Kirk Adams announces campaign for Congress

CONTACT: Chad Heywood

Senator Jon Kyl endorses Adams, will serve as Honorary Chairman

Mesa, Arizona – Kirk Adams is excited to announce today his campaign to represent the East Valley in Congress, pledging to bring the same conservative principles and tough decision-making he exhibited as Arizona Speaker of the House back to Washington.

“I’ve taken on the unions, the lobbyists, the career politicians and the voices of stagnation here in Arizona, and I intend to take them on in Congress,” Adams said. “We can’t afford to kick the can down the road anymore. We need someone who will fight to cut spending, reform entitlements, secure our border and return to the founding principles of our Constitution before it’s too late.”

Adams is also proud to have the support of Senator Jon Kyl, who is endorsing Adams and will serve as the campaign’s Honorary Chairman.

“Senator Kyl is a mentor and a hero of mine, and I’m humbled and thrilled to have him as part of this campaign,” Adams said.

Senator Kyl, a national conservative leader, said Adams is the candidate he trusts to fight for the East Valley and conservative principles.

“Kirk is exactly the kind of fresh, conservative leader we need to send to Congress to stand up for our principles. He’ll make an outstanding congressman. My only regret is that I won’t be there to serve with him when he’s elected,” said Kyl.

Adams, a husband, father and a small businessman, is a lifelong resident of the East Valley. After building a successful property and casualty insurance business, Adams was first elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2006 hoping to craft conservative policies to make Arizona a better place for his family.

But he soon found himself frustrated by the failed attempts of the Republican majority to stop the liberal policies of Janet Napolitano and the Democrats. So, Adams decided to run against the veteran Speaker of the House after only one full term in office on a pledge of more aggressively pushing a conservative agenda and bringing more transparency to the Legislature.

Adams shocked political observers, when at only 35 years of age, his long-shot bid was successful – making him the youngest Speaker in Arizona’s history.

In his three years in the top leadership post in the House, Adams turned the tide. In the aftermath of Janet Napolitano’s spending spree, Adams negotiated and authored the first structurally balanced budget in at least five years – and without any accounting gimmicks or debt financing. In total, Adams pushed more than $3 billion in spending cuts through the House.

Adams’s Jobs Bill resulted in the largest permanent tax cut in Arizona history. Adams even took on the public-employee unions, authoring and passing a top-to-bottom reform of the state pension system to free taxpayers from ever increasing liabilities. And as Speaker, Adams helped ensure the passage of SB1070 and make sure it was defended both in the court of law and against the liberal media and national boycott groups.

“Our country is at a turning point,” Adams said. “If we don’t return to the founding principles of our Constitution and make tough decisions now to drastically cut spending and reform government, we will soon be living in an America we don’t recognize. I’ve got the record to prove I’m not afraid of taking on the old guard, the liberals and the media in order make the tough decisions necessary to save our country.”



  1. Kirk Adams Loves Lobbyist.

  2. This is awesome. Adams did a great job at the AZ House and will do even better in the US House. Kyl’s endorsement is HUGE! wow

  3. Cactus Jack says

    Go Kirk! A great legislator who proved himself more than capable down in Phoenix who can now go to Washington to tackle their budget mess, too. It’ll be a good fight to be sure, but Kyl’s nod and his deep roots will prove formidable for Matt et. al.

  4. Fantastic news! Kirk is exactly the kind of leader we need in Washington: a smart, sincere, and hard-working businessman. Not only did he accomplish what most thought was impossible – true public pension reform – he walked the walk by taking himself out of the system. Under his leadership, the Legislature passed the first structurally balanced budget in years. He has improved our State and will hopefully do the same in Washington. Go Kirk!

  5. Excellent! During Kirk’s tenure as a legislator and Speaker he proved that he can identify fundamental issues with how we do things, take on the entrenched interests and make the tough decisions that these times call for. This is exactly the kind of leadership we need in Washington right now.

  6. The Clear Choice says

    Kirk Adams is the clear choice for CD-6! He passed penison reform and balanced the budget. To have Jon Kyl’s blessing is huge this early out of the gates. Go Kirk Go!

  7. amattclarkson says

    Boy, oh boy am I excited for this race. I have really high expectations. Kirk is going to be a great Congressman. I feared CD-6 would be 2012’s version of CD-3 2010. No offense to Ben Quayle, but that race didn’t have anyone near Kirk’s quality. I’m a happy to say my home district will have another great Congressman in Kirk Adams.

  8. It’s time for Kirk Adams to go get a REAL job and learn to support his family the hard way, the way the rest of us do, before he is qualified to run for higher office.

    However, we know that wont happen, because real political hacks don’t know how to work. I’m sure the Arizona Corporation Commission or a lobbyist firm has a job waiting for him when he loses this race.

    • The Clear Choice says

      LOL! He has only been in office for 5 years and owns his own car insurance company? You need to get your facts straight.

      • Then he needs to go back to selling insurance in this economy for a few years in this economy before he runs.

        • Tiny Elvis says

          Spoke too soon….

          “…learn to support his family the hard way, the way the rest of us do, before he is qualified to run for higher office.”

          Respectfully, I think Kirk has accomplished more in his 37 or 38 yrs than most of us have or will in our entire lives.

          • I assure you that is false. However, if you have evidence to the contrary, please provide it!

            General statements mean nothing. That’s a politicians specialty! (Talking alot, saying nothing.)

          • Tiny Elvis says

            True. I know nothing of or about you. You are probably a fine individual, hopefully a good father, and certainly a “patriot.”

