which is why I alleged that you are Pearce family member or close friend. Defeat can suck and I truly feel for the staunch Pearce fans. He was a guy who did a ton of cool stuff. But taking it out on another conservative just makes you look like sour grapes.

            • I allege that you as a business man in CD6 have a vested interest against 1070, and that is why you back the Open Border, Burger Baron Puppet Kirk Adams.

  10. Kirk Adams is the real deal. You can argue about what he didn’t do as Speaker, but I can guarantee you that the things Matt Salmon *did* do as a lobbyist were much worse.

    • It seems like the RINOs are all out in full force! Sorry, but when Kirk Adams supported McCain’s hand picked crony Carmichael over the Tea Party Morrissey at the state convention I knew then Kirk was with the crony establishment.

      • CD6 Businessman says

        So instead do you suggest at that time that Kirk should have been out raking in the cash by lobbying for unions and against the F-35 at Luke AFB????

        Morrissey is a whole different story but considering members of his own board were coordinating a coup against him I don’t think he is one you should start promoting as a beacon of leadership.

  11. Tired of the same crap, different politician says

    P2012p you full of crap and no facts. Your statements about Adams make no sense. My guess you’re just some paid hack or an intern trying to rip on someone when you have no evidence. Go away troll

    • Sorry Charlie! I am not going anywhere, Kirk and his butt-buddy Crandell are going to have really work at getting elected this time around. Perhaps they can get Parrazz’s foot soldiers to walk the neighborhoods for them.

  12. Who is “bubble butt”? I missed that screen name.

  13. Nordine Crub says

    P2012p – did you and V V bite into a sour pickle? You two seem to be Burger Baron” fixated!

    • Naaa, I just like using the name Burger Barons to describe those who have a vested interest in keeping illegals, illegal. I heard JD Hayworth say it, and it just sort of stuck with me. Perhaps I should get creative and think of some names of my own, like The Landscaping Lords, The Kar-wash Kings or The Restaurant RINOs. To bad I don’t know what kind of bizz ole CD6 B-man is in (probably fake IDs) but I bet I could think a good name for him.


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