Kennedy Dead at 77

As Senator Ted Kennedy, the “Lion of the Senate” passes on, his death will likely also symbolize the death of nationalized health care.

The issues are:

  1. The US Senate now has 59 Democrats to vote on critical legislation
  2. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts must now conduct a special election to replace the late Senator. This will likely take place in January.
  3. The mood of the voters is running against Democrats and incumbents (in that order). Voters will soon get over their sympathy for the Kennedy family and oppose a dynasty approach to replacing the late Senator. The era of Camelot is over, let’s move on.
  4. There are about a dozen state assemblyman who have been waiting for forever to jump at the opportunity to run for this seat. This will be extremely competitive.
  5. The Governor may attempt a temporary provisional appointment. Possibly Kennedy’s widow. 

In the meantime while the Commonwealth of Massachusetts figures out how to replace Senator Kennedy, health care legislation will likely go nowhere.

The wild card in all this is if Democrats in the Senate put pressure on either Senator Olympia Snowe of Susan Collins (from Maine) to defect from the Republican party. Of course, that doesn’t come without a high price.


  1. Class act as always

  2. I know that this is supposed to be a time when one is supposed to let bygones be bygones, but the death of this murderer will not be mourned by me. For this playboy philanderer and murderer to be called the Lion of the Senate is about as goofy and calling KKK Robert Byrd the Conscience of the Senate.

    May he receive his just reward.

  3. I see you’re keepin’ it classy as usual.

  4. Difficult to keep comment “classy” about anyone or anything with the label of Kennedy.

    Amen AZNooz

  5. Kennedy’s HIPPA legislation had me jumping through unnecessary hoops for years.

    Here’s a side poll. Which Kennedy will run for office next? This does not include insane inbred cousins that kill people with golf clubs.

  6. The man’s politics were abysmal and his behavior at Chappaquiddick abhorrent, but there’s little to be gained by speaking ill of the dead. The left expects conservatives to dance on his grave. Not only is that classless, but it gives the left more reason to paint us a graceless boors. We should aspire to better things. I’m reading “When Character was King” about Reagan and I can’t imagine him saying anything less than gracious about his political foes. That’s a good standard to follow.

  7. “The left expects conservatives to dance on his grave.”

    I could’ve set my watch by it.

    Having said that, there was much to parody in Sen. Kennedy’s life. But there’s a difference between gentle parody and “HAW HAW LOOKIT THAT CORPSE!”.

  8. Andrew Plauser says

    Classy post, Shane.

  9. De mortuis nil nisi bonum.

  10. MaricopaGOP says

    Even in death, the Kennedys believe they are above the law.

    Read the interment laws for Arlington National:

  11. I learned to read in 1st Grade says

    Classy post, Maricopa GOP. You don’t just make the Republican Right look hateful and mean-spirited. You also make them look stupid.

    Did you read your own link?

    g. Any former member of the Armed Forces who served on active duty (other than for training) and who held any of the following positions:

    1.An elective office of the U.S. Government.

    Mr. Kennedy served in the United States Army from 1951 to 1953. He held elective office in the United States Government for nearly fifty years.

    If you have to be both ignorant and hateful all in one post, it would be best to just shut the “f” up.

  12. Pretty much what “I learned to read in the 1st Grade” said. In case it gets bounced for the swears (from MaricopaGOP’s link):

    g. Any former member of the Armed Forces who served on active duty (other than for training) and who held any of the following positions:

    1.An elective office of the U.S. Government.

    Ted Kennedy’s military service:

    “Kennedy enlisted in the United States Army in June 1951. Following basic training at Fort Dix, he requested assignment to Fort Holabird for Army Intelligence training, but was dropped after a few weeks without explanation. He went to Camp Gordon for training in the Military Police Corps. In June 1952, he was assigned to the honor guard at SHAPE headquarters in Paris.”

    At the end, all the GOP can do is kick a corpse, dress it in lies. Any other political figure you’d like to hold up for Cadaver Synod, MaricopaGOP?

  13. Tucson Vice says

    As classy as ever, Sonoran Alliance.

  14. Annie Hoyle says

    The “classy as ever” prize goes to “I learned to read in 1st Grade” for their last line in post 11. Talk about “ignorant and hateful”!

  15. Sonoran Alliance is also quite mistaken about what Kennedy’s death is going to mean for health care. All this talk about him might actually remind some Democrats what they claim to stand for.

  16. Annie,

    What was ignorant about I learned to read in first grade’s comment. Being ignorant is “lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned.” He stated facts that Kennedy does have a right to ask to be buried at Arlington.

    It is literally the exact opposite of ignorant.. People like Maricopa GOP give the GOP a bad name. If you dont have anything nice to say about the guy then don’t say it…

  17. Annie Hoyle says

    I was refering to his/her use of profanity! It really does make one sound “unlearned”! Telling someone to “shut the (blank) up” is a little hateful.

  18. “I was refering to his/her use of profanity!It really does make one sound ‘unlearned’!”

    Hey, if it’s good enough for Dick Cheney, it’s good enough for me.

  19. Veritas Vincit says

    What can I say? He served his country as he saw fit to do so.

    Klute’ll love this, but V. has a close relative resting in Arlington (and the property of Arlington used to belong to V’s wife’s family before the Northern War of Aggression).

  20. “(and the property of Arlington used to belong to V’s wife’s family before the Northern War of Aggression).”


    Ah, so they were traitors to this country? Since you seem to be proud of this, I gotta ask: Do you also celebrate 9/11 Hijackers Day and salute the Japanese Naval Flag on December 7th?

    Because I can’t think of any reason to be proud of the fact that my great-great-great ancestors fought for the right to keep another man as chattel.

    There’s a reason why the North seized General Lee’s land to make a cemetery – to remind anyone who took up arms against the Union that it would be their funeral.

  21. And this is even better:

    “The federal government dedicated a model community for freed slaves, Freedman’s Village, near the current Memorial Amphitheater, on Dec. 4, 1863. More than 1,100 freed slaves were given land by the government, where they farmed and lived during and after the Civil War.”

    Love it. I only wish the US and Russia had done that to Germany. Given land to the Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, and so forth to rebuild on top of German manors.

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