            But I guess it depends on your definition of “success.” Money?

            Politically speaking, if you are claiming you have made more of a difference in the public policy arena, you are either a liar or delusional sir.

      • Let’s at least report honestly, Kirk ran a failed mortgage company with a partner into the ground. He then agreed to buy yes buy not build an already successful insurance agency with his brother from his father (as he wanted to retire)who spent a lifetime building it up. Kirk has been part of the problem in Arizona politics not a solution. He along with the remainder of these rejects we call local Arizona polititicians only balanced the budget through taking the surplus from successful counties like Maricopa County, dirverting funds to the state to give the impression of a balanced budget.
        He has yet to spend anytime building or developing any business from the ground up and is another version of a rich boy moving his way through the graces of a bloated political system that limits choice through two parties.
        His “quest” to reform the Arizona pension system takes advantage of a public that is disatisfied with what it views as a bloated system. He uses the example of the top one percent of officials that either earn an excess income without earning it and does not mention the 90 to 99 percent of those who earn on average $30,000 annually and actually have to work for it. Oh, and did we mention that he is a part of that pension system he talks about when he says state employees are given (when it’s earned) a pension when indeed he himself has not earned his secured pension, let’s see him cut his own pension out to satasfy budgetary needs!
        I am a conservative who is tired of the Republican party being nothing more than a mirror image of the Democratic party with both focusing on how to get thier influence in through elected officials who’s sole goal is that of staying in office getting a (if he is elected) federal pension for serving meerly one term in office and never (and yes I said it) NEVER having earned a dime. Let’s start with Kirk and show local and national politicians alike this is our country, our money and our government that they serve us and not the other way around, I say move away from career politicians and hopeful career politicians and move towards our foundation a government of the people, by electing officials who serve for a short period, who work for a living, and who will return to thier communities not serving for thier own prideful gain but to be true servants. I do not know if this is possible but I am tired of the spin seen here. I grew up with Kirk, know him and consider him (or at least at one time recognized him as ) a friend but the spin must stop, we must be accurate and we must put an end to what I see is another career politician in the making. Oh, and to those who would say I have my own goals in writting this post I have none. Kirk has done nothing to me to push towards anger ( I know some will not beleive this) I hold no ill will against him, and I am not looking for fame or a career path along these lines myself. It’s just time for someone to stand up against half truths, against the system in place and those who would play on the ignorance and/or innocent voters who do not know.

  9. LEO IN TSN says

    Well, it’s nice to see all the “Adams for Congress” staffers and relatives were active last night.

    Call me confused, but I would think that an endorsement from and support of a BIG government, tax & spend, pro-open borders, pro-amnesty, pro-unilateral disarmament (START Treaty) liberal career politician and lobbyist like Jon McKyl would be a negative in a congressional race in Arizona. No?

    God bless America.

    • The Clear Choice says

      Jon Kyl was the leader of the opponent AGAINST the START Treaty. Do your homework then come back and talk to me.

      • The Clear Choice says


      • He was also the leader for 2005 Cornryn/Kyl amnesty plan and the 2006 McCain amnesty plan.

        • Tiny Elvis says

          You people are nuts. When Jon Kyl is considered a “liberal politician” — good God, do you actually believe the crap that you type?

          • Again, your general unsubstantiated statements are meaningless. Data driven, evidence driven statements are the only ones that matter.

            Based on the clear data and evidence, absolutely! Jon McKyl is a liberal, elitist, globalist sellout!

  10. Hey LEO IN TSN what planet have you been living on?? I am following your advice and calling you “confused.” I will just add “severely” confused.

  11. All three men running are good people. The race will come down to just to of them. Kirk and Matt.
    Kirk will get money from those supporting Jeff Flake and Matt will get money from his vast connections in the state and nation.

    • Oberserve says

      “Good people?”

      “Good people” represent the PEOPLE, not lobbyists or special interests.

      “Good people” do not vote contrary to the word of the US constitution.

      “Good people” do not take money by force from some and give it to others.

      “Good people” do not vote to spy on Americans.

      “Good people” are people who have worked an honest job for a living and then go on to represent and SERVE those other good people who are working honest jobs.

      Good people, my foot.

      If you want to argue that they are “least evil” people, perhaps. But evil is not good, whether lesser or greater. To argue such is an attempt to turn black into while. God spews those out of his mouth who attempt to do such a thing.

      • TruthInAction says

        Amen. Adams was a disappointment. He came in promising to free up the Speaker’s office from the lobbyist access stuff that he said Jim Weiers was doing. And then it did his own junk, including his affiliation with Dick Armry. The jobs bill is nothing but more tax cuts for the Arizona insiders. It won’t bring much in the way of new business. The only thing I can say good about Adams is kept the birther bill and immigration crazy crap to a minimum in the House.
        He hardly ever smiles and since he has never put his education on his resume, I assume he failed to continue school after high school. Why do I want to send someone to Congress who lacked the academic discipline to get a degree?
        I’m don’t vote in that district, but I think Matt Salmon will be the guy.

  12. Uncle Father Oscar says

    Kirk Adams appears to be a great choice for CD-6. There will always be something that the purists can point to and criticize but the fact is that as Speaker, Adams has tackled Arizonas biggest problems proving that he has the guts to tackle issues head on. I am very pleased to hear he is seeking the CD-6 seat.

  13. Veritas Vincit says

    Adams was an effective Speaker. We were cursed with Napolitano because of Matt Salmon.

    Matt ran for Governor the way McCain ran for President against Obama.


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