Arizonan Exceptionalism: A Conservative Voice in the Wilderness

By Kelly Townsend

Arizona continues to be a shining star in the midst of liberal darkness that shrouds our country. As we hear reports of inequality regarding the treatment of the Tea Party vs. the treatment of the Occupy protesters in Richmond and other locations, I wish to give thanks the leaders of our great State for their support and fair treatment of our groups over the last two and a half years.

Kelly Townsend

Not once have we received resistance to our events, been unduly denied permits or access to public areas, nor harassed in any manner. On the contrary, the City of Phoenix has provided police protection for our members and has provided freedom of expression of our first and second amendment rights. We have always felt free to express our message, even when it is alongside the violent opposition.

Indeed, Arizona has been a beacon for those wishing to lift their voices in protest, not only for the Conservative voice, but also for the law-breaking entitlement groups who hate our State and our country. When a group of illegal immigration proponents threw a large American flag on the State Capitol grounds, placed a toilet seat on it and instructed their children to stomp their dirty shoes over it in defiance of our laws, the Arizona Capitol police protected their 1st amendment rights as well.

Yes, here in Arizona you can wave your Mexican flag on the porch of the Capitol and declare that it is truly Mexico, not the United States, and get away with it. As abhorrent as that seems, it is the nature of Arizona to uphold the law and the rights of her people, even when it hurts. We applaud our great State, and offer her example to those officials in other parts of our great country who have forgotten what it means to respect the protection of the Constitution.

Kelly Townsend is Co-Founder of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party.



  1. Jill Arizona says

    Well said!!!

  2. Conservative American says

    Adrian Cruz wrote: “…here in Arizona, it’s all about illegal immigrant bashing.”

    Now tell us, Pinko, what is wrong with “bashing” illegal aliens? They are law breakers. They are criminals. They knowingly chose to enter our country in violation of our laws. All Americans should “bash” the hell out of them. This is our country, not theirs. It is our laws that they are choosing to violate.

    Typical ultra-left liberal! You’re worried about “bashing” criminals! Yeah, we “bash” criminals. Ain’t we awful?

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