Kelly Townsend receives NRA Endorsement and “AQ” rating for Arizona House District 16.

The NRA Arizona State liaison, Brent Wm. Gardener contacted Ms. Townsend Friday to thank her for her strong support of the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms. Townsend’s pro-gun/pro-hunting candidacy earned her an “AQ” rating, the highest possible to be awarded to non-incumbent candidates.

“I am happy to have earned the endorsement of the National Rifle Association, and believe it is important, now more than ever, to elect strong advocates for our 2nd Amendment rights,” Townsend said. “With your vote, I will be happy to serve as your State Representative and see to it that our rights are protected here in Arizona.”

The primary election is August 28th, with early ballots being mailed out next week.

You can learn more about Kelly Townsend at or find her on Facebook.
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  1. I am very happy to hear Kelly received the endorsement of the NRA, Kelly is a great Patriot.

    I have known Kelly for a few years, she has always been on the front lines leading the fight against the intrusion into our lives by the Obama administration, she was a fighter against the Stimulus, Cap and Trade, and the Heath Care fiasco. She went to DC for the first Tea Party March, she inspired many of us to become activist.

    I believe Kelly is the right person for this job in the legislature, she is running with a solid Conservative team. Kelly is a dedicated public servant and will try, I say try because she is one vote, to bring government down to size, and she will fight the entrenched politicians and their vast money, union and big government supporters.

    Kelly was in a terrible position a few years ago, her husband was killed in a helicopter accident, shaking her family to the core. At the same time many people were attacking her to garner power in the movement. She over came the attacks, the diversity and won. She is not leading the field of candidates in her district race.

    Kelly will not back down in the face of adversity, she has her principles and will live by them.


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