Ken & Rusty – Together Again at Globe Lincoln Day Dinner

OK, so they may not be Simon and Garfunkel but they are definitely Arizona’s version of the Singing Senators – former singing senators, that is. This was video I shot at the Meet & Greet preceding the Globe Lincoln Day Dinner held today in the Town of Globe. As you can see, this is former State Senators Rusty Bowers (now running for Arizona’s 1st Congressional District) and current Secretary of State, Ken Bennett (running for re-election.)

I had a wonderful time both driving out to and visiting with the wonderful people of Globe and Gila County today at their Lincoln Day Dinner. There were about 90 people in attendance including several candidates. The Globe High School JROTC served dinner and Sam Morehead was the emcee. My former colleague with Americans for Prosperity, Tom Jenney, spoke on grassroots activism. Sheriff Paul Babeu talked about the trials and tribulations in Pinal County – a county where until just recently, Republicans never won election. He also talked about the nepotism and corruption that has plagued Pinal County government for years and recognized one of his deputies for stopping the recent killers of Gilbert Police Officer Eric Shuhandler.

Arizona State Treasurer, Dean Martin, was the keynote speaker. Treasurer Martin gave an enlightening account of the State’s accounting system and the Treasurer’s role over the years and how the numbers predicted Arizona’s recession despite Governor Napolitano’s accounting shell games. Martin’s speech was very impressive and it is easy to see that he will do a great job as Arizona’s next Governor.

Other notable candidates present included Bradley Beauchamp, also running for AZ CD-1; Steven Slaton, running for Governor; Sylvia Allen, running for re-election to LD-5 Senate; Brenda Barton, running for LD-5 House;  and of course, I was there representing JD Hayworth for US Senate.

Thanks to the good people of Globe and Gila County for their wonderful hospitality.


  1. Rusty Bowers: just another song and dance.

  2. Cola drinker says

    DSW, you are partly right: Dean Martin will make a great governor someday, as soon as he gets more than a few years of experience under his belt. Preferably some in the private sector. I mean, he’s younger than I am!

  3. I am sure all of the candidates are good people. However, anyone speaking of Rusty needs to speak with great respect also. Here is a gentleman who really made a difference as a legislator reducing our taxes, protecting life, making our laws work better- particularly environmental legislation to reduce regulation and allow wise use of the land. Part of his effectiveness is his great personality – people like him and want him to be successful.

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    All the candidates (except two) in attendance at this event have the key qualities we want in our elected officials; character and integrity.

    … and someone was there handing out little notes of paper urging Allen to swap seats with RINO Konopnicki … what a pile of horse manure that idea is!

    and, it was Beauchamp who hitched his saddle up with the McCain supporter in the room. Peas in a pod it looked to be.

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    … I saw the pictures from the event and the seating was relayed to me by a source close to Sam Morehead.

  6. A recent post on this blog preaches respect for McCain AND Hayworth, while at the same time, this string of comments shows a complete lack of respect and unproven claims by Veritas Vincit. (Seriously, making assumptions based on a seating arrangement??? Is this delusional behavior what Rusty’s campaign is all about, or is he focusing on issues?)

    DSW- Are you going to allow your blog to become this type of hate-blog? We are all supporting different candidates this primary, but in the general, I hope we can all rally behind the winners and elect Republicans at every level. I know I will.

    Let’s have an honest debate, VV.

  7. Eyewitness says

    Clover … it was open seating so everyone could sit with whom they wished.

    Therefore, since Mr Beauchamp sat along with back wall with the Graham County GOP Chairman – who openly is a McCain/Konopnicki supporter – the conclusion Veritas makes is valid.

    And, the gentleman from Graham County was passing out small notes suggesting that Senator Allen swap seats with Bill Konopnicki. That was campaign material not approved by at least one of the two candidates mentioned in the small notes.

    What I can conclude from the remarks of Veritas, is that he questions Mr. Beauchamps integrity and character.

    In any election, integrity and character ought to be key factors in deciding who you vote for.

    So, Clover … its over to you now for an honest debate.

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