Kelly Townsend Announces More Conservative Endorsements

Kelly Townsend receives Arizona Right To Life endorsement, as well as the Pachyderm Coalition’s endorsement for Arizona House District 16.

Both Arizona Right to Life contacted Kelly Townsend yesterday to advise her that she has been endorsed by the pro-life organization in recognition of her work in the pro-life community, and for her strong pro-life stance. An hour later, the Pachyderm Coalition, a group that promotes Republican candidates who support the principles enshrined in the Constitution, as framed by our Founding Fathers, and the Reagan Republican Platform also advised Ms. Townsend that they were supporting her candidacy with their endorsement.

“It is a humbling honor to receive these endorsements,” Townsend said, “and I intend to hold a true conservative voting record while at the Legislature, if elected.”

These endorsements follow several others, to include the National Rifle Association, as well as 12 conservative Legislators and former Gilbert Mayor Steve Berman.


  1. IamJohnGalt says

    When is Kelly going to stop using the glamour shot from the 80’s? It is misleading to the single middle aged men with a little political ambition. Let’s say the picture on the box is not representative of the product.

    Good endoresments though. AZ Right to life is great.

  2. Kelly Townsend says

    Thanks for the compliment, but this isn’t a glamor shot from the 80s, but taken summer of 2011. If you want to see a more recent shot than that, go to for a portrait taken last month.


  3. Kelly, you’re a Navy vet, right? Are you a member of the American Legion?

  4. “For God and Country”

    Well, when a candidate puts it that way, you’ve got my vote.

    Wait…if I don’t vote for God, what will happen?

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