Kelly supporters sticking with the leader

Jesse Kelly

For Immediate Release: Monday, March 15, 2010

Tucson, AZ. Jesse Kelly supporters are sticking with their candidate and are not switching to the newest entrant, despite pressure from party power-brokers. Jesse’s supporters know that he is the one who has the energy and commitment to beat Representative Giffords in the general election. Kelly supporters are impressed with the money he has raised and with the large number of volunteers that Jesse is deploying in neighborhoods across all of CD8.

When Kelly supporters find out that the career politician in the Republican primary voted against tort reform and for Janet Napolitano’s budget-busting spending programs, they are even more adamant in their support for the true conservative in the primary, Jesse Kelly. When they realize the primary candidate who brags about his anti-smuggling bill told a county prosecutor not to use the law against illegal immigrants1 they become even more disgusted with career politicians.

Jesse would like to thank all of the volunteers and supporters for not only staying with him but for doubling their effort to make sure a true conservative represents District 8 in Washington.

Jesse Kelly is a Republican candidate for Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District in the southeastern region of the state. For more information on the Jesse Kelly campaign please visit or send an e-mail to media@jessekellyforcongress.


